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Remember my art blog borderline artistic? I post drawings and paintings and poems and stuff. This afternoon I’m attending this Amex ‘Digital Canvas’ Media Challenge. I made this with the Amex FB app. Whatta ya think? You have probs seen the ads but you can make one too here.

It’s a big media shindig where people paint (yes me) and money gets donated to United Way. There’s a a chance to win a trip to NY, gift cards, an iPad. I really want an ipad please.

In prep for the art show I browsed a few old things I did for inspiration. Perhaps I will recreate something I did years ago? Well, it really depends on the paints and the setup. It is also quite dependent on my level of anxiety at the time.

unnecessary wheels collection: crab apple

one of my fav’s – t-shirt material

strike out in a different direction

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