The 7 Vices of Highly Creative People

The 7 Vices of Highly Creative People

An oldie but  goodie, came across this again while cleaning up old bookmarks. The article blog post was originally published on Salon in February, 2000THE YEAR TWO THOUSAND. I was born a creative person and at times I’ve wondered if my vices are helping or hindering. It gives me comfort that many of the greats were open about their vices too. This list is a pretty good one, you’d enjoy the whole article on Salon too I’m sure.

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The 7 Vices of Highly Creative People

  1. Drinking – For [Winston] Churchill, like many other great drinkers, alcohol was a tool used to feed creativity and social discourse. 
  2. Smoking – Smoking has often been linked with creative genius.
  3. Gabling – The world is full of stories of highly creative people whose success was based on the big gamble.
  4. Oysters – Certain foods are frequently associated with highly creative people. None more so than the oyster.
  5. Fashion – The highly creative always choose their wardrobes with a more consistent flair.
  6. Sex – The sexual appetite and prowess of those possessed by creativity can’t be argued.
  7. Abuse the Card – The highly creative travel an expensive road, and the best way to stay between the yellow lines, or at the very least keep food on your table, is to Abuse the Card.

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Here’s to the crazy creative ones!

Oh yeah! Ace Ventura! #thisismylife

Love to know if you have any to add to the list below? LMK in the comments or Twitta.


You Never Know What The Day Will Bring

You Never Know What The Day Will Bring




I don’t really know what has me so angry today. On this day last year I was in Boston and we stayed at the Lenox Hotel right by the finish line of the Boston Marathon. I stared at the ceiling in bed last night thinking about how I always stay in Boston till Monday when I go. Last year I missed the race and would have probably been there at the finish line. I think that’s the closest I’ve ever been to a terror attack. Except the time there was a bomb on my plane in New Zealand and I was 12. Friends I knew who were in the race are ok. I’m a pretty positive person and always remind people to look at the bright side but man, I’m really thankful today. More than usual. The saddest thing for me yesterday was a text from Dad asking if I was in Canada. It brought a tear to my eye, imagine his thought hearing the news and not knowing where I was? Heartbreaking. The whole thing is so crazy. I saw that there was a suspicious package at JFK today too. Freaks me out. I love travelling. You can’t be scared but it’s hard not to let it get in your thoughts.

I got myself some daffodils for my desk and took me out for a nice pasta lunch at One of a Kind. I think I just needed a moment to give my brain a break. The rain doesn’t help but I love this yellow jacket from Gap Kids. I’ll call Mum in a minute, she always makes me smile.

Tell your friends and family you love them. You never know what the day will bring.



‘Survival of the Fittest’: My TechVibes Interview on Blogging

This week TechVibes, Canada’s leading online tech publication posted an interview I did during NXNE. Some quotes below, read the whole interview on TechVibes.

Thanks to Herbert Lui for a well written piece. His previous articles are with the Creative Director of TAXI, Harley from Epic Meal Time, and renowned speaker Stephen Shapiro. So, I’m in good company!


“I think the toughest things are when you have no money; essentially, I am an entrepreneur, and I’ve built up my business around my life,” she admits, briefly alluding to her time on TV show Maxed Out.

“I’m really super online, so people always think that I always have all these people around me, and we’re all like best friends. But when you’re a blogger, or you’re starting your own business by yourself, you spend a lot of time alone and at the computer,” she explains. “My life – yeah, a lot of times it is pretty glamorous and really fun, but – you spend a lot of time by yourself.”


“You need to do something every day that brings you closer to your goals,” Stewart advises. “When it comes to the internet, it is survival of the fittest. You gotta be the best, most consistent, you gotta stick at it…When I got home from the airport in Banff this morning, it was 4:30 and I published something on my blog about my panel today so I knew I could just get up and come here.”

I mentally calculate that she’d gotten probably four hours of sleep, and marvel at the fact she just did a panel. On four hours, I would have been passed out by this hour in the afternoon.

Instead of just attending an event or conference, Stewart advises volunteering. “That’s the easiest way to get connected to the people,” she adds. Stewart had even managed to sneak into fashion week parties and stuff like NXNE a few years ago, just to continue to network and introduce herself to people. “Just to even sit front row at a show was a dream,” she reminisces. “This year, I walked the closing show with all the celebrities.”

Some things I learned at Strombo from David Cronenberg, Robert Pattinson, and Paul Giamatti. #Cosmopolis

I loved seeing the human side of these people. It was inspiring.

Attending the show was great. I know George socially but I’ve never actually been to a live taping. This was the final show of his 8th season. Yesterday was a special friends & family presentation with the cast of Cosmopolis before they walked the red carpet at the Canadian première.

I should have taken a pen & paper because I forgot I wasn’t allowed to use my phone. NOTE TO SELF.

These actors made me think about myself, my career, my life. It’s really quite magnificent to be in the same room and hear them candidly speak about their lives, insecurities, and work. All photos by JJ Thompson. Thanks to the lovely Erin & CBC for sending right away.

He was watching a clip of himself from a movie with Reese Witherspoon where he played a very small part. Despite making millions, five twilight movies and dating K.Stew (who is on the cover of Vanity Fair July 2012), he’s lacks confidence, security.  He was modest and slightly soft spoken.

He said he avoids the media because he doesn’t really know what to say and he isn’t that smart anyways.  I imagined him to be more, more strong. He was undoubtly charming and his accent had my eyes light up with hearts like an old Loony Toons character. Tempted to rush the stage, I held back. Safe to saw, I was swooning.

The way Rob sat in his chair vs. David Cronenberg showed a lot about their characters. Cronenberg, a seasoned and incredible film maker, sat back in his chair, open body language, head held high while R.Patts was the opposite.

George asked David Cronenberg if anyone ever tells him “it should be done this way” or “do it like this”, he paused before answering and said “it’s been a long time before anyone told me what to do”.

Double swoon. The confidence he has in his work and artistic ability to create is insanely motivating and attractive, professionally.

Being weird is something I’ve really come to embrace and so has Paul Giamatti. Growing up I always had this artistic ability I couldn’t fight that lead me to be different, blaze trails and have ‘interesting’ fashion sense.

Giamatti is an excellent actor and I was surprised to hear him talk about having anxiety. He defined himself as being a bit weird and enjoys playing random characters that show up in movies playing a poignant role. Before shooting with Cronenberg & Pattinson he had some anxiety but is seems  it’s a normal thing for him, any many actors to face when on a big project. You forget that the characters in moves are real people. Well, I do.

You will have a good chuckle hearing Giamatti talk about giving the US president a swift kick in the ass.

The special episode of GEORGE STROUMBOULOPOULOS TONIGHT will air on CBC on Thursday, June 7 at 11:05 p.m. (11:35 p.m. NT).

Be yourself, nobody will ever be a better you, than you.