‘Survival of the Fittest’: My TechVibes Interview on Blogging

This week TechVibes, Canada’s leading online tech publication posted an interview I did during NXNE. Some quotes below, read the whole interview on TechVibes.

Thanks to Herbert Lui for a well written piece. His previous articles are with the Creative Director of TAXI, Harley from Epic Meal Time, and renowned speaker Stephen Shapiro. So, I’m in good company!


“I think the toughest things are when you have no money; essentially, I am an entrepreneur, and I’ve built up my business around my life,” she admits, briefly alluding to her time on TV show Maxed Out.

“I’m really super online, so people always think that I always have all these people around me, and we’re all like best friends. But when you’re a blogger, or you’re starting your own business by yourself, you spend a lot of time alone and at the computer,” she explains. “My life – yeah, a lot of times it is pretty glamorous and really fun, but – you spend a lot of time by yourself.”


“You need to do something every day that brings you closer to your goals,” Stewart advises. “When it comes to the internet, it is survival of the fittest. You gotta be the best, most consistent, you gotta stick at it…When I got home from the airport in Banff this morning, it was 4:30 and I published something on my blog about my panel today so I knew I could just get up and come here.”

I mentally calculate that she’d gotten probably four hours of sleep, and marvel at the fact she just did a panel. On four hours, I would have been passed out by this hour in the afternoon.

Instead of just attending an event or conference, Stewart advises volunteering. “That’s the easiest way to get connected to the people,” she adds. Stewart had even managed to sneak into fashion week parties and stuff like NXNE a few years ago, just to continue to network and introduce herself to people. “Just to even sit front row at a show was a dream,” she reminisces. “This year, I walked the closing show with all the celebrities.”

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