Picking the Right Glasses, for Your Face!

I’m a huge fan of wearing glasses. They’re a statement piece for your face and can change a somewhat boring outfit into something with a lot more style. I’ve had glasses since my first eye checkup in high school. They were my first ever high end designer item too. I saw a pair of Gucci frames before I went in to get my eyes checked, as we were wrapping up my appointment the doctor told my my eyes were near perfect. You think a girl would be happy about that, no, I wanted those GUCCI GLASSES! Fortunate for fashion, I was able to get them in the weakest possible prescription and Mum & I went home happy after placing the order.

Now that I’m grown up (sounds so weird to say that, but anyways) I have to get my own glasses. A good price and easy shopping experience are important. Yesterday I chatted with Derek Derek Desierto’s about his top picks top picks for the spring and summer. Derek is a Canadian celebrity eyeglass stylist and the in-house designer for Clearlycontacts.ca. Listen here:

Derek styled my face with the handy Virtual Mirror I told you about in January.  In our short talk I learned that you should pick glasses that are the opposite shape of your face ex. square face, round glasses etc. These are a few of his latest designs w/ Clearly Contacts. Any guesses which ones I picked before looking two inches down the page? (Worst guessing game ever, I know)


I went for the fashionable & feminine Birch:

They should arrive next week and I will do an unboxing & try them on for you style like I did last time. Follow Derek & I on Twitter at @mrdesierto & @casiestewart

Check out this TOTALLY rad commercial for HTC that is shot on a new android while skydiving & posted before landing (technically cause nothing you see on TV is REAl but still, it’s cool). The song is from the Drive soundtrack. LOVED that movie. Oh, and Senör Gosling. I was in a national HTC campaign last year w/ SAY Media (see here).




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