This is Kreayshawn, she’s up for a Video Music Award (VMA) as Best New Artist this year. Chatted her from LA last week and did an interview for PinkMafia. Read it here. She’s pretty badass, said “swaggatude”. Did a photoshoot with Anna Von & Lauren O’Nizzle “Kreayshawn style” the same night, it’s hot. Photos up tomorrow.

Dream closet on tumblr. Love.

My dream is to have a sweet & lovely spot for all my clothes. I can feel Fall coming. So excited to bust out my new black leather jacker from Holts & amazing Triumph Dr. Martens boots. I’ve planned my lookbook already.

Something new on Twitter yesterday. Activity: like a newsfeed, so far I like.


Going to the Gaffas shop tonight.

Katiya and some other stylish brands have a Pop Up Shopsta. Have gift cards!!

My friends at Doll Bar on Queen Street have graciously offered all my peeps a 10% discount. Go there and get some feathers in your hair, bangs, or cute extensions. If you do send me a pic so I can post it!!

  Mega lolz. O’Nizz posted last week when talking The Hoxton.

Look at THIS fffffff hipster. “Knox Jolie-Pitt wearing his Ray Bans and pirate hat and hook hand with an air of nonchalance that hipsters haven’t even thought possible. ” via Bohemia. Hahamazing.

That’s all for now. I’m at Power of Women event today at MTCC. Gonna be doing a live blog here and talking to speakers. Pretty stoked.ELLEN IS THERE OMG. Follow my Tweets at @casiestewart & @POWlive. Imma be so inspired by the end of the day. Beautiful out today, a little chilly but go on & make the most of it.


Check out this total radness Puma thought up. So smart. The bag is made from cornstarch and is 100% biodegradable so it will completely decompose within a three month period. This will save 192 tons of plastic and 293 tons of paper every year AND means their bags won’t be in a landfill for 100 years like all the others. Not that’s innovation! This could be a game changer.

Puma is a totally smart & cool brand. Remember earlier this year when I was the Puma Social-ite? We prepped for the party with this Poutine Promo video. Winter jackets ewww.

Don’t know what a Puma Social After Hours Athlete is? This will explain it all for you.

Here’s the Toronto party. It was legendary. Had so many people thank us for putting this together. The Puma After Hours Athlete campaign runs all year.

Let’s hope we can put together a summer jam cause that party was out of this WORLD!

When last call calls, don’t answer. Have an awesome day.


Busy day ahead today. Meeting after meeting after meeting then dinner meeting with some colleagues. About to have a call with my advertising company in Say Media. Have you even noticed the ads on my blog in the sidebar? They’re for cool stuff like Mercedes, Winners, Wind and the new Caramilk campaign. All fortune 500 companies and nothing cheezy. Saw one for COD Black Ops the other day. After 5+ years of running this blog I reckon you won’t mind seeing ads here. Click & see what they look like, I’m keen to know what you think.

Last night as I was going to bed I heard an earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale was widely felt across the lower North Island where most my family lives in New Zealand. Luckily, everyone is a-ok. Initial reports on GNS’ website show the quake was felt in Wellington, Nelson, New Plymouth and up to the Coromandel (LOVE COROMANDEL!). Aftershocks were not expected & it was too deep to affect Mt. Ruapehu.

Looks like I won’t be heading back to NZ for NZFW at this point. I hope that changes! [crosses fingers, makes a wish] I want to go back to NZ & see my family so bad.

Chat later my friends. Hope you have an awesome day!


I’m currently shopping on to pick out an outfit for my talk on Thursday during Mashable Socal Media Day. Sign up here to come for the fun, there’s 250+ people coming already. Gonna be fun to see everyone. This skirt is cute too eh. Mum loves it.

I’m also browsing EGOCLOSET to pick out something to review & while testing out their new online store. Thinking this uber cute Diamond Pocket Dress, Maxi Jumper or this Chifon tail dress. Loving those long flowy skirts & dresses. They were really popular in NZ last year & they are ALWAYS ahead in style down there.

I love getting stuff in the mail, everyone loves mail.  The other day Keri & I came home feeling kinda blahhhh and my friends at Bud Light sent me a 12 pack just because they knew it was going to be a nice weekend.

Thanks guys, it did make the weekend better and I appreciate it.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m even talking about this…. should I keep quiet?

Here’s the thing about blogging I don’t love:

C.C Chapman wrote about it six months ago. The Mommy bloggers have been talking about it way before I brought it up,  good article on MomBlogMagazine about it here.

PR email comes in about an ‘exciting’ new campaign that brand XX is launching. It is either a one day event or it spans several weeks but it is ‘perfect for my audience’. This is a what is called ‘Blogger Outreach’.

The company knows from idea conception that they want to connect with bloggers although they bugdet nothing for the bloggers who are going to do a bunch of work. They know exactly who they are going to target because we are all on the same list.

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Day started with Converse Fall preview.

I love me some Converse, been a fan my whole life. Thanks guys!

Raymi & I got sames.

Couple known fashion bloggers in there too. Hey Julio!

Raymi & I are a great team. Want to hire us to host/cover your awesome event? Email

Converse also hooked us up with backpacks which is awesome because yesterday I said I needed a backpack. Amazing eh?! I love life. Thank you universe!

Blog girl gang hangs are the best. A blog girl friend will always take your photo, knows how to work the camera & likes to have fun. Follow the Blondetourage here.

I did not write this.

WTF? Awesome. I love all Barbies.

Ditched the box & cruised down College in the sunshine. Next stop, Pepsi Showcase for NXNE at Sneaky Dee’s.

Hi Mr. Bunning, nice to see you as always.

These onion rings saved me. Grease, ILU.

Cutest little outfit. Be prepared to see it heaps this summer. Sailor Casie FTW.

SO many fun nights here. Nice to be there during the day & sober.

I can totally see myself driving a mini.

The day ain’t over kids. Extra drink ticket for later. Moohaha.

Next stop, back to the Hyatt for some NXNEi. Let’s get interactive.  Exhausted face.

Some of my peeps in this video about empowering influence. Hi guys!

There she is, O’Nizzle fo shizzle.

Stoked to take these babies out for a stroll.

Tonight I’m seeing Kovak at the El Mocambo 10pm, yay NXNE. Tomorrow I’ll be at Interactive in the AM and have I an audition in the afternoon. Big week guys, big week!


HI & welcome to my party! Did you miss it? Check the bottom of this post, imma send you a Pepsi prize pack in the mail.

Look at this hot pair. One on left is my (digital) brother Andrew Stewart.

BFF Keri.

Roomie Brown Barbie & her BFF.

Chantelle & Karrera my BFF’s from the ‘Bridge.  Kory is here from BC!!

THIS was totally amazing. Shawn Hawaii, YOU are THE MAN. Scotty too. THRILLER! Everyone was doing it.

This is the awesome team from Praxis PR & Pepsi Canada. Loved working with you guys!

Did you miss the party?

Leave a comment on this post & tweet w/ hashtag #pepsithrowback. I’ll pick two peeps to get a nice Pepsi package in the mail.


Let’s go.

I’ve not been someone who loves driving until now. I love grabbing the keys and hitting the open road, going anywhere I want. Today, I visited old neighbourhoods. I’ve driven a few different cars over the last few months (Ford, GM, Toyota). Really like how this baby drives, takes corners well,  is nice on the highway, leather seats, sunroof, voice activated in-vehicle system. Looking forward to trying a hybrid car and also cars with more power.  The SE Sport Ford Fusion has a 3.5 V6 engine, this one is 2.5L & 4 cylinder.

Used to live in the Annex when I first moved to TO. There was five of us at 613 Bathurst, here.

Went here on a date once. There was a sign that said “This is the place” and we went inside to find a house turned into a bar. It was really fun/cute. I’d like to do it again.

Been ages since I listened to 102.1 The Edge.  Was full of greatness today.

Bellwoods looked bare.

Am I bad for camera driving? I wasn’t texting or tweeting.

Used to live on Manning at Queen too. That was a crazy time. Moving out of that hood was good.

I always used to go here for breakfast. Had a birthday there once too. Sad it burned down.

Love this big bag from Nella-Bella’s Melbourne Collection. Thanks TAREK! Great travel or overnight bag, fits all my gadgets, products & toiletries. Colour is great for summer, which I hope get’s here soon.

P.S. Some friends just launched a blog for the startup community in Canada called Maple Butter. Maple Butter brings meaty how-to’s, case studies and reports from people on the front lines of successful startups.  FOUNDERS UNITE!


Been waiting for this movie to come out.

You know who is starring in it right? My boyfriend Smith Jarred, the Absolut Hunk.

I’m attending the premiere on Tuesday, April 19 at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, 7 p.m. I have a pair of tix to offer you from Rock-it Promo.

If you are interested leave a comment & I’ll pick one of you to attend the premiere & see it before all your friends.


We were in on it together.

Mar. 31 is the new April Fools SUCKAS> moooohahaha.


Contest is for the closing show of LGFW F/W 2011, presented by LINE. It’s Friday night at 10:30 and sure to be followed by some partying.

Ths is some of the Spring stuff from Line Knitwear:


  • Line exudes feminine class and luxury while identifying the need for comfort and ease.
  • Line was one of the first knitwear collections to push design possibilities to the max through draping, embellishment and exaggerated detailing.
  • Composed of oversized sweaters, the infamous wrap cardigan and basic layering tanks, the innovative collection is exactly what the knitwear market was missing.
  • Featured in publications such as Lucky, InStyle and Flare + international media.
  • Celebrity fan base including Jennifer Garner, Kate Bosworth, Jessica Biel and Taylor Swift. (I LOVE TAYLOR)

Tweet me in the comments  to enter:

Hey @casiestewart I wanna go to #LGFW with you & @rockitpromo on Friday!

* Contest closes Thursday. I have 10 tickets. You must follow on Twitter & comment to win.  Ticket is valued at $50 & for 10:30 pm runway show Encore featuring Line Knitwear.


Wha, you don’t know who Maelle is? Lemme remind you.

Maëlle Ricker is a Canadian snowboarder who is awesome. She won Gold in snowboard cross at the Winter Olympics in Van last year and is the FIRST Canadian woman to win a GOLD at home in the Olympics. Majah win. Way to go sista!

Thanks Maelle for answering my questions 🙂