Let’s go.

I’ve not been someone who loves driving until now. I love grabbing the keys and hitting the open road, going anywhere I want. Today, I visited old neighbourhoods. I’ve driven a few different cars over the last few months (Ford, GM, Toyota). Really like how this baby drives, takes corners well,  is nice on the highway, leather seats, sunroof, voice activated in-vehicle system. Looking forward to trying a hybrid car and also cars with more power.  The SE Sport Ford Fusion has a 3.5 V6 engine, this one is 2.5L & 4 cylinder.

Used to live in the Annex when I first moved to TO. There was five of us at 613 Bathurst, here.

Went here on a date once. There was a sign that said “This is the place” and we went inside to find a house turned into a bar. It was really fun/cute. I’d like to do it again.

Been ages since I listened to 102.1 The Edge.  Was full of greatness today.

Bellwoods looked bare.

Am I bad for camera driving? I wasn’t texting or tweeting.

Used to live on Manning at Queen too. That was a crazy time. Moving out of that hood was good.

I always used to go here for breakfast. Had a birthday there once too. Sad it burned down.

Love this big bag from Nella-Bella’s Melbourne Collection. Thanks TAREK! Great travel or overnight bag, fits all my gadgets, products & toiletries. Colour is great for summer, which I hope get’s here soon.

P.S. Some friends just launched a blog for the startup community in Canada called Maple Butter. Maple Butter brings meaty how-to’s, case studies and reports from people on the front lines of successful startups.  FOUNDERS UNITE!


Been waiting for this movie to come out.

You know who is starring in it right? My boyfriend Smith Jarred, the Absolut Hunk.

I’m attending the premiere on Tuesday, April 19 at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, 7 p.m. I have a pair of tix to offer you from Rock-it Promo.

If you are interested leave a comment & I’ll pick one of you to attend the premiere & see it before all your friends.


Contest is for the closing show of LGFW F/W 2011, presented by LINE. It’s Friday night at 10:30 and sure to be followed by some partying.

Ths is some of the Spring stuff from Line Knitwear:


  • Line exudes feminine class and luxury while identifying the need for comfort and ease.
  • Line was one of the first knitwear collections to push design possibilities to the max through draping, embellishment and exaggerated detailing.
  • Composed of oversized sweaters, the infamous wrap cardigan and basic layering tanks, the innovative collection is exactly what the knitwear market was missing.
  • Featured in publications such as Lucky, InStyle and Flare + international media.
  • Celebrity fan base including Jennifer Garner, Kate Bosworth, Jessica Biel and Taylor Swift. (I LOVE TAYLOR)

Tweet me in the comments  to enter:

Hey @casiestewart I wanna go to #LGFW with you & @rockitpromo on Friday! http://bit.ly/foRhPS

* Contest closes Thursday. I have 10 tickets. You must follow on Twitter & comment to win.  Ticket is valued at $50 & for 10:30 pm runway show Encore featuring Line Knitwear.


I’m not actually ‘hanging out’ with Gary Vaynerchuk but on March 7th we will be at the very same place with a bunch of other awesome people.

I’ve been invited to attend The Art of Marketing, Canada’s premiere marketing & innovation conference. It brings together Canada’s best marketers and world renowned speakers including Guy Kawasaki, Gary Vaynerchuk, Dr. Sheena Iyengar, Jeffrey Hayzlett and Avinash Kaushik. That’s a pretty sweet lineup and it will be my first time seeing them all.

There are 12 days left to register, click here to enter the  casiestewart.com discount code GG23 for $50 off your ticket.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet & network with me and over 1,300 senior marketing professionals. Check this video by The Biz Media to pump you up. Hope to see you there!

Photo of me by the fabulous Suzy Lamont


Was walking in China Town the other day. So many smells and interesting things, like this…

and this…

Girl was being shot by a photographer in the middle of a really dirty part of China Town. People were crowded around and she looked like a hooker. I saw like “what’s that hooker doing on the middle of the day at Spadina/Dundas? Oh, getting shot”. I’m not sure the premice of this, maybe that was the point.   I walked right past while he was shooting. Pls lemme know if I end up on a billboard in China (actually that would be AWESOME! I wanna go there!).

I love this city. Street car tracks/wires make us unique.

Can you see the rainbow here?

I am a nerd.

BTW Reebok Easytone gear is seriously 10, love my kicks and pants do wonders for the booty.

Stay tuned for the real photos from yesterday’s workout at The Motion Room. It was a goody, feelin’ it today too.

Look at all these people working out, awesomism.

Check out this hot babe on the new flyer for TMR…recognize? It’s MA SISTA.

Mmmmmmm, when I go to yoga i think about Mc Donalds and feel happy too. Suckas.

This is the future home of a cheap ugly condo building. Might even be low income housing. Cue me leaving the  slums area.

BUT, I do have this…

Anyone wanna come by? I freaking love fooseball. I used to play all the time in highschool. We played at GENYTO during Social Media Week, remember?

It’s really pretty & sunny out today. Nice that most of you will have tomorrow off from work for Family Day. What are you doing? My Mum is in Bahamas, Dad is in Florida and my sis is working. Thinking about going to the Bell TIFF Lightbox, it’s free today & tomorrow.

Have an awesome day 🙂


this is what we call the peanut gallery. this is the closest i’ve come to reading a book lately. that should change but i love the internet so much, why should we not have/do what we love?

here we go…

sequin lacoste number – yes, totally unconventional chic… like, no way i’m wearing that anywhere but in this very blog post mmmmm’k.

will i be wearing this when the weather warms up? i just got ruffle socks from american apparel. i have a fatal attraction to cuteness.

i would like to write like this for a brand ex. grey goose. i guess that would come with working via agency?  i am good at creative writing, you don’t even see my good stuff.  someone please let me to show off for you. i would also like to take a dance class soon.

i wanna be in magazines

top 40 high earners: top 12 are men, first woman, lucky #13, is kristen stewart. team stewart all the way. manniston is #18 and a.jolie #21. james cameron is #1.

this list make me smile cause i’m a stewart and i’m canadian. hehe.

the man is toast. hypnotic nerd gaze.

smartert than i? no.

THIS is UGG > Australia. not canadian winter you idiots. stop insulting the brand and yourself by wearing these booties in the snow/slush/rain/winter. it is not working for you, it never will. the end.

can i have one of these, pretty please?

and thank you.

what IS in a name?

Leonardo Dicaprio – Appian Way: in Italy, found a road names Appian Way while filming Gangs of New York, “the road on which the Roman Army marched as they set out to conquer the world” he thought a good name for a company starting out.

Kevin Spacey – Trigger Street Productions: names after his hometown

Clooney – Smokehouse Pictures: named after a resto across from Warner Bros. where he had all kinds of meetings

I like to draw cartoons too. Maybe one day you will see mine in magazines? I think we might.

this gets the eight of hearts: love them both. so hot.he is really dreamy in the cameron diaz vegas movie. watched it again last night. i watch lots of movies, ‘super high me’ on netflix before going through vanity fair. fun 😉

i love her face and this look. red lips, black eyes, white hair.

did she change her face?

nose, eyebrows? i dunno. maybe not.


oh mel, i rememebr the old days.

remember when mel gibson was young and hot? young pic there kinda looks like @mhp

he is such a dream boat, mark 1992. oh man i love him long time.

and brad pitt. hubba hubba.

i like that blue makeup. i think it would look cool with my hair and face.

i like this kinda house. reminds me of new zealand, of family.

in summary of this magazine: it’s beautiful. i wanna be in the hollywood issue.

in my dreams i look like this sometimes.


The other day some of my babe friends joined me at The Motion Room for the Saturday Re-Energizer Bootcamp. Say hi to the ladies! *waves at computer*

Here we go!

My sis is so fit. She’s going to be teaching Zumba soon. Pretty proud/excited for that.

pimp myspace with Gickr

My new Reebok Easy Tone gear makes me feel like a superhero. Look like one too. Thank you Reebok Canada!

Perfect form here. James is standing behind me making sure I don’t give up and keeping the ball from moving. Thank you from my muscles!

Everyone in this photo is working it. Can you count how many?

I’m motivated to be healthier since going to the gym. People always say it makes you feel good and it’s true. Wheels in motion, eating healthier.

Snack break – Unnecessary wheels: apple (minus the worm, I dunno how he got there).

Back to working out…

Jenie is totally beating me here, I was having trouble. See, Kelly is laughing too. Working out with freinds like this is a blast. The staff are super nice and don’t mind our jokes and laughing.

Eye spy a Minx named Raymi.

Do we look alike?

All the girls really enjoyed the workout. You will be hurting the next day if you go, a good hurt.

If you wanna go check out The Motion Room call them at 647-351-8671 or go to themotionroom.com. Make sure you tell them yo know me.

Now that I’ve sat here bloggin’ I’m motivated to go work  up a sweat at the gym. Hope you’re havin’ a really great day.

P.S. Where’s the beach? Cause like, I’m ready for it. RAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Say hi to the babes, Keri, Brown Barbie, O’Nizz.

Oh you know who ate a few of these. (Clue: starts with CASE, ends in EEEEE)

Is social media more art or science? I debated ART.

To me, social media IS an art. Sure you can get ‘formula’ for peak times to tweet or try to follow a ‘method’ but that doesn’t mean shit if you’re not creative. If you’re not artistic with your message (whatever or wherever it you’re selling it), people ain’t gonna buy it. You will be more successful in this new industry if you take risks and be artistic. Everything I have done/do to build my brand is driven by creativity.

Debate winner: Rob Campbell aka @smojoe!

We didn’t win the mass debate but we DO have cool blogs.

michaelnus.com | this girl| keriblog.com

I’m talking about #roboTO at this very moment. Look at that passion. It’s a party coming up that I started so we can all make robot costumes and have fun. Stay tuned. That’s how I won the final round of the debate.

There was a creepy dude at the end that hijacked the whole conversation and mentioned 3D p0rn. So weird. Mugshot here.

Sabrina looked at me from across the room and said “I want the pink buddha”. Then I won it for her. She derves it. He’s at our house laughing right now.

This is so very cute, girl had a nice outfit. Proud of you Moffitt, brother.

Look at everyone smiling in this photo. That’s good stuff right there.

Then we went home and had a girl party.

In other news, THIS pretty much makes MY LIFE. Click to open this in a new window and prepare to be amazed.


Can you believe it’s almost December?! Time sure flies, eh? I’m getting ready for a month of travel (hello sunshine!), gift giving (to you from here) and looking back at all the great things I’ve done this year.

My friends at Notable TV have put together a list of things to make your holiday shopping easier. Here’s a few of my fav’s.  Marc Jacobs – Bang & LOLA. The ads for these are so very pretty. Have you smelled them? Nice.

Booze is always a good idea, especially if you are going to a party (or coming to my house), they recommend Jose Cuervo Silver. Nothing like a few tequila shots to get a party started! Aiaiaai!

My other fav on their list is this fancy and oh so stylish fireplace designed by a Sydney Architect called the Zeta. Look at this thing! Pure class.

It’s both mobile and  environmentally friendly. Ah, I would love to have one of these for my swanky New York loft (the one I dream about). For more gift ideas from Notable TV check out their full Gift Guide by clicking below and in the words of Julian Brass, STAY NOTABLE!


Watch this video and lets hope you already have a way in or you come up with a good way to get the two extra tickets I’ve got because this party is gonna be seriously of the CHIZZLE. Warehouse, vodka, great music, one hell of a good crowd and 14 parties happening around the world at the same time. Our gift arrives in a crate with a party from India.

I will be there and I know a bunch of people behind the magic making this happen and I can’t wait for it.

Raise your glasses for vodka shots.

Remember the other Smirnoff party GRAPHIC? You may have seen it on your TV with a one second unmistakable appearance from your fav pixie party girl at 00:18.

Here are the deets:

What: The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project: India
Who: Jalebee Cartel, Shaa’ir + Func, Dragonette, Isis = Amazing
When: Saturday, November 27th, 2010 > next weekend
Where: The Munition Factory (so badass location)

I dunno who I should bring with me. You need to be totally awesome and fun with a love for vodka and dance floors.  You must have intermediate to advanced knowledge of how to have a good time and not be camera shy. No bad attitudes or egos allowed. Strict dress code of personal style. Flare for conversation mandatory.

Tickets are courtesy of Smirnoff Canada and the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project and you must be 19+.

Apply below.