can you feel the energy? can you see the rainbow?

Was walking in China Town the other day. So many smells and interesting things, like this…

and this…

Girl was being shot by a photographer in the middle of a really dirty part of China Town. People were crowded around and she looked like a hooker. I saw like “what’s that hooker doing on the middle of the day at Spadina/Dundas? Oh, getting shot”. I’m not sure the premice of this, maybe that was the point.   I walked right past while he was shooting. Pls lemme know if I end up on a billboard in China (actually that would be AWESOME! I wanna go there!).

I love this city. Street car tracks/wires make us unique.

Can you see the rainbow here?

I am a nerd.

BTW Reebok Easytone gear is seriously 10, love my kicks and pants do wonders for the booty.

Stay tuned for the real photos from yesterday’s workout at The Motion Room. It was a goody, feelin’ it today too.

Look at all these people working out, awesomism.

Check out this hot babe on the new flyer for TMR…recognize? It’s MA SISTA.

Mmmmmmm, when I go to yoga i think about Mc Donalds and feel happy too. Suckas.

This is the future home of a cheap ugly condo building. Might even be low income housing. Cue me leaving the  slums area.

BUT, I do have this…

Anyone wanna come by? I freaking love fooseball. I used to play all the time in highschool. We played at GENYTO during Social Media Week, remember?

It’s really pretty & sunny out today. Nice that most of you will have tomorrow off from work for Family Day. What are you doing? My Mum is in Bahamas, Dad is in Florida and my sis is working. Thinking about going to the Bell TIFF Lightbox, it’s free today & tomorrow.

Have an awesome day 🙂

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