lemme take you for a ride

Let’s go.

I’ve not been someone who loves driving until now. I love grabbing the keys and hitting the open road, going anywhere I want. Today, I visited old neighbourhoods. I’ve driven a few different cars over the last few months (Ford, GM, Toyota). Really like how this baby drives, takes corners well,  is nice on the highway, leather seats, sunroof, voice activated in-vehicle system. Looking forward to trying a hybrid car and also cars with more power.  The SE Sport Ford Fusion has a 3.5 V6 engine, this one is 2.5L & 4 cylinder.

Used to live in the Annex when I first moved to TO. There was five of us at 613 Bathurst, here.

Went here on a date once. There was a sign that said “This is the place” and we went inside to find a house turned into a bar. It was really fun/cute. I’d like to do it again.

Been ages since I listened to 102.1 The Edge.  Was full of greatness today.

Bellwoods looked bare.

Am I bad for camera driving? I wasn’t texting or tweeting.

Used to live on Manning at Queen too. That was a crazy time. Moving out of that hood was good.

I always used to go here for breakfast. Had a birthday there once too. Sad it burned down.

Love this big bag from Nella-Bella’s Melbourne Collection. Thanks TAREK! Great travel or overnight bag, fits all my gadgets, products & toiletries. Colour is great for summer, which I hope get’s here soon.

P.S. Some friends just launched a blog for the startup community in Canada called Maple Butter. Maple Butter brings meaty how-to’s, case studies and reports from people on the front lines of successful startups.  FOUNDERS UNITE!

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