Power of Women Event in Toronto @ MTCC

Good morning from MTCC! I’ll be adding updates to this post today. Got the full speaker list and super exited for the day’s events. Follow my Tweets @POWlive for what’s happening and inspiring quotes from speakers & guests.

Looking forward to sharing with you!

So many women here, about 4000+!

As I post this the auditorium is filling up. Lots of smiles & laughs in the crowd. There are about 4000+ women here!

Lots of giveaways & goodies for the attendees. The list of prizes is awesome!

The book buying station is full of things to inspire & enlighten your life.

Excited to hear Susanne speak. She has written SO MANY books!

Reckon I’d like to read Ellen’s book. So excited for Ellen’s talk.

Speakers view from the stage. Today is exciting 🙂

epic times were had. photos coming soon…

you missed this yesterday

Yesterday on Twitter This Happened

  • Lomo ARIGATO, @lomography! http://t.co/c0w8PAs #
  • Greeting EARTHLINGS!! #
  • PinkMafiaLand This Week: I love Kissette DJs! #babes http://post.ly/2kvze #
  • scary monsters & nice sprites. #skrillex #
  • Top 10 Event tonight, anyone? #
  • rocking out hard this morning. gonna jump on bike, get coffee, drop film off @lomography & stop by office. feelin’ SO ALIVE today. #
  • “nice blog. you have a way with words” compliments on writing & work is a really great feeling. GO compliment a co-worker today! do it! #
  • (there are some barbie photos on my film. tee hee) #
  • just ordered a LMGTFY.com sticker after getting inspired by an upcoming blog post. THANKS UNCURIOUS PEOPLE! #
  • last chance to save $5 on #Beerfest tickets is noon today! Use CASIE as discount code. See you SUNDAY! http://t.co/NYFAHjO #
  • look like @klout scores were updated again today, mama’s a shiny 76 now. crikey. look out @justinbieber. #
  • Dang. Need to get to ‘Sauga for noon. Can I borrow your car? #
  • this was my JAM in Puerto Rico last year http://t.co/2pp5ch5 Don Omar – Danza Kuduro #
  • who run this motha? #
  • #Blog HOW ARE YOU USING @SPOTIFY IN CANADA? http://t.co/rRQrzd9 #
  • Hey guys! Biked uptown, drove to Sauga & back for a meeting. Dropped off car, biked home. What did I miss? WHAT A DAY! #
  • Thank you @tristanx for letting me use your car. MUCHO GRACIAS! Enjoy the beers. You deserve ’em 🙂 #
  • Purchased lemonade from a kids stand today while I was biking. Gave them some business tips too. #
  • can i make a lemonade stand or am i too old? how about if i 4sq it and add vodka but tell that in the tips on 4sq to ask for”special”? #
  • Vodka lemonade stand is CLEARLY a hit. See you in Bellwoods this weekend HIPSTERS! bring your own cups! #LemonAID #
  • possibly the best idea i’ve had like ever. #
  • Scenario: you come for v-lemo in the park, check in on 4sq, I drank it all. Dream dies. The end. @amirad, i need you to be mktg mrg. #
  • troubleshooting my mobile email is driving me MENTAL. #shakesfist #punchesscreenofoldshittyPC #lovesmac #
  • who is beer tasting at CNE right now? get at me. got a question for ya. #
  • this heat makes you only hungry for beer/water, i love it. beach body summer diet FTW. #malnutrition #
  • fixed my email nananananananan. #smrt #
  • my realty show would have been really funny today…and yesterday. probs tomorrow too. WHERE ARE YOU PRODUCER?! i’m ready. #
  • i don’t need producing actually, my show is just my show. no producer. i just need a film person. #
  • k. bye, need to bike to CNE now. (she’s like the wind playing in background) #
  • Beer me! (@ Beerfest) [pic]: http://4sq.com/nOwa5Z #
  • Just ate these shrimp wrapped in bacon battered in chips from the BBQ. So yum. http://twitpic.com/60yhca #
  • Arkells are such cute boys http://twitpic.com/60z49u #
  • Sammy! (@ CTS) [pic]: http://4sq.com/pj4RbM #
  • Ridin’ http://twitpic.com/60zd6q #
  • Business time (earlier today) http://twitpic.com/60zdkh #
  • Crowd at Arkells show http://twitpic.com/60zoqo #

couple interesting things happened yesterday on twitter

vacation in balconia, the place to be.

Blonde girl blog hang w/ Keri & O’Nizz.

Pretty in pink nails.

Hey tower!

These are the Tweets you missed yesterday:


  • cutie pie @laurenonizzle http://twitpic.com/5zfi5r
  • RE: @jonlim Beautiful video! http://disq.us/2uh6me
  • hey there sports fans! baseball w/ @laurenonizzle @keriblog @ilovecpstyle @bluejays http://t.co/jhcZwvu #
  • hi
  • haha @ someone googling “hipster wear” & finding my blog
  • Calci-yum! http://twitpic.com/5zgpmv
  • anyone ever watched startup.com on #Netflix
  • there was mad crazzzzy lightening last night over the lake.
  • Ahem, Rosalinda Sartorelli? That is me in your photo @Gerinafxw.
  • Just a few comments from God’s blog: http://nyr.kr/rmiVqL via @newyorker
  • got a super cute email from @FreakerAmerica that included a link to this vid 🙂 (@YouTube http://youtu.be/XLwW7ZDWn5Y?a) #
  • Netflix, urgh more like NOTflix. #notworking 🙁
  • watching The End of America. this shall be interesting. #netlfix
  • are you using G+ more or less now?
  • oh man totally forgot about DIANNE. now tuned in to today’s #yandr
  • Nick Newman in his undies. I die. #swoon #yandr
  • Catherine Chancellor uses a Blackberry. She is also 300 years old. #trends
  • Winehouse’s Dad wants to make a REHAB Centre in her honour. Is that sweet or funny? I dunno.
  • love the latest iPad2 commercial. “See a phone call, carry a library” etc. Gah, I love iPad 🙂
  • Breast milk baby doll for kids? WTF!? That is so strange. Watching on Global News right now.
  • I want to do the CN Tower Edgewalk.
  • aww, came across this in a Goog search @keriblog @busblog http://t.co/tV38eZD
  • wtf? 29 year old grandfather in the UK. that is crazy.
  • build a bridge & get over it.
  • EW, Global news playing with blubber & fatty skin. omg time to change the channel. i might puke. news diet.
  • the news is not a happy place. so many sad reports. we need a happy news. i’d be a great host for “today in awesome news”. #morehappy
  • dreaming about a burrito.
  • Wing Women are becoming popular now? Pissshawww, I’ve been a killer Wing Woman, helping guys get the ladies for over 10 years.
  • I don’t use my PC anymore. I’ve completely switched in <1 week. #easy
  • omg these kids are so cute/funny. have you seen this @theellenshow? HEYA Twins! (@YouTube http://youtu.be/1lLkEH7vuK0?a)
  • Got an email from Blockbuster, didn’t know they were still alive?
  • Jeopardy will be followed by a bike ride. Feel like visiting, who should I visit? Hmmm.
  • College champs on Jeopardy. This is your chance to feel real smart, or extra dumb.
  • HEY GUYS! http://twitpic.com/5zkdfe
  • Doc called #MacHEADS starting now on #CNBC all about Apple brand culture.
  • Meet Ross, he is The Australian’s friend from Scotland. #babe http://twitpic.com/5zkjyh
  • you’re a babe @laurenonizzle 🙂 i took like 400 photos yesterday hahaha. http://twitpic.com/5zkkrh
  • i put Sammy in my bangs so he could join #blondetourage http://twitpic.com/5zkxa7
  • added a few to e blondetourage hahaha! “@laurenonizzle: http://t.co/M9za6a1”
  • Fashion and Sharks, Not Mutually Exclusive: Happy Shark Week! http://t.co/Nc3aQsn
  • 10pm – St.Clair and Bath- @mattyaustin found this uncollared dog on our front porch. Help him find its owners! #lostdog
  • Photo: time travel! nevver: Silber Mini Comics http://tumblr.com/xmj3ueifbo
  • Photo: http://tumblr.com/xmj3uetjf7
  • Photo: brilliantarrogance NIKE AIR, BY VALENTIN RUHRY http://tumblr.com/xmj3uetyxe
  • Remember this lady @natekogan? 🙂 http://post.ly/2iyL6 #