Tech | Oculus, Wearables, and My Connected Life

Tech | Oculus, Wearables, and My Connected Life

One of 1188’s latest ventures is Occupied VR and last night they were on ETalk! Ben Mulroney tried the experience they designed for David Cronenberg’s Body Mind Change. (You might remember me taking part in Body Mind Change last year.) The Rift Teaser launches on the 24th of November. I tried it at the office and it was intense. It’s amazing how immersive Oculus is when you’re tapped into sight and sound. It totally freaked me out, I jumped up out my seat and screamed!

 Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.38.27 AM

Later this week I’m attending the monthly We Are Wearables meet up at MaRS Discovery District. There’s still a few tickets if you’d like to join! (Free) There’s a Smartwatch Panel w/Motorola & TELUS with a discussion on Nielsen’s recent Connected Life survey on Canadian Trends in wearables and wearable consumers.


I was really into social media before it hit the mainstream and I’m really into wearables lately. Sometimes it’s hard to believe how huge social media has become, I can only imagine the impact wearable technology will have on us over the next five years. I want to know and learn as much as I can!

Old photo of Keri and I that came up when I Googled “casiestewart, nerd” Ha!

I’ve been thinking about how connected I am to the internet and it’s rare I go 15 5minutes without my phone having a notification, checking email, or taking a photo.  I was working away and my battery died this morning and to be honest, I was so productive for that period of time!  Techlogy makes us more productive and distracts us all the same.

I’ve got lots to get done today so here’s to productivity!

It may be freezing cold outside (if you are in NA) but try not to let it get you down. Put on all your winter warmies and greet the day with a smile.





Look what Telus did for one of their longest standing customers…

Look what Telus did for one of their longest standing customers…

When I watched this I couldn’t hold back the happy tears. I imagined what it was like for her, what it be like if that was me, or if it was my Dad who has been a Telus customer for almost 20 years too. If it gives you the feels, share with a friend 🙂

This act of kindness to show appreciation is the things dreams are made of. I think it’s incredibly awesome that Telus did this for one of their customers of 20 years. If your day has not been made yet, you will feel like making someone else’s after watching this.

A month ago Em and I volunteered at the Harbourfront Community Centre in Toronto for the #givewhereweliveday. Thousands of company employees and friends from across Canada took part that day.

This week the Telus Care-a-Van team is in Guelph, ON with a host of events and activities to specially thank TELUS local customers and the Guelph community. Telus truly cares about the communities they live, work and play. It makes me happy to have worked with them for the last five years. They’re a great bunch!

Hope your day is great. Bring the sunshine if you don’t see it!


Telus Day of Giving 2014|Garden Paint Party!


Last weekend EmBot and I volunteered at the ninth annual TELUS Day of Giving w/ 15,000 TELUS team members,  who took part in 700 activities in local communities across Canada.


We worked in the garden area painting signs for the community planters. at the Harbourfront Community Centre. It was really fun painting these, thinking about picking some up for the cottage and painting on the dock.



Some of the team with us that day cleaned up the garden area in the middle of the centre. It was lookin’ pretty shabby when we arrived and by the end of the day is was beautiful! We all had lunch in the courtyard to finish the day. 🙂


Until early July, Canadians who share their community giving photos and stories at and on Twitter/Instagram using the hashtag #givewherewelive will have the opportunity to receive up to $50,000 toward the cause of their choice.  For more info visit on

Thanks Emma and the Telus TO team for inviting us! Been working with Telus since 2009 and my first mobile phone was on Clearnet back in 2000. How can you not love their ads? This little guy has great hair.



Are you switching to Blackberry now?

Yesterday my friends at Telus hosted a Google+ Hangout at the Toronto HQ to learn about Blackberry Z10. I tuned in over lunch to see my bestie Keri Blog. I heard her ask a questions while I was working and snapped this photo. Then I text it to her. Then I saw her check her phone. That is what we call META.


After work I went to Telus HQ to pick up my very own Blackberry Z10. The building is really neat. You should creep on by if you are in the hood or going to the ACC.  I took this 360 stereographic standing inside a silo type sales centre. These types of shots take practice but they are some of my favs.


Along with a Blackberry z10 Telus SPONSORED A GIANT PANDA IN MY NAME. Can you believe it? I’m a parent.  I’m a Mommy blogger! I named Ai for Love. 我爱你。Wǒ ài nǐ (I love you). We  both like bamboo, roaming, and black & white fashion.


I’ve been given two months service to really give the Blackberry z10 a fair go. My iPhone will still be primary device but you know me, I like to test out new things. I have high hopes for Blackberry as I am from Waterloo Region and I remember RIM growing up. In 1999, RIM introduced the BlackBerry 850 pager, I was in high school  (I had a pager in 1997). I remember the endless “RIM job’ jokes in college, university, and still now (they never really got old! haha).

RIM/Blackberry did so much for the area I grew up in and I would really love to see them succeed. I’m not gonna call it a comeback until I’ve had my hands all over it to form an honest opinion.



Last week I hanging with the lovely Natalie Deane from Cosmo TV at the Carlu for the official launch with all the city’s media & socialites. We had a hoot chatting up the social crowd, tasting everything in the room, and taking seflies with sass.


They had Ja Rule? Flo Rida perform which I though was a strange choice (why not someone Canadian guys?) but overall it was nice to see the room filled with glowing faces from the light of Blackberry. Telus invited me to join their team in VIP where I ate some really delicious chocolates and talked about the new device.


I’m looking forward to seeing that this little BB can do. I’ve only taken one photo and haven’t shopped the app store yet. I’m saving that for the weekend when I am in chill/hibernating mode.


The 100th Grey Cup will be my first pro football game!


Went to the Grey Cup Players Gala Award Party at MTCC on Thursday. It was fun. Got to thank my Telus peeps in person for party and game tickets. Lauren and I danced front stage while Kardinal performed and then we went home (to the internet). I’ve never been to a REAL pro football game, only college or Uni. AND, in other amazing news…I JUST FOUND OUT JUSTIN BIEBER IS PERFORMING AT THE HALF-TIME SHOW! OMFG. Judge me, I don’t care. I love the Biebs. Our shirts were delivered today along with a football and some Grey Cup gear from Telus. THANK GUYS! Excited for the event tomorrow 🙂


CFL Awards Players Party

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