your chariot awaits ladies

Looked out the window and saw this big thing downstairs waiting for us. OMG.

Yeppers, that big fancy limo was for Chantelle & I. Big thanks to Calvin & Regency Limo for setting up the most awesome airport delivery ever. I had never been in a limo before so I was absolutely buzzing with excitement! Chantelle has been lucky enough to ride in a limo in the past when her friend hired a limo service newark
for her 30th birthday. She was still excited to travel like a celeb though!

Our driver Andrew even got us coffee. LOVE YOU! It was 5:30am, so necessary!

Was kinda like a wild disco in there. If you wanna book one like us ring 416-785-1222. Tell them we’re friends.

Sunrise was real pretty this AM. I should wake up earlier more often. I really love mornings.

Made it through airport security no prob. They let me take glitter too 😉

Weeeeeeee moving sidewalk: walk, walk, fashion baby.


Sadly, no Timmies on the USA side. Wahhh.

GLITTER GRAFITTI @ YYZ. Borderline artistic strikes again.

I would like to watch this show.

Flying in to Atlanta. Man, it was hot there. Hot-lanta, I get it.

Big thanks to Telus & Motorola for my phone & great mobile service. I love you.

Wifi onboard? OMG THAT’S ME, INTERNET!

P.S. The big yellow bag I have and all my other fav purses are Nella Bella & they are having a SAMPLE SALE on Thursday at the Studio 401 Richmond. Info below. GO get yourself something nice!

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