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Travel | I’m in Arizona! Here All Week Travelling Route 66!

Hi, I’m currently writing to you from our luxury van travelling to Route 66 through the Sonoran Desert. We just visited the iconic Wigwam Hotel in Holbrook. Arrived late last night and will be on the road all week touring the highway staying at a different spot each night. We’re about to take a tour of the Petrified Forrest. Petrified wood in the Rainbow Forest. So cool. This photo was at Route 66 at Disneyland in California but I WILL recreate it this week.  I packed the same dress! Road trippin'! #66kicks #MyAZtrip pic.twitter.com/fSfuAg9fwi — CASiE STEWART (@casiestewart) October 17, 2016

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Route 66? #disneyvacay

Ok not the real route 66 but the one at Disney Adventure Park. We went on so many rides today it was really fun. Just came back from cocktails at the pool and now it’s time for fancy dinner. With love from California, CASIE The @DisneylandToday California Adventure has a sick backdrop. pic.twitter.com/NEca1HlIoT — Lauren O’Neil (@laurenonizzle) August 26, 2013 Cars! https://t.co/1RyQdT1swo — CASIE STEWART (@casiestewart) August 26, 2013   @casiestewart @helloLisaNg @laurenonizzle Great pic! And here’s one of you three from mid race #disneyvacay pic.twitter.com/D3EtbF38in — Paul St. Onge (@paulstonge) August 26, 2013 Casie is eating #hotdoglegs for lunch pic.twitter.com/ticNiu8uPa — Lauren O’Neil (@laurenonizzle) August 26, 2013

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Let Success Be Your Noise

Had a great morning yoga session today. Feeling energized and have a jam packed day ahead. Saturday I’m going to Jamaica for a week. It’s the first time in years I’m going on a vacation-vacation that isn’t work. YAY! I’m travelling with @Lovesey as his guest and we’re gonna have SO MUCH FUN. We did Route 66 last year with Arizona Tourism then went hiking Sedona together. It was magical. Really looking forward to hot sun, beaches, and the food! ?? If you’re a lover of hiking, then check out https://www.dreamlandtours.net/day-tours/paria-canyon-vermilion-cliffs/the-wave-tour/ to see where your next adventure will take you! Posted the image below in my IG Story the other day and wanted to share here. Got a message from someone after posting who said it was just what they needed at the time. She mentioned theres a few people around her always shouting about their ‘success’, and I reminded…

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It’s My Blog and I Can Blog If I Want To

Yesterday I wrote a blog about my new speaker and I seriously considered not reviewing the product here because it wasn’t sponsored and would people be thinking, “is this sponsored“? But, in all honesty, I jus really liked the thing. I like a lot of things. I hardly post sponsored stuff and sometimes my blog is about bike riding on a sunny day or speaking at an event. I used to blog about everything I liked, I’ve blogged for over 10 years. There are thousands of blog posts here about nothing in particular other than a thought or a feeling. Almost gone are the days of people blogging because they love blogging or just want to get their thoughts onto the blog. But really, those are the blogs I love the most. The old blogs. The diary blogs. The blogs that tell a story and make you have feelings or…

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This month has been one of the most exciting OF MY LIFE. Six hours after I landed from the press trip in Spain, I walked in the @Fitzroy #BabeYoureMagic fashion show with an INCREDIBLE group of power women. 36hr later I was en route to @festivaldecannes! In other news, adding a new @imdb credit to my roster for my role in the film #Astronaut that will be coming out soon. Ahhh! I am so behind on blog life but I’m hoping this weekend to really, actually, get everything documented. One of the reasons I started this blog was an attempt to keep more memories. It’s easy to forget everything you do if you don’t write it down. I’m so excited about what’s coming down the pipeline and all the joy life brings. Here’s some amazing photos from the Fitzroy fashion show. Dress: @forloveandlemons ⠀MUA: @hairbyvanessa Photos by Scott Perreira  

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Portugal Pt. 1: What to Do in Lisbon

Portugal is amazing! My trip with Aeroplan this month was great and if you were following on social you’ll know because I posted heaps of photos!  The air was hot, the food was good, and I found inspiration in the bright colours and kind people. I took over 2,000 photos and kept notes during the trip. I did a bunch of research before I left and have been asked heaps about recommendations, so, I’ve broken down my trip into 5 posts based on things I did, which is only a fraction of what there is to do. Next trip I’ll rent a car and drive around to see the Algarve, Braga, Cascais, Coimbra, Aveiro (the Venice of Portugal), and the historic town of Óbidos. I’d like to take a second to thank Telus for keeping me connected. I have an Easy Roam package on my plan where for the cost of a coffee & snack…

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