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It’s My Blog and I Can Blog If I Want To

It’s My Blog and I Can Blog If I Want To

Yesterday I wrote a blog about my new speaker and I seriously considered not reviewing the product here because it wasn’t sponsored and would people be thinking, “is this sponsored“? But, in all honesty, I jus really liked the thing. I like a lot of things. I hardly post sponsored stuff and sometimes my blog is about bike riding on a sunny day or speaking at an event. I used to blog about everything I liked, I’ve blogged for over 10 years. There are thousands of blog posts here about nothing in particular other than a thought or a feeling.

Almost gone are the days of people blogging because they love blogging or just want to get their thoughts onto the blog. But really, those are the blogs I love the most. The old blogs. The diary blogs. The blogs that tell a story and make you have feelings or brighten your day.

I want to bring back the blog, the writing, the thoughts, and all the feelings.

Today is a new day, a new month, an opportunity to make a change. Mercury is longer in retrograde and Leo Season is upon us. You’re in charge here.

Sedona, Arizona, shot on film

Blog Goals for August 2019: Write Something Every Single Day

I’m putting myself up for a challenge to write something new each day for the whole month of August. I love to write and the last few weeks months I have been in a bit of a slump. I needed to take some time to relax my brain and body. To find that place inside where creativity comes from and open the door. It took some time, but I managed to crack that door and I’m making my way in.

I’ve packed up years of hard drives and developed all my disposable cameras. Over the next 12 days at the cottage, I’m taking a deep dive into the archives, the art hives as I used to call them. I’m looking for inspiration in my own digital history and hoping that together we can make something new.

These photos are from a disposable camera I had on a press trip in Arizona years ago w/ some friends. The blog post from that trip here.

Here’s to a new month, new moon, and new creative adventure!

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