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Day 30: Netflix & Chill

Today we watched 8h of Ozark. That’s it. That’s the post. ? The show is long and slow, we still have one ep to go. Ate so many snacks, I’m a total couch potato. We also watched the extra episode of Tiger King so that brings us to 9+ hours. Tomorrow is a new day, a short week, I’ll cook, clean, and exercise. I’ve come to the realization that if I make it through this lockdown with a few extra Lbs, at lest I’m alive. This situation is new for us all and we’re trying to find our way through it as each day passes. It’s totally fine to lack motivation and to recharge my batteries with a full days work on the couch eating Easter chocolates. ? It’s gonna be ok. Stay safe. Stay home.

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Watch More Eps of The @Netflix Dinner party!

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Our Netflix Show is Live! Ep1: Are You A Betty or Veronica?

Last month I filmed a 6 episode show with Netflix at Wallace Studios in Toronto. It was put together by Netflix USA and Andrew Dobson from dobbernationloves.com and hosted by Jonny Morton Schuster (who is also Kiwi btw!). Other cast members include Nelia, OG blog babe who writes styleblog.ca and Amanda who writes a family travel/style blog. There are 7 episodes in the whole series and I can’t wait to share them all with you! I’ve not seen final cuts yet, super excited! Gahhhhhh. The first episode ‘Are You A Betty or Veronica?‘ is us mostly talking about Riverdale. I’ve been obsessed with this show since it started. I would deff say I’m more of a Veronica than Betty. Don’t be fooled by the blonde hair!  The show is the ‘Dobbernation Loves Dinner Party’ where we all sit around a set that looks like Andrew’s apartment and gossip about discuss our fav shows. We sat around…

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Smart Marketing from Netflix w/ #SantaClaritaDiet

A couple weeks ago I saw these posts popping up on Instagram with #santaclaritydiet from influencers in the US. All the posts had hashtags like #Fitspo#NewYearNewYou #Hello2017#ImGonnaKillIt and then I was like what the hell is this diet? And what’s with the blood? Well, we all know now that Santa Clarita Diet is a new show from Netflix and it starts TOMORROW. Drew Barrymore is the mum and something happens and then she is ‘undead’. Tune into Netflix tomorrow to see what’s next. Netflix consistently makes great shows so I always give them spin. Also, since I spend so much time binge watching, we can easily can kill a season in a weekend. Here’s the Santa Clarita Diet ‘Starter Kit’ they sent me: I really appreciate a good marketing package and Netflix consistently blows it out of the park. One year for Valentines they sent a House of Cards themed package to go along with the…

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Netflix Binge weekend + Lots of Soup

I spent most of yesterday in bed or in the couch. Can't deny it anymore, I have a cold. ? pic.twitter.com/hl3v5Dz6fP — CASiE STEWART (@casiestewart) December 2, 2016 Today I’ve been watching Marcella on Netflix. A drama series about a female detective trying to solve a serial killer mystery based in the U.K.  I’m on ep3 but will probably finish the season today.  This little JBL speaker is usually in my travel bag and is perfect for watching Netflix in bed on my computer. Earlier this week Ricola sent an advent calendar and it is saving me right now. Sean has been such a dear, made me soup & toast while I’ve been in bed nearly the entire day. I finally set up my Saje Wellness humidifier thing and it smells like a spa in here. The other show we’ve been watching is HBO’s Westworld. It’s a futuristic show about an…

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Murray Christmas w/ Netflix Canada

Last night I joined a couple friends at Andrew Richard Designs for the Netflix holiday jam. They also hosted a screening of the new Bill Murray Christmas Special that comes out December 4th. The photo booth printed photos and recorded slo-mo videos of all the guests. Here’s mine! Merry Christmas!  

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