Love Your Life: Shangri-La, Hollywood, Netflix, Art

Love Your Life: Shangri-La, Hollywood, Netflix, Art
Vitamin A Dress, Ted Baker Scarf, Standing O Bracelet, Converse

Remember last week when I went to the Vitamin A show at Shangri-La? Well, I shot the show with my GoPro and posted a video on Instagram as an entry to their contest…and I WON. The prize is amazing! I’ll be visiting the health club and spa at the Shangri-La in Toronto once a month for the next 12 months AND I get a new Vitamin A bathing suit once a month for the next year. Other parts of the prize include a gift basket from L’Oréal and a pendant from Birks. Huzzah! The contest was to post your fav look from the show and when I found out the prize I put some elbow grease into making something great.

Here’s my winning entry!

In other news, I’ve been playing Kardashian and I made the A-List. I know it’s stupid but it’s also kinda fun. I have a few friends who are also playing and it’s a hoot chatting about it with them over Twitter. Sean can’t understand why I would want to play this game when my real life actually has some similarities to the game.


Next weekend we’re flying to Boston t visit friends and I hope to get to NY very soon.


Finished The Fall on Netflix and really enjoyed the series. I’m practically a professional binger! Jillian Anderson stars in this BBC thriller. I love watching Criminal Minds and cop dramas so this one was like a really long good episode. There’s only 5 eps in the series.


Been walking past these stars on my way to work and finally decided to take their picture. There’s art everywhere!


Hope your week is going well. Remember, you’ll never been younger than you are right now so make the most of each day. Heading up to the cottage this weekend and I can’t wait. I’m ready for some R&R and floating in the lake with a bevy!

You are loved.



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