Yesterday I met Canadian digital artist & painter Antoine Gaber who is working on a documentary film to debut at Festivals  called “It’s All About Me”.  (Mum is surely gonna have a chuckle when she reads this. Yes Mum, he wants ME to be in it!) I watched the demo trailer (for investors) and the film is all about GenY, narcissism and all the technology we have at our fingertips. Most the characters and content are being filmed in LA (Hollywood) and I’m shooting later this month in Toronto.  I sat in the directors chair, I liked it.


On my way home I noticed the TTC has pinched Dear Photograph idea, no?


It was sunny and bloody windy as hell!


Finished up the day with a steaming hot yoga class at Mind & Body Yoga.


Have you seen it yet? The new CTS… @TimelessOnQueen

Check out the writeup on BlogTO today about the NEW CTS, Timeless Apparel by Robyn Urback. The new shop is pretty and full of heaps more gems than ever before. You’ll still find our fav vintage kids like Emma & Sammy hangout & playing good tunes.

Made a Keek when I was in there last week but it’s a quick tour so you’ll have to go see for yourself!

I’m gonna pop by there today! BTW, where did this WINTER come from??


No, my eyes aren’t Irish but they might be charming. St. Patty’s day has always been one of my fav days of the year. My friends back home and I used to get all dressed and plan our parties for weeks. One of the best times was going to the old Heidelberg Restaurant near Waterloo in the middle of nowhere and singing & dancing to Irish tunes with Luke & Sara Baker & their parents.


Last night a little gift arrived from my friends at Pandora! Thanks guys. It’s a sterling silver four-leaf clover charm. I got my first Pandora bracelet last year at the Tastemakers Lounge during the Toronto International Film Festival. Kate & I both got one!


This charm is part of the  St. Patrick’s Day styles this year which also include “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” Murano Glass charm ($40), sterling silver dangle green enamel clover charm ($60), sterling silver four-leaf clover charm ($45) and green colour cord bracelet ($25).

Pandora doesn’t sell online but if you pop into a store near you‘ll find one of these charms with your name on it just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.





If you’re wondering what to do for St. Patty’s Day this year, next week I’ll have some tickets for St. Party’s Day the HUGEST Irish party happening in Canada.

I’m off to a meeting then meeting a director who wants to have me in his documentary about social/culture. Gah! I’m running late, as per susual. I really need to stop doing this!



Big ups & congrats to Bret McKenzie for winning an Oscar last night. I’ve been a fan of his since the first episode of Flight of the Conchords years ago. One time at Hemingays I met two dudes who looked JUST LIKE Bret & Jemaine, post here. In spirit of my love for New Zealand and missing my family here’s a great pic of Bret from last night’s show and a beautiful video from Cantebury New Zealand. Dad used to wear Cantebury all the time when I was a kid. Love the brand long time. 

New Zealand is full of babes! 🙂 Mum is in Auckland right now my my auntie’s house.  I so badly want to go back and see my friends & family. Later this year  hope!

World MasterCard Fashion Week March 13-17th

People are starting to talk about the upcoming Toronto Fashion Week World Mastercard Fashion Week March 13-17th. I’ll be in Austin, Texas for SXSW the entire time, so…I need someone I trust who I can send in my place to shows, events and parties. This is no easy feat, fashion week is tiring! 

I’m looking for someone who:

  • Currently runs their own blog
  • Is active on Twitter
  • Is looking to get experience in fashion industry
  • Has a good camera
  • Lives in Toronto or will be here for FW duration
  • Is NOT shy

I’ve had a couple great writers cover fashion weeks for me before including Carrie Jade (Toronto FW SS12) and Jess Gardner (Berlin Fashion Week). It’s a fun week and I’d love to go if I wasn’t living out my dream of speaking at SXSW. Can’t say I really like the look & feel of the newly branded Toronto Fashion Week so I’m quite interested to see how it all unfolds this season.


This pic is from Ottawa Fashion Week (Semaine de Mode FW 2012) earlier this month. Fun times! If you are interested in covering fashion week for please email your detail (as per above) and tell my WHY YOU are awesome to FASHION[at] Thanks & have an awesome day!


I’d have over 80,000 if I had a dollar for each Tweet I’ve sent since I joined May 5, 2008.  Twitter has been a huge part of my life since 2008. I’ve met many of my best friends, found jobs, taken my career to the next level and formed lasting relationships. I average about 100 tweets a day and Tweet about a variety of things. I was curious to seek out some stats about my own tweets but guess what, without paying for a fancy service. It’s kinda hard! Tweetstats are out of date I feel but Tweetreach was kinda interesting. Check out the reach on 50 of my Tweets sent last week. Over 100,000! Twooler informed me my most common word used is LOVE.


When someone says something nice about me or gives a sincere compliment about my work, I add it to my favourites. I’ve gathered a few hundred that also include funny tweets or really clever things said by people I follow. I’ve been called a Pastor, a rockstar, a celebrity, teacher, preacher and more but after looking at a bunch of them yesterday, it’s clear people comment mostly on my  positive energy. Thanks guys!

Below is a Storify of some of my favourite things people have said since December 2010.

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