Toronto International Auto Show

This photo was taken using 360 pano for iPhone. I love this app. Check out the interactive 360 here.


This is similar to the Sonic I won from GM last year. Man I loved driving that little car.


This mustang is modelled after Hot Wheels. I get to take the brand new mustang for a spin this summer. Ahh, I’m so looking forward to summer. I’m totally gonna drive it wearing a muscle shirt listening to hard rock.


The size of the booths at the Toronto Auto Show vs Detroit Auto Show is very different. Been coming to this Toronto show since I was a kid and always thought Toronto’s was so huge but  Detroit is MASSIVE. There’s a lesson there… Something about not knowing how big/great things are until you go out and see them. There’s a big world out there.



Lauren and I are driving this bad boy allllllllll the way deep down south to Austin, Texas. The team at Ford Canada are really cool. Thanks for car hookup guys!


They won a couple awards last night. NICE WORK!


I’d love to drive this little rocket. Probably only a concept car. Small, fast card are my favourite. I didn’t love driving until I started taking all these cars for test drives. It’s rad to take so many different ones, I know what features I really like. I’ve never owned a car but I’ve always seen my first one as a Porche. Not joking.


I’ve never driven a Mini either. I’d like to. MINI, CALL ME!



Thank you GM for breakfast.


I’m prepping for my panel this evening while this presentation takes place. I think it’s full but if you are keen try & sign up here. It’s 6-8pm at the TWG office in the Burroughs building.

Happy Friday!

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  1. February 19, 2012 / 9:34 pm

    the green car is not a mustang, but a camaro. bring yr muscle shirt and hard rock and u can ride in mine (its black)

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