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I love my life too.

Love Terry’s blog & life.

Love that next week I will be back on the beach.

Love Keeking and being a dork. Clearly I don’t remember know ALL the words but whatever. Tonight Lauren and I are heading to our old work, MuchMusic for Live at Much Foster The People. Did some work with FTP & Pink Mafia earlier this year so will be rad to see them live. I’ll do a little Keek for ya from the show.

Brown Barbie and I went to the mall this morning and I took about 100 pix that you can see on ma Twitta. Picked up a terabyte drive so I can finally dump the 256,000 photos from my Macbook. It’s amazing how many photos one blog girl takes.

In other news, I got the newest Dance Central game for XBOX Kinect and I’m gonna play the sh!t out of it when I get home from MuchMusic. Enjoy the day! Byeee!

At least we will be safe in a fire.

This is only a test.

Nov 30, 2011 | Source: Keek.com

Where should I work today? It’s fire alarm testing day so working from home is not recommended (trust me). Since the weather is kinda blah I was thinking about hitting the PATH (Toronto’s underground walkway/mall) and checking out holiday stuff. I’m fully equipped with my own wifi hotspot (Thanks Telus!) so I can set up shop pretty much anywhere. Once I get dressed and out the door of course…


I’m ready for a downtown adventure. :)


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