This weekend I was snuggled up on the couch with my computer enjoying some facetime with my TV. Instead of leaving the house (for anything) decided it was a great idea to browse a few of my fav sites in search of deals. YAY CYBER WEEK!

Recently, Mark’s reintroduced online shopping, so, inorder to let you know how easy it is to order, I made a few purchases myself. Last year I got a Denver Hayes super soft cardigan and it’s been all around the world and back. I’ve worn it heaps so I ordered myself this soft drape cardigan in dark olive. To match my eyes of course!

The process was super easy and I received an order confirmation by email soon as the order was placed. Shipping is free until the end of the year so get your orders in. They’ve got a bunch of gifts under $30 like really warm socks, slippers, fur hats and yes, a snowball thrower. I picked up a few other little things but can’t say what since my sister and Mum are regular readers 😉


If you make a purchase before the end of November you can be entered to win your entire shopping cart. Visit for detals & deals. Happy shopping!

If you make a purchase before the end of November you’ll be entered to win your entire shopping cart.



 On Thursday Sam & I met up with Lauren at Thrush Holmes Empire Gallery for the launch of two apps from Toronto based dev company Nulayer. Nulayer, was called the “App Kings” on the cover of Toronto Life’s 2011 Money Issue, and they were celebrating the launch of two new apps (Toronto Star and TheScore).

One of the things I love about the company is the tag line “we build software with our bare hands“. Thanks for the invite Esther, always nice to see you!


Sam is wearing waxed Nudies & vintage from CTS. I’m wearing AA black scoop neck & re-modelled vintage from F As In Frank, Queen West, Hamilton watch, Secret FW 2011 blue tights.


PHOTO CRED:  chocolate bar + photo of Esther & I by Joel Di Giacomo, Sam & I by Jannick Laurent, the rest, my iPhone




Have you checked Kate’s blog It’s full of tasty blog snacks w/ musical flavour. She’s the Queen of Music at who started as an intern in March and is now my PA who helps with all kinds of things.


Kate and I met when we both worked for MuchMusic & MTV Canada then I snagged her to work with me! She covers events I can’t attend, joins me to snap pix and helps me accomplish a super-human amount of tasks in a day (like today). She also has good style.

Kate picks & posts the weekly tune here each Friday (Weekend tunes). She’s all up on what’s new & cool in music (hence why I hired her) but if you have something so hip not even the hipsters know about it, send her a Tweet.  If you see Kate at an event say HI! You will love her.

Toady she introduced me to the Florence cover of Take Care by Drake & Riri. So good. THANK YOU!