Friday! You ready to party? I bet you’re more than ready. I bet you’re like “If only there was a song to kick off this weekend because I’m oh so excited and ready to party…” This is why you need me. This is why we’re friends. Let me help you out okay?

Ladies and gentlemen I bring you “212” by Azealia Banks ft Lazy Jay. Warning: This girl looks sweet but she’s got a dirty mouth. Don’t let the braids and Mickey Mouse sweater fool you.

It’s no surprise that she topped this year’s NME Cool List, this 20-year-old Harlem, NYC girl can’t help but be the coolest. Did I mention that she can also sing? Yeah. Just listen to her cover of Interpol’s “Slow Hands”. Impressive stuff right?

Now if you can please excuse me I’m going to continue playing “212” on repeat because duh.

xo Kate



It’s cool. I need to clean up my profile. Kinda creeping how you can fly back in time and see all your photos by month, day, when you added friends etc. As someone who is addicted to documenting, I think it’s neat. If you have issues with privacy, well, you should probably get off Facebook!

If it weren’t for Facebook or my blog I’d not have so many memories, and for that, I’m thankful.


Lozzie and I are on stage callin’ numbers for bad kids Rebel Bingo with James Flames tonight….kinda like this:

You should probably get a ticket. If you miss it, well, you’re probably not that cool anyways. Check Lauren’s bloggy for more secret details. Tickets here.

In other sexy, rebel news, the Youtube takeover went live today for the Durex Savvy Lover campaign AND the documentary features Raymi! Nice work to all the peeps behind the campaign! I worked with Brand Momentum as a copywriter for Durex earlier this year and some of my topics included ‘Turning your walk of shame into a stride of pride” and ‘manscaping’. Super fun stuff to write about!

Get some freaky Friday tips from four of Durex’s ‘sexperts’ on the Durex FB here. The FB app uses Pinpoint Social, Daniel’s company, fancy huh?!

And finally, the most beauty marriage ad I’ve seen that, yes, brought tears to my eyes. (MUM, BOB, don’t get any ideas about ME! Just watch it!) It really IS time. Thanks to Andrew Stewart, my digital brother for sharing. Can’t wait till his wedding one day. ♥

Off to the postie to pick up a package then to mee Lau in Kensington, then to rehearsal. I hope it’s shoes or the camera I’ve been waiting for!

You will be older tomorrow so BE YOUNG TODAY!


Today was Picard’s birthday and I came to his office (@PolarMobile) to do a Lunch & Learn about social media to the team. It was fun & informative (I was told) and we had pizza and cake.

Way to go Picard on forcing having a colleague bake this double rainbow deliciousness. It was good. We followed that off with a couple celebratory birthday shots at the bar downstairs. It was after 1pm so, totally acceptable and a recommended birthday activity.

I lead the team in singing ‘Happy Birthday’. Talk about a deal of a speaker, talks, teaches, sings and more. Winked as I typed that, yeah I did.

Nov 23, 2011 | Source:

Having iPhone is changing my life. I’m able to update all my fav sites. There are so many apps. I’m using Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Tumblr, Dailybooth, Keek, My City Lives, Netflix, WordPress, Instagram and a few others. Have any recos? All my devices are synced to iCloud and it’s SO convenient.


Social what? There’s a new buzz word created every :02 seconds but ‘socialight’ is one I wasn’t really familia with. Socialite, yes. I’ve been a social person my whole life and I also like working hard and doing nice things for others. When I was introduced to the SociaLIGHT conference, I smiled knowing there’s gonna be lots of like minded people in a room together.

I’m speaking on a panel this weekend at MTCC for the Socialight Conference. It’s a one day event for entrepreneurs & small business people from across Canada. Never heard of it? No problem! This vid will give you the low down in < :60 seconds.

Did you know that “Last November, more than 100 countries celebrated Global Entrepreneurship Week and now 2011 has been recognized as the Year of the Entrepreneur in Canada.”  Learned that and some other smart facts from the Canadian Guv’s Biz dept. I’ve had an entrepreneurial fire burnin’ for years. In 1996 I won Young Entrepreneur of Cambridge for a publishing company I co-founded. Being on a panel at MTCC is totally checking something of a list for me. I’ve been going there & seeing speakers since I was a kid. Check out the other great speakers here.

This past summer I hosted the Bench room during BHD Suites Gifting Lounge on MMVA weekend (herehere & here). The lovely peeps at Bench asked me if I have any upcoming events they could dress me for.  I mentioned the SociaLIGHT conference and today I had a shopping party for one at the Eaton Centre!

Say hello to the Bench store babes who assisted me in picking a bunch of gear. Thanks girls!

We were looking for two full outfits and I was leaning towards non-sporty or too branded. Thanks Bench Canada for a fun time and new digs. This is what I tried on:

I can bring two VIP guests to the conference Saturday and I’d like to invite you. General admin tickets are $149 but if you are buying please use code CASIE2011 for 50% off.

Want a free ticket? Watch this video, the guy thinks I’m crazy and says “I was wondering what happened?” Where do you think his accent is from?

Nov 23, 2011 | Source:

If you guess, (comment anything!) I’ll pick two peeps at random. The crew I took to The Art of Sales this week had a blast. Conferences are F-U-N. So are gifs.



Yesterday I downloaded the new iPhone app from my friends at My City Lives. It’s an awesome & forever growing collection of people, places, things & thoughts from around out great city of Toronto. If you check out my first THIS IS MY LIFE blog on blogspot you will learn that “people, places, things & thoughts” was how I defined my blog in ‘an attempt to keep more memories’.

Check out this awesome vid MCL published today followed by some screen shots from their new app. Download it free from app store here & get sharing 🙂


A couple days before my  most recent trip I got an email from RIMOWA, Germany’s luxury luggage manufacturer. I’ve never had nice luggage let alone ‘luxury’! Actually, the little suitcase I have belonged to someone else, is old and has a ripped zipper. It’s crap.

The note was about Salsa Air Ultralight weighing only 4.2 lbs, making it the lightest carry-on luggage on the market and built for strength and durability. Now, if you know me AT ALL…you know strength & durability are HUGE in the things I use/wear.

They had a suitcase delivered for me to take to Costa Rica and honestly, IT WAS THE SH!T! I love it. Rolled and tossed that baby with elegance, easy and  style from Toronto to Miami to Costa Rica to Libia to New York and home. We travelled car, bus, ferry, flight and through jungle, resort, beach and rain. Made this little vid-yo on the main street in Montezuma outside El Sana Banano.

Thank you RIMOWA. Can I please keep it?! 😉


I don’t go without a scarf in the winter. I can’t stand the feeling of being cold. The scarf department at my house is a drawer overflowing with heaps of shapes & colours.

It’s tiring to see everyone wearing the ‘euro’ when there are so many ways to wear a scarf well. Check out this awesome video by LA fashion blogger Wendy Nguyen25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Min“. Her post on behind the scenes & making the video is pretty rad too.

Spice up you scarf live and stay warm 🙂


Ok, I made that conference up but it might be real one day. If The Art of Awesome happens I will be on stage speaking about awesomism as a lifestyle. Actually, the Art of Awesome is happening every single day, you have to live it.



Took Sheryl, Dan, Wendy and Teresa out for lunch at Joe Badali’s. It was great to connect with everyone. Haven’t seen Sheryl in a while and man I love her. She was my boss in my first ever job in Toronto post Uni. I learned heaps from her.

Wore jeans today, craaaa-zaaaay! This is very rare. I was send these Levis when I worked with them last year to write about crafting your personal brand.


Here for about another 45 min then heading home for a call & to charge my batteries. Thanks to the team at The Art Of  for our tickets. Another great event!


Ladies & gentemen, Rebel Bingo is coming back to Toronto. Now, this is NOT YOUR MAMA’S bingo, bango, bongo bullsh!t.
This is REBEL F*CK!NG BINGO and YOU do not want to miss it.

What will you tell your grandkids if you don’t go? “Once I had this amazing opportunity to do something fun but I decided I don’t like fun and missed out”. No, we don’t say things like that. We LOVE TO HAVE FUN.


Last time was crazy wild and I can’t even tell you what kinda sht went down,you just have to be there.

Get a ticket HERE. They are $10 now but will be more come Friday. Location & cover story info is hereO’Nizzle and I are calling numbers with James Flames (above). This is a revolution. Join it.