The Art of Awesome 2012

Ok, I made that conference up but it might be real one day. If The Art of Awesome happens I will be on stage speaking about awesomism as a lifestyle. Actually, the Art of Awesome is happening every single day, you have to live it.



Took Sheryl, Dan, Wendy and Teresa out for lunch at Joe Badali’s. It was great to connect with everyone. Haven’t seen Sheryl in a while and man I love her. She was my boss in my first ever job in Toronto post Uni. I learned heaps from her.

Wore jeans today, craaaa-zaaaay! This is very rare. I was send these Levis when I worked with them last year to write about crafting your personal brand.


Here for about another 45 min then heading home for a call & to charge my batteries. Thanks to the team at The Art Of  for our tickets. Another great event!

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