i’d like one casie bot please, rush delivery

I met a Robot the other day.

I was freaked right out.

I was freaked right out because I kinda thought it was real.  I didn’t clue in to the fact that there was guy walking around hiding and being his voice. haha.  I told Sabrina and she thought it was so cute that I didn’t get it. Made her giggle. I’ve seen robots on the internet that really do talk and it was at a computer thing so I though it could be real, ok.

We made a video for all my friends on the internet and it’s taking ages to upload…so here’s two seconds. for now so you can hear the voice. His name is D3 and he works for Dell. I think having a robot would be pretty cool yet creepy at the same time.  I’d like if CasieBot could go to work for me…and make me dinner…and drive me around. I’m sure I could find a few jobs for her.

some kind of broken social scene

 Last night the Harbourfront Centre was a buzz with fans of Broken Social Scene. I was looking forward to it and it was music to my ears. It was so crowded that it in itself, was a broken social scene. Cool crowd though, mix of hipsters, families, public drunken-ness and the smell of pot in the air. I love Toronto.


The best thing about it was that the whole BSS crew was on stage  including Feist, Amy Millan, Emily Haines and the boys. I didn’t bother to climb through the crowd but has Ryan has some closer photos and this one was my favorite. Look at Emily, so cute.

bss at harbour front by Ryan O'Shaughnessy

I made an amazing emo video walking through the crowd as Metric was on and Emily was singing Gimme Sympathy. For some reason, it got deleted when I added it to my computer. So sad, I can feel it in my bones.  It was beautiful and the sun was setting.

 Ran into lots of people but the one who made me most happy is Levey. The boy’s been in Korea for ages and I’ve not seen him in at least a year. Those are the best run-ins. The long-time-no-see-love-you-miss-your-guts kind.

It was a really pretty night.


a brief interruption

In case you were wondering, or if you weren’t, I’m gonna tell you anyways..in the grass

I’m still vibrating my eyelashes every morning with the Maybelline mascara. The mascara is really quite good. Been a while since I actually liked one for the product vs. the price. Smelling ever so sexy in Givenchy PlayPlay comes out in August and features Justin Timberlake in sexy photos. Maybe you remember my sexy ones to match? I’ve got a new pair of prescription glasses on the way from Glasses USA thank-you-very-much. Black rimmed ones like an old man but good for a young lady.

smiling GenY faces

Tomorrow night is #Genyto at the London Tap house downtown. I’m looking forward to seeing smiling faces like the ones in this photo of @kathrynboland,@rlangdon, @MichelSavoie & @kevrichard . There will be lots of cool kids there. It’s Rayanne’s birthday too so look the fuck out. Someone on Twitter just said I look like Toni Collette bur more bitchin’. That’s hot.

there’s a lot of babes that live around here

You know what’s fun? The recycled rubber they use as the ground on kids play things in parks. Had a blast jumping on that stuff last night. You should try it if you haven’t, just don’t fall.

New Folder5july1 004-1

I think you’re gonna like my friend she said, her name is Jessie and she’s kinda like you. Kinda? Hmm. Red/black vs pink/white, side shave, same height, smiley and fun attitude. Yeah, just a bit.  My pink is fading, gonna get it fixed tomorrow.

The bbq area on top of Sobey’s is visible to anyone over 4 floors at Cityplace and last night it was rocking. It’s kinda like being at a club just you’re not at a club and bottle service is cheaper. A private club, I like that.

leggy blonde