a brief interruption

In case you were wondering, or if you weren’t, I’m gonna tell you anyways..in the grass

I’m still vibrating my eyelashes every morning with the Maybelline mascara. The mascara is really quite good. Been a while since I actually liked one for the product vs. the price. Smelling ever so sexy in Givenchy PlayPlay comes out in August and features Justin Timberlake in sexy photos. Maybe you remember my sexy ones to match? I’ve got a new pair of prescription glasses on the way from Glasses USA thank-you-very-much. Black rimmed ones like an old man but good for a young lady.

smiling GenY faces

Tomorrow night is #Genyto at the London Tap house downtown. I’m looking forward to seeing smiling faces like the ones in this photo of @kathrynboland,@rlangdon, @MichelSavoie & @kevrichard . There will be lots of cool kids there. It’s Rayanne’s birthday too so look the fuck out. Someone on Twitter just said I look like Toni Collette bur more bitchin’. That’s hot.

there’s a lot of babes that live around here

You know what’s fun? The recycled rubber they use as the ground on kids play things in parks. Had a blast jumping on that stuff last night. You should try it if you haven’t, just don’t fall.

New Folder5july1 004-1

I think you’re gonna like my friend she said, her name is Jessie and she’s kinda like you. Kinda? Hmm. Red/black vs pink/white, side shave, same height, smiley and fun attitude. Yeah, just a bit.  My pink is fading, gonna get it fixed tomorrow.

The bbq area on top of Sobey’s is visible to anyone over 4 floors at Cityplace and last night it was rocking. It’s kinda like being at a club just you’re not at a club and bottle service is cheaper. A private club, I like that.

leggy blonde

cover me in rainbows and let me dance all night

Every year when the party is over I think, that was the best Pride ever. Then, when the next year rolls around it seems to be ever more fun than the last. Definitely the case again this year. 

pride 2009 friends-1

 On Saturday we went out the Northbound party in the then hit up Subspace. I had quite the outfit that night! There’s something so awesome about wearing latex.

pride 149

Didn’t make it to the Parade on Sunday, watched it from homer instead. The live coverageon CP24 was totally humiliating. Matt Babel and the other girl were not funny at all and they kept saying the gayest things. I don’t mean gay as in gay pride, I mean ‘dude, that was so not funny’ kinda gay. There is a big difference.

pride 197-1

We danced the night away at Fusion to the dirty beats of Mr. Matt C. It’s been a while since I heard tunes that really moved me like that. It was awesome. There were a heap of really cool peeps there. Had a blast hanging out with them all including this dude….

pride 181-1

and this babe…

pride 173-1

The thing about Pride weekend is that every one is so happy and open and free. The people are nice. There’s not attitude, well, except from the diva’s but that’s not frowned upon.

pride 168-2

I saw a hottie doing something I’d never seen before…fork as a cig holder. Um, yeah! FYI, pobably works a-ok as a roach clip too if youre in a jam.

pride 166-1

Overall, awesome weekend. Hopefully my voice comes back  but until then, I’m reminded of just how awesome Toronto is as a city and I know we throw the best Pride. The rain also held up pretty good despite the forecast, told you my theory was true.

pride 156-1

I found this dude to be super creepy. Before I went inside I say his extendo-camera reaching in to the patio party to get some footage. Good way to get a sneak peek without paying cover. Urgh, lame. I bet they were doing it all over the place. Creeping in windows and houses and crap like that. I’d be pissed if he creeped up behind me, would scare the crap out of me!


it’s hard to hear when the music is pounding

i have a dude voice from me on Vimeo.

gearing up for the best party of the year dudes

Canadian Track and Field Champs last night, got a media pass (p.s. it’s cool to blog). I found it nerve wracking to watch a friend race. It was beautiful sitting there in the sun.  I love summer nights.


I got to go on the track and I also got flowers because Jeff won a medal. Girls love getting flowers.  Baton Rouge for dinner was not really that good, I expected better. That’s what you get for setting expectations!track 017-1I was thinking about making voice notes on my bike ride to work. I always have great ideas but typing on my non-qwerty keyboard while riding is like a deathtrap. God, Mum’s prolly having a heart attack thinking about that. I think it will be fun to voice note, upload. Morning ride podcast maybe. I was practicing chatting to myself this morning and enjoying it as I so often do. We’re good friends, me and my thoughts.  Haha, crazy person. hair done awesome 014-1There’s gonna be so much Michael Jackson at Pride this weekend. Wore Superman undies today, Spiderman yesterday and Big Bird the day before. Having a theme week I think…leading up to dancing in the street  & fun outfits all weekend.  I really hope it’s sunny on Sunday. It never rains on Pride. I think it’s all the positive energy and gayness that the universe joins forces with mother nature to keep the sun shining down on everyone.  Yeah, that’s my theory. mascara eyegasm2I’m still using the vibrating mascara. I like it. If you wanna get a coupon for it and try it out Matchstick & Maybelline give you one here. My site’s been kinda slow lately and I’m gonna fix the baby and make some changes this weekend. Sorry, it bugs me too.  Lunch bike ride time.  Have a good day.

i like when the sun shines through the clouds

I love biking in the rain. It’s so refreshing riding through the puddles. Yesterday I rode home and I got 100% soaked. It was great. The rain was warm and the only thing that make it not great was that I don’t have my Wellies. Bugger, still haven’t found them. june 16 005

The other day before it decided to rain so much we hit up the Spoke patio for a friends event. We pretty much just went for sitting in the sun. It’s so lovely up there in the early evening.  We’re not buying condo’s at the moment. I’ve had a couple thoughts of moving back down under lately.art of patio 2We were surely the youngest people there. It was kinda funny because there were these cougars who had very obviously had their share of work done and they were snarking at us and giving us cut eye. Michka was ready to snap but she kept her cool.  There were lots of fake boobs around.

art of patioBeans was looking sexy like a Miami real estate agent. I liked it. It fit with the whole theme of the night.  I really enjoyed watching the photog’s creep around with their cameras. It was pretty awkward. They’d make eye contact and mutter “Photo?” or “Take your photo?”. I think I’d hate that job, always rather have photo taken really.

I met a really cool girl but I can’t remember her name. Not suprising! We went off  about Facebook and Twitter and Blogging, the internet, my favorite stuff.  She said she was gonna read and comment on blog. I like when people do that, not just say they will. I’m sure she’s out there somewhere.

I’d really appreciate if the sun would come out already.