thank you for a great weekend

I had a great weekend filled with relaxing, a little partying, some shopping, pool time, sun tanning, friends and lots of fun. I’m stoked for a short week as I fly out to Miami on Friday for the weekend. I’m very excited.ilovesunGood thing I got those new bikini’s, I’ll be needing them. Sabrina and I had a lovely time in the sun yesterday. It was so warm out while blocked by the wind. glasses-chain

I’m a very lucky girl, I got new glasses again. It seems I can never have enough. I have a drawer filled with heaps of pairs. I finally tossed about five pairs that were old ugly guys or broken. suntanning

I also took a tour in Kensington on Monday and paid a kid draw to a portrait of me. It cost $2.00 and this is what it looks like. I put it on the fridge, I figure if I leave it there for 20 years I might get a good return on this young artists work. ha! Celebrate creativity! His name is Chris Scriver.


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