she was happy dancing with her arms over head

Drum circle happens every week during the summer. It goes down at Cherry Beach one week than Trinity Bellwoods the next. I usually only go to TBP because it’s closer than the beaches.  I love it.  There are lots of mad hippies dancing. There are also lots of skid kids too.


We moved our home-base-blanket around a few times to avoid the dirty kids from contaminating us. One time a kid puked while sitting in front of us and we picked up shop like nomads and moved in NO time.


My favorite is being in the middle of the circle dancing with my arms flailing around. There is something magical about the connection between the music and the people all being brought together in an open space .  When it gets really hot out there’s more girls & boys with their shorts and shoes off dancing.


There is drinking and smoking in the park  all around.  We saw a couple of kids chasing each other around with McCain pies and tossing them at each other. What are kids doing these days you ask? That I guess. There were hundreds of people there. You can hear the beating of the drums as you approach the pit in the park, I love that sound!

Drum Circle #001 2009 from moi on Vimeo.

this is sadie, she spins fire from me again on Vimeo.

There’s fire spinning too. Some nights there is lots of fire spinning!! This girl was really good she was doing the hula-fire-hoop and poi’s at the same time. I’m not even going to try that, I’m waaaay to accident prone. Overall, stellar time. Absolutely stellar.


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