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Anamaya Resort – Welcome to the Jungle, Pura Vida!

Good morning from Anamaya Retreats in Costa Rica! Yesterday was our first full day here and it was magnificent. I’m really making an effort to take a digital detox on this trip but documenting is something I love. I’m running on wifi and often not able to connect with the online world. I’ve been taking photos, making notes, voice recordings, I wanna remember all my thoughts and feeling on this journey. It’s absolutely beautiful, photos don’t do it justice! Feels good to be back on the yoga mat too, I’ve been a bit slack this winter and this trip is like hitting the reset button. Our menu this week is all gluten free and local, Anamaya has a farm that we’re visiting Wednesday to see where a lot of our food comes from. We are staying in a treehouse that is 50ft up with a yoga/hammock deck, and a loft bedroom. It’s the most beautiful treehouse I’ve ever…

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Yoga with Joseph at Anamaya Resort in Costa Rica, Pura Vida!

Last winter I visited Anamaya Resort for a yoga & surfing retreat in Costa Rica. It was heaven! A truly magical place. I am dying to go back there to the ocean and the jungle. Especially right now since it’s NOT EVEN WARM OUT YET! I just got sent this lovely video of us on the deck doing synchronized yoga with Joseph. I can’t tell you how WONDERFUL  it was to do yoga here each morning and surf in the afternoon. [iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/OX-mSRLxIHQ”] Check out Anamaya Resort if you are looking for a great travel destination. It’s a beautiful eco lodge in Montezuma, Costa Rica. There’s boat tours and all kinda of fun things you can do there! Take me back to the jungle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Friday Thursday!

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Travel | Aerial Silks Workshop at Anamaya Resort in Costa Rica

Yesterday before surfing I did a class in aerial silks lead by Joseph, one of the Anamaya owners. It was awesome! It’s pretty hard and you have to be strong but I loved it. Thanks to my Dad for being a gymnastics coach when I was growing up. It’s all helping now! I’m not quite as graceful yet but we’re getting there 🙂 Can’t wait to give this some practise.

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Long Live the Weekend – Love You Canada!

Been having a pretty relaxing weekend. Can’t believe it’s already Monday. Back to the city tonight or tomorrow. I love being up here but I’m looking forward to going home. Feels like I’ve had more time at the cottage than home lately! My friend Steph is here from New York City. Sean and I met her last year at Anamaya Resort in Costa Rica. [Read about it here!] The weather has been a bit meh but it’s finally nice and sunny today. We created a super tasty wine spritzer with Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc mixed with La Croix, strawberries, and a bit of juice.

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You Know That Feeling, The One Like You’re Flying

Last night I went to an aerial yoga class at Fly Fitness . It was a media class and my first time trying it. Small group, couple friends in there, but MY GOD did I need that. I feel so fucking good! Seriously. I don’t usually swear (sorry mum) but that’s really how I feel. This summer has been a life changer, having the BR surgery, recovering, reading, thinking, and setting some goals has really made me feel good. I’ve spent a lot of time cottage chilling but September is like a fresh start, a new start. Last night took me back to sitting at opening circle at Anamaya in Costa Rica. We all sat around together and had an uplifting talk about intentions, positive thoughts, it was so wonderful. We connected and smiled and tbh thinking about it makes me feel all warm inside. Yes, it’s a bit cheese but if you were there, or you…

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Friday Fun! 

This morning I was at the Four Seasons for a shoot with Kelsey who is a co-owner of Anamaya Resort in Costa Rica. We were taking about my digital detox and the importance of disconnecting in an uber connected world.

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Digital Detox #tbt 

Looking back at my Amazing trip to Costa Rica where I stayed at Anamaya Resort. Read about my digital detox here. I’m ready for another one TBH! Check out this cool Summer Solstice RESET happening on June 20th in Trinity Bellwoods. Have a beautiful day!  XO CASIE A photo posted by 👻 C A S I E S T E W A R T (@casiestewart) on Jun 9, 2016 at 8:26am PDT

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Travel | My Digital Detox Diary on The Co.

I know I’ve Mentioned how great my last trip to Costa Rica was but was the first real vacation I’ve taken in a while. I’m feeling inspired and I’ve got a fresh perspective on life. I wrote about the experience on The Co. by Jones Media and it’s on the front page today! Read it here!  Today I’m picking up a little Ford Fiesta and cruising home to spend some time with mum. Tomorrow I’m speaking to the grade 6-8 kids at her school about bullying and following your dreams. I wish i had someone like me come and tell me everything will be ok, it’s cool to be weird, and that the job I’d be doing didn’t exist yet. Still eating healthy since my trip and exercising daily. About to go for a run! 🤗 It’s truly amazing what a good getaway will do, staying at Anamaya Resort is a magical…

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Travel| Refreshed, Recharged from Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica!

I’m home. The last week has been so wonderful. I wrote down some thoughts about my Anamaya Resort/Costa Rica experience last night and it’s hard to explain it all in words, but I’m gonna try. Working on an article about my first real digital detox (SPOILER: it was awesome!), and posts about staying at Anamaya Resort, the yoga retreat, the INCREDIBLE food, activities, new friends, the circle (I’ll explain), the treehouse, and a style guide to packing light for jungle living. One things is, Anamaya is an incredibly amazing place to go alone, with a family member, partner, or when you really need to hit the reset button on your life. After 7 days of gluten, dairy, and mostly sugar free free, with no red meat, heaps of fresh juice, tons of water, sunshine, and fresh warm air, I feel alive, and calm. [iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/5tiGSZ4KAJU”] Picked up groceries today and loaded up…

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This is My Life | Treehouse ✔︎ Hammock ✔︎ Sunshine ✔︎

Today has been a great day, the whole week! Really taking  a break from my phone. I’m sitting in this hammock right now blogging via WordPress Mobile. Have yoga shortly, then dinner, and a circus performance at Anamaya Resort. This trip is incredible. Have so many photos to process and share when I get back home. Hope you’re having a great day! PURA VIDA!

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Travel Tuesday: Vacations Aren’t Just for Soaking Up Sun!

Dreaming of an experiential vacation – wine tasting in Italy, yoga in India, surfing in Costa Rica, skiing in the South Island of New Zealand? People often think of vacations as a jaunt away to soak up the sun but one way to REALLY enrich your life is a vacation where you learn something or take on a new experience. A couple years ago I went on a solo surf + yoga vacation to Costa Rica, it was so much fun. I learned how to do aerial silks and perfected my wave riding skills in the ocean. This was the little cabin I stayed at in the jungle at Anamaya Resort. In 2013, I ventured to Thailand and took a cooking class in one of my fav cuisines. I came home with new skills and a bright outlook on a different culture. I recently chatted with TD Canada Trust about how to make an…

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Om T.O. Free all-day Yoga in the Distillery District

I don’t know bout you but I’m feeling it could/should be Friday already.  This week is a busy one as I’m working 9-5 and 4 nights this week w/ client events/freelance. It’s been a while since I hit my mat for some sun salutations so I was happy to see an email about Om T.O. – Free all-day Yoga-thon in the Distillery District. I’m gonna try and head there first thing Saturday morning to start my day. “Last year, 1,000 people go onto their yoga mats and participated in our inaugural event This year, we’re hoping to double that number and bring yoga to the masses,” said Casey Soer, co-creator of Om T.O. and co-founder of Spynga Inc., a participating studio. “It’s wonderful to see yoga enthusiasts with different skill levels come together to share a truly unique community experience.” Participating studios: Spynga, 889 Yoga and Wellness Spa,Bikram Centre,Downward Dog, Moksha Yoga Uptown,Soghrati Yoga, Yoga Tree, Yoga Sanctuary Senior Sponsor: Global Botanical…

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Carla said we’d be sore after yesterday’s workout and she was right. She pushed me harder than ever before this time. “I wanna see more resistance from you”, that means next day burning. My muscles feel good right now, as in, I can really feel them. I love Jukari because it comes from Cirque du Soleil and combines resistance training with a dance like acrobatics. King West Fitness is a beautiful gym and I wish I went more often. I need a new bike. Going to the gym is not (really) part of my routein but I’m attempting to make it one. This time last year I was going to The Motion Room once a week. I got so in shape. I turn 30 in May and I want to be the most fit of my life, ever. Hot tub soak post workout yesterday was lovely. I’m going to hot…

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There’s Magic in the Air, Pura Vida!

Went on a gorgeous sailing trip this week with the owners of Anamaya Resort and friends. We drove to the ferry spot and sailed to Tortuga Island one of the most popular & beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. My stay here has been incredibly magical. I have photos and stories but the experience is the most treasured part of it all. Huge thank you to Joseph, Kelsey and Jeff for having me. Anamaya Resort is a slice of heaven. If you are looking for a beautiful vacation, come here. You will feel the magic of Montezuma, taste warm breezes of the ocean and see views that will stay forever in your memory. With love from Costa Rica,

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Casie Stewart is a Canadian writer, director, and entrepreneur. She’s an award-winning content creator and expert in digital. During her decade-long career in media, she’s been named Canadian Screen Award Winner (Voice Pioneer), Best Travel Blog, and Top 30 Lifestyle Blogs in Canada. Casie has been a keynote speaker at SXSW, NXNE, TEDx, and spoken at YouTube Canada and the United Nations of Canada. She lives in Toronto with her boyfriend and loves summer weekends at the cottage when she’s not travelling around the world.


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