Long Live the Weekend – Love You Canada!

Been having a pretty relaxing weekend. Can’t believe it’s already Monday. Back to the city tonight or tomorrow. I love being up here but I’m looking forward to going home. Feels like I’ve had more time at the cottage than home lately!

Canada Day canoe out on the lake!

My friend Steph is here from New York City. Sean and I met her last year at Anamaya Resort in Costa Rica. [Read about it here!] The weather has been a bit meh but it’s finally nice and sunny today. We created a super tasty wine spritzer with Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc mixed with La Croix, strawberries, and a bit of juice.

So good! La Croix, Kim Crawford wine, strawberries, juice

Cooked a great meal on friday and we had these MONSTER shrimp! They were so good but I couldn’t believe how big they were. Hand for scale, don’t mind the mess. I went full on neanderthal style eating with my hands!

Baked date scones this morning. They were so good! This weekI was sent a package from Hayman’s Gin. I mentioend Sean’s mum really likes gin and aside from a bottle and all the mixes to make cocktails they included a recipe for scones. My mum used to make scones often in the winter growing up so it was a nice treat to make them for our cottage fam.

Being up at the cottage with Sean makes the happiest ever. So many laughs, long drives, sunsets, eating together.

So long sweet view. It’ll be a couple weeks before we’re back up again. So glad it’s finally summer and we can enjoy the great outdoors!

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