Had a lovely time at home with Mum. We went to the Preston Music Festival yesterday to see the locals and check out Bongas band. Was rad to see so many familiar faces. Stopped by the Firkin Pub and who mega high school reunion. HI GUYS!

Bonga your band is really good. Impressed with your skills!

These folks dancing was so cute.

Off to Muskoka today w/ Sam for some more R&R by the lake. I really wanna canoe or kayak. Good day for a long country drive too. Leave you with this tune from the Sheepdogs. So good.


Happy weekend! It’s starting to get chilly eh? Well here’s a tune to warm you up from the Northern Ireland boys of Two Door Cinema Club. I recommend dancing along…

So much fun! They play Toronto’s Kool Haus Saturday the 17th (today!) alongside the brilliant Bombay Bicycle Club! I’ve been luck enough to see both bands live before, and I must say that they both are a treat to see live!

What are you getting up to this weekend?

xo Kate



Awesome time last night at the Festival Music House. Having it at The Mod Club is so much better for the music compared to last year’s event at Roosevelt Room. See all posts from last year’s event here.

Lots of music industry peeps & execs were there. We caught Lights and The Sheepdogs.  Mum, next time there’s a Sheepdoggy show I am taking you.

These good pix from are from RockIt on Flickr. I didn’t take my camera (again).

Heard Lights just got engaged. Congrats sista. Remember that time she did a shout out to me and all my “internet amazingness“. Props to her for being so adorable. I think she’s great.

I wore these down a$$ tiger tights Secret sent me. Rarrrrrrrr!

For a girl who hardly ever wears pants, a shipment of tights like this really kick starts the winter wardrobe. This year for Fall/Winter they have lots of texture (light rib, cable rib), colour blocking and animal print. I practically screamed when I opened the package. THANK YOU SECRET!

Sammy & I are heading back to Mod Cub for the final night of Festival Music House. If you see me, say hi!


Attention Torontonians who like good music and good times!  Tonight Jason Collett and Zeus are playing a free show at Yonge and Dundas Square! The show kicks off around 8pm, so all you festival folk will still be able to TIFF it up after! Oh so perfect yes? Now let’s get to the music video…

I’m so excited you guys! Jason Collett is so dreamy. This one time I was having brunch at Aunties and Uncles, and HE WAS ALSO THERE! I could barely focus on my bacon-y breakfast sandwich. Truth.

Also? Zeus! Did you spot them jamming out in the background? Did you know that they’re Jason Collett’s backing band? Have you heard their amazing Genesis cover? Have I mentioned how excited I am already?

I’m so excited. Happy weekend everyone!

xo Kate



  • the Destroyer album of the same name is nominated for this year’s Polaris Music Prize.
  • it’s this Vancouver band’s 9th album.
  • singer-songwriter frontman Dan Bejar describes Destroyer’s style as “European Blues”!
  • it’s not just sweaty girls, saxophones and leotards. It’s much more.

Just wait until the vocals kick in…

xo Kate

* Kate writes the Weekend Tune and I was like WTF when I watched this video at first! I wonder what you think about the song/v ideo??? She is up on the music. Go ahead and submit your Weekend Tunage if you feel like sharing. Always love pleasing the ears, head, body.

<3 Casie

P.S. Destroyer, The Artist, has that beard & long hair I love.


You’ll see a few familiar faces in this little ditty from the Gladstone for the re-launch of the Melody Bar next week.

Stoked for the change in weather so I can bust out my real clothes.

Shoes Jeffrey Campbell, shirt Joe Fresh, Lipstick Dior, Bag Nella Bella, Shorts Victoria Secret, Hair Darren Kwik Studio.

Darren gave me a fresh shave yesterday. GO SEE HIM. He is awesome and will treat you like gold cause you are my friend. Discount too. His Twitter is @DKWIKSTUDIO.

Stay of the show, ZOE! She is SUPER cute and I has a charming blog.



MEGA babe. Wicked style.

Melody Bar opens next week. Stay tuned for party deets. Slow clap 😉


Mega swoonfest took place last night. I didn’t even take photos of myself or Sammy. ALL BRANDON. He is so good. Great voice, tall skinny, long hair, rocker, tattoos. I’ve been a band fan since high school and last night was my first time seeing them live.

This is Incubus pr0n. #swoon

We were super close. Thank you to my friend Brandon in LA who manages the Incubus Foundation makeyourselffoundation.org for hooking us up with tickets. They put on a really great show. We had a blast.

Shirt open…

Shirt OFF.

So good.

His voice, so good.


The video was really well done.


Sometimes we all just need a good pop song. Sometimes a pop song just does the trick. And this dear internet amigos, is one of those songs. RiRi just does it up right. She even samples some Avril Lavigne, and I’m going to be honest – I  am not the biggest Avril fan! But in this song? Yeah, I can dig it.

Can I go on tour? This video makes me wanna go on tour. It just looks like the best kind of fun. Guess I’ll send out some roadie resumes.

In the meantime? Let’s soak up those last bits of summer sun and fun. So cheers to the freakin’ weekend! And I’ll drink to that!

xo Kate


Happy weekend everybody! Hopefully you’re all cutting loose and enjoying these hot summer nights! If not, here’s a tune to help from Montreal electrofunk duo Chromeo featuring Beyonce’s lil’sis Solange Knowles!

Warning: This music video might get you pregnant…

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Chromeo just can’t be controlled. Not familiar with their amazing disco dance tracks? Let me introduce you! “P-Thugg” is the pimp on keyboards, synthesizers, and talk box. “Dave 1” is that dashing fellow singing and playing guitar. He also teaches French classes. Together, they are Chromeo. And Chromeo = Good times. “When The Night Falls” is the fourth single off their third album Business Casual, which is jam packed with jams to party to.

You can follow them on Twitter here, and you can check out their tour dates here. They hit up Toronto in November and I highly recommend you be there.

xo Kate


While surfing in South Africa last night I came across We-Are-Awesome & Don’t Party followed by Liver Beats. Total radness, these cool kids got it going down. I like their taste in music, style and this video is great. I really want to go to South Africa.

This one dude in the vid looks SO familiar. From NZ or Australia travels familiar, long time ago. Could be wrong.

The We-Are-Awesome peeps are friends with Puma too. Remember when Puma Social rocked the Burroughs building in March. So fun. I forgot about the giant cop in the Smoke’s Poutine/Puma vid haha. We trained hard that night 😉

Puma Social released a new video: