Weekend Tune: “Rose Garden” by Shad

It’s officially summer! Go find a sunny row of garages and dance while Shad rhymes about good times!

He rocked The Ballroom during Rock with Windows last Saturday and tore it up! Did you hear that he rapped over The Cure? Yeah. It was the best. If you’ve never seen Shad live, make the effort to check him out next time he comes to your town. The guy is an amazing performer with talent to the sky. Just watch him freestyle. So good right? Not to mention the fact that I got to meet the guy and he’s the nicest.

So enjoy this track as you sip on some lemonade and smile in the sunshine!
xo Kate

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  1. Two belt
    June 26, 2011 / 2:46 am

    Seems clear to me the beginning of an “influencers” backlash. But one that should be expected. Similar to individual artists in the music industry. Agencies/companies should take note.  Social media is a dynamic fast moving marketing environment. Companies and agencies are savvy and are well aware of trends. No different than other early adopters of social media, those companies/agencies that “get it” will raise the bar I’m sure. While others will lag behind.

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