we like we like to party: rosedale @ the mod club

first stop loudawgs w/ team BITE/AUX TV. bonga & jetter showed up too. love all y’all faces.

ttc across the city talking to mum on skpe in bahmas,  day 98/365, 2011.

hey cutie pies

she gotcha affan

was looking pretty cute eh

hey girls, argo cheers. lots of young people were there. how old am i again?

oh that’s right, i’m 19. just turned. galen, so good to see you after a heaps long time.

morgan and i agreed that we felt like grownups at a school dance. chaperone: any adult present in order to maintain order or propriety at an activity of young people.

i found out after that it was ALL AGES: duh. glad for brocky that it was busy. sorry i didn’t pay much attention to the band. it was about 30 min before i actually looked at the stage. nice to see lots of friends. ladies love these two, obviously:

hi kids

bROCKstars. brock can you sing? you look like you can here.

ok outta here, home time.

hey keri. you are so cute laughing.

wearing: givenchy le presme blush in 24: it-girl purple (i swear to you that is the name)

enjoy the sunshiney  day. bye for now xo

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