i pay it backward. do you?

Earlier this year I was part of the team behind the first Pay it Backward. I was Chief Firecracker and my job was to get everyone excited. Let me tell you, it was out-of-this-world-crazy-fun!!  We broke a Guinness World Record too.

On September 30th, you can join this amazing effort in social good just by visiting one of over 170 Second Cup locations and buying the person BEHIND you in line a coffee.  Second Cup will donate all proceeds straight to the Sick Kids Foundation.

How cool is that?! Imagine if everyone got involved? That a whole lotta good going on! I’m excited. I  just watched this awesome video by Notable TV and it gave me goosebumps knowing the positive the social force behind it. Enjoy.

If you have a story from Pay it Backward Day I’d love to hear it 🙂

interest in spying on people engaged in behaviors

So nice out yesterday. I could have let the day last forever. Today too.  I like it hot. They were talking about mozzies while we were sitting in the grass and I was like ‘no, what mosquitos? I don’t feel them’. Biggest loser. Today I’m scratchy-mc-scratcherton.

The baddest bikes around. Pete was having a one night stand with this one and testing it out. Cervelo got the green jerz in Tour de France and they’re partying this week. Picture makes me giggle cause the leg looks kinda like the bike to me.

I was in friend heaven last night hugging everyone so tight. I missed you guys! I haven’t seen so many favorite faces all together for a while. I met some cool new people and my purse is full of business cards. Lost my keys but my glasses have been located.

Pretty much everyone in the joint tweets. I met two people that were don’t, how weird. Follow @pinkbrickroad and @dariusbashar, they’re cool kids. Patio was beau-teeeee-ful. Fun, sun, friends, beer, music, like OMG can it get any better.

Then I met this guy who is nice (sorry I forgot your name) and we chatted but he had something to say, he doesn’t get my blog. Like really, what is the point? Um, well, ah….it started because I wanted to remember stuff better and I was bored and I like writing. Now, people read it and like it and some people even say I’m inspiring. How cool is THAT! Me thanks Mum and Daddio for inspiring me.

My stickers are always a hit. I make stickers because I think it’s better than a business card at this kind of thing. They get stuck on peoples clothes and name tags and they wear them around proudly. You can’t wear a business card around and look as cool as you do with a sticker. Plus, at the end of the night you have the sticker with my URL and Twitter  making me easy to find. Plus, the picure makes it hard to forget my pretty little face.  Ha!! Two points for me.
We all tuned in to hear the exciting news that Redwire is now Sprouter , “an application facilitating real-time discussion and networking”. Their next step in their mission “to provide exceptional tools for start up founders.” Just as I was listening in the door came Toronto bloggers Ad Girl and Tech Nerd.

Darius though it was really funny to pretend to toss my baby Bobby laptop around. haha, as in not funny! Darius runs the social network of do-googers Daily Challenge.  I’ve worked with them on a few great events over the last year and I also won my little blue steel camera in a Daily Challenge contest. Yahooo! I do good.

It was a busy day and all the beer fun has left me a little tired today. I’d like to be laying in the grass floating in pool with my sunnies on. Oh, remember when I was all gung-ho about Sobey’s opening next door and being 24 hours? I set up a Twitter account cause I thought it would be funny to say what was happening there in the wee hours of the morning etc. Well it’s not 24 hours but they DO want the Twitter account.  Badass.

the issues that matter most

Part One: There’s been a big thing going on to save our Internet in Canada from regulation and big business control ling it I’m pretty sure I mentioned it during Net Change Week or Raymi speaking at the town hall meeting. Good news, Liberals announced support for Net Neutrality on Thursday, hopefully the rest will follow their lead. We all need access to the internet.

this is how i feel, may 2009

Part Two: How you feel about yourself. That matters. I’m a positive girl , it’s a daily challenge but it’s more fun to be happy so I try each day. I’ve gotten pretty good at it. This week I’ve received a couple negative blog comments from a recent reader. It’s too bad that they find pleasure in leaving anonymous comments and have nothing better to do but type in my URL and take the time to press every key with bad intentions. The reality for the commenter that there is no such thing as anonymity if you post on a blogs. It is a bit annoying but mostly just dumb.  Having a blog is creating something new everyday, it’s a modern art form. On my blog,  I write about my stuff and take picture of me.  It’s very fun. may11 083I read a crazy article about a Canadian girl suing Google for negative remarks made about her on a Blogger (Google) hosted blog.

“I’m tall, I’m blond, I’ve been modeling for many years, and people get jealous,” she told the Daily News. “If I had to deal with everyone who is jealous, I wouldn’t have time to do anything else.” Her lawyer called the site “libelous” and “defamatory.”

The only way to really leave an anonymous comment, is to keep it to yourself. I always hoped that after high school people doing stupid things out of spite or jealousy would dissolve.  Maybe one day.

a social league of awesomeness


i am now a world record breaking human

This past Saturday was #pibTO and we did it. We broke the Guinness World record for Coffee Acts of Kindness and has over 600 people buying coffee for the person behind them in line. This is very exciting and impressive considering it was probably the windiest day in Toronto ever (see example video).All the notable media were out to take part and cover the event. Darius is getting ready to chat CP24 and I’m having a hoot chatting it up with Oren from Rogers. There were all kinds of entertainment news reporters flocking around. Love it.
It was an amazing day filled with great people for a good cause. One hundred percent of the proceeds went to the SickKids Foundation. Check out all these good lookin‘ do-gooders!!
You can catch other mentions about #pibTO in today’s Metro, BlogTO, Nitch blog. One of my favorite parts of the day was Mr.Scott Jackson beatbox champion. He is amazing.

Beatbox Champ Scott Jackson at #pibTO from Casie Stewart on Vimeo.

For full coverage of the day’s events check out the official Daily Challenge video by @spotlighttoronto!!

setting up for the world

I arrived on location at about 11am on Saturday. It was mighty windy and most of the team was already in motion. We had to make sure all was going to stay put with the wild wild wind!

We successfully got the backdrop in a safe place! Ha ha wind, you are no match for a team of do-gooders. Look at @d_hock, no one can stop him.
Erin & Dan were fueling the online excitement and tweeting awesome stuff like this, this and this.

I was doing chalk art. I was in heaven. Nothing more fun than being part of a team when you get to do one of your favorite things ever. Did you know they have crayola spray chalk for kids now? It didn’t work that well so I stuck to the old school drawing style.