good morning, good morning and how are you today?

Oh man so beauty out there today. Woke up earls and jumped on my new cruiser for a ride in the sunshine by the lake. Riding is so much more free than walking. Faster, wind in your hair. I rode alonside the lake lazily dreaming about traveling, writing and where the path will take me, the road less travelled that is.


Love and miss you Mum. Enjoy sailing today. I think of her everytime I see the boats chilling.

All this week’s plans are in a schedule so I make sure I maximize my time. Today I’ve got a dinner for Marc (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!), inerview for a Uni newspaper and family friend coming to visit this AM. Her name is Pat and she was like a second Mum to me growing up. I thank her for my love of designer clothes and outgoing style. She was always dressed so elegant and stylish. I would love to raid her closet and see what jem’s she’s still got kicking around. I’m gonna ask her today for sure hehe.

Put my old basked on my new bike last night. Got my hands all dirty playing with tools. Reminded me of working in the garage with Dad as a kid. I loved that.

Pretty stoked about Wakestock this weekend. We’re still  looking for accomodation, if you can help PLEASE TELL ME NOW! We’re open to hotel, cottage, RV, B&B anything that isn’t camping really. We need to get al dolled up pretty so no bathroom = no fun.

Ok, man I gotta run. Pat’s gonna be here soon with Nicole and I’ve not showered or cleaned up the place. Oh, INTERNET, You are so distracting! I just can’t seem to quit you my love.

Have an awesome day peeps 🙂

I’m a lucky girl to have you in my life.

Night time creepout at Ireland Park.

Not as scary in the day…

The white marks in the rock that came all the way from Ireland are oyster shells. Pretty & neat, saw the heart, thought of Mum sailing the seas. In the night the statue had loonies and quarters but the next day, the money was all gone. I would have never taken it. Bad karma.

Here’s the story: Ireland Park honours the Irish immigrants  who fled during the amine of 1847. 38,000 of them arrived here that summer,  at that time our city had about 20,000 living here. Wow, my blog is so educational!

Saw this pretty thing too and thought it was a lucky day. Little did I know JUST how lucky it would be…

Hung out with Keri and caught up on recent happenings. Love her. Shoutout to Team Boston from us both!!

Caught up with Raymi later and she is letting me use her old bike! Yahoooooooooo. Check out this PYT I’ll be riding ’round town.

Thanks RAYMI!! ILU.

I’m so freaking happy to be riding again. I felt so FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE cruising home. Ahhh, the wind in my hair, the open road.  I’m home again. Remember how much I rode my old bike last summer? Stoked to take her out for a ride tomorrow AM. I think we look really good together, you could say I’m now in a relationship .

spinning the sunshine

I was looking at what I posted around this time last year and saw this video,  same dress I’m wearing today.

Around this time last year was the crazy Tamil protest on the Gardener

I found love in a zombie tattoo

I finally got a helmet and Porter was in town from the islands

I played hopscotch on Queen Street

I wrote about our generation and why we’re not lazy

Posted on this exact day,  May the Forth be With You 2009

I was in cartoon motion, dreaming of being a cartoon.

I wore pants and a tuxedo shirt while biking to work.

I wrote a really long run on sentence and through about Andy Warhol.

I was closer to god (in a NIN animal kinda way)

I played with Charlie in Kensington Market, vintage close & second hand books.

I got my hair done before my birthday, suprisingly, I get my hair done today too 🙂

I love looking through old posts to remind myself of things and inspire me to keep creating new things. I’ve got a lunch date with the lovely Rayanne today and I’m really looking forward to it.


gonna fixer up real good old rusty




Finally gonna take my baby in for a tuneup. I very unsuccesfully fixed her myself. The chain is so rusty and not on properly. Maybe I should try some rust converter spray? I’m pretty sure someone jumped on it and twisted the middle pedal part while it was locked up on one of the TO bike stands. I reeeeeally hope it can get fixed, I love this bike so much. She’s like my summer bff.


Looks like a nice day out. Kinda overcasty but warmish. I went to Wicked last night. It was wicked.

one giant leap for nerd kind

i wish it was warm outside

and my bike was fixed, the grass was warm, green

i wanna sing a real song. her voice is so freaking good. i’ve been watching this all day. i really need to clean my room. if i don’t do it before sunset i’ve lost the day. maybe i should try a lesson in singing, but i’m scared.

this is the dude i saw last night. i was at a place on richmond row for a friends event. first act up is bian notice who had a broken leg. his ‘crutch dancing’ was quite impressive. i didn’t get the best of it, sorry, i’ll let you imagine the kicks, spins and crotch thrusting. haha

04012010: day four oh one twenty ten

It was really cold out so I stayed inside after a quick trip to see a few awesome people. Checked stealklingkitty.tumblr found this.

Made me think of Fall and a photo from the summer by kellykruschel in Liberty Village. Bids flying, warm, sun on my face, it was beautiful that day. Monday will be beautiful too, it will be day 4: 04012010, the numbers look nice.