Toronto Tweed Ride: A dashing metropolitan ride in style!

I recently had a photoshoot early one morning in Kensington with some lovely bike enthusiast and former Mayor, Mr. Miller. We were decked out in tweed and vintage digs gearing up for the Toronto Tweed Ride October 16th in Toronto. (My brain is programmed to type Tweet not Tweed. Stop it CASIE!)

The leisure ride starts at Trinity Bellwoods and raises money for Bikes without Borders‘ work in Africa. It’s also chance to ride in style. You know I love a good dress up!

What is a Tweed Ride?

Tweed Rides are a worldwide phenomenon, started in London in the fall of 2009 as “The Tweed Run London.”  Promoted as a slower-paced “metropolitan ride with a bit style” they dressed up in tweeds, rode their bikes through London streets celebrating the bike and raising money for a good cause.

Where do we meet? 

We will leave Trinity Bellwoods Park at 3pm, through the gates on Queen St. at the traffic light travelling east. There will be a loud bell (or something obvious like a trumpet/trombone) signalling the start of the ride.

How do I join?

To register for the 2011 Tweed Ride Toronto, visit the registration page.  All funds raised will support Bikes Without Borders‘ work in Malawi, Africa.

If you have any questions see the info site here or leave a comment. I’m better with questions like “What are you gonna wear? What am I going to wear?!”. 

I hope you will join us. Cheeriooooooo!

Back to COOL #tweedup

Get your luggage… we’re goin’ back, back, back to COOL.


Former Mayor, the lovely David Miller & Yvonne Bambrick, Kensington Market BIA Coordinator.


Cool bikes.


My divine outfit, styled by me from Flashback in Kensington.


David getting dolled up.


Lookin’ sharp too!


This shoot was for the upcoming Tweed Ride October 15th. See last year’s Tweed ride here. (I keep writing TWEET! doh) For volunteer opportunities or info see Tweed Ride on FB. Clothes provided by Flashback in Kensington. Great shop, thanks George!

Perfect way to start the day. David Miller is quite a riot, we spent most the time cracking jokes. Can’t wait to see our photos & the press release. Happy to be involved with him and this, there’s no WAY you’d see me rubbing elbows with the current Mayor Rob F0rd. Urgh!

We be keepin’ it classy ridin’ Tweed style.

Have a lovely day, cheeeeeriooooooo!


* photos taken w/ Motrola DEFY & bikes from my friends at Curbside Cycle

put your hands up for TO.

Stopped by Beerfest Thursday for the media preview. Omg there was so much food & drink to be had. This was cookin’ in the grill house. Get grub there.

My big party day is tomorrow at Beerfest. We’ve got an awesome crew and the Social Lounge is where we’ll be. Planning to walk there for about 1pm and drink slow & steady all afternoon. Shrimp wrapped in bacon, dipped in something delish & battered in crushed chips.

This steak was gently placed on top of a butter infused baked potato. Divine.

Practically licked the plate, see! Thanks Labatt.

After I chowed down I biked to see the Arkells live in the parking lot by the SOHO. How cute is singer?

Heaps of peeps in the crowd. I was up front in media area where it wasn’t crowded. Thanks Samsung.


Friends were yelling to me from top of the balcony up there but I didn’t know that until I checked Twitter.

I can see my house. Have I told you how much I LOVE living downtown?

This guy was a babe too.

This guy was ________. Beige?

Missed The Midway State.

All hail the HAILWOOD tights copied by H&M. Knew this was coming.

Remember me rocking this style last year? NZ Designer Adrian Hailwood gifted me his signature & fab two toned tights last year at NZFW. Thanks Adrian! NZ has always been ahead of style in Canada.

Hailwood NZ.

I see boring. Oooh organic, zzzzzzzzz.

Not boring! Sammy & I went biking.

These neon bikes are all over the city now. City wide art project of awesome.

I love this city. <3

you are younger today than you will be again. remember that!

Exciting news again today!! This lil’ mama is back on the road. Oh yeah.  My friend/boss from my first job in Toronto had it in storage and after I tweeted “I really need a bike”. She happily to pass it on to me. Thank you!

Bike is a little rusty but we’re getting along great. Took her for a cruise last night to Java, stopped by Gladstone for Tweetgasm Anniversary, visited a friend and cruised home. West End girl, FTW.

Lubed ‘er up with some plant based bike lube from Orontas. Thanks for sending guys! Should probably take it to Curbside for a tuneup this weekend.

Been loving my new Macbook Air BF James Dean. Really looking forward to the weekend so we can really snuggle up and spend some quality time together. It’s going to take some time to make the 100% switch from PC. I’m taking a Mac intro course at Riverdale Mac next month. Thanks for the invite guys! It’s amazing the quality of audio/video/photo difference from my PC. Been testing it out on I love making videos and I love you.

P.S. WHAT IS IT ABOUT BACON GUYS?  “Jesus, how much space on the internet do we need to discuss breakfast meat? haha Natalie Dee you kill me.

bike season, babe season, bixi toronto

Noticed this big guy the other evening. Recognized him from Montreal. He is BIXI.

BIXI: Toronto’s public bike system. It’s the bike that’s really an alternative means of urban transport. Accessible to everyone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You reckon it will be a hit? Biking is pretty rad and this city if full of people pushing pedals in the streets. I tihnk it’s cool. You have to give a deposit on your CC $250 and there are several plans available. I’m interested to try it out & see the bikes when they arrive.

Ate a box of this last night with Keri. Omg so good.

In other news of the day, can you guess who this is? No really, try and guess. Then click/see. I have this kinda wierd thing for him. We’ve never met. He used to creep me out but this gives me a whole different feeling.

she looks old and rusty but she’s a real beaut

yesterday i biked to the meetings i had. it was sunny and warm and i didn’t even have to wear a jacket! it’s the end of october, that is fascinating… well, because it makes me think about global warming and how it used to be cold by now but on the other hand it is totally freaking awesome.

today i am telling you about my stuff…

bike: raymi the minx, vintage > i need to fix the alignment. wanna help?

jeans: shop girl gallery boutique, yoga jeans > these guys are so comfy. remember when i NEVER wore jeans at all, yeah, well that has changed now that i have these.

rest time at the fake beach by the lake. nice to get feet in the sand and look out across the water with sun on your face. was quite beautful.

sweater: marks, SOFT edge to edge cardigan > very soft and long, i like to wear it on the plane because it works like a snuggie but fits in your carry on purse. it also covers up your whole outfit and shows only the legs so you feel skinny and never ugly.

i was walking back to bike when camera shot here. needed to take off sweater cause it was so warm out. btw it is also quite warm, the sweater, snuggly really. washes up nice and soft, ok in dryer too. mum and sister, you would both love this.

tank: holt renfrew, bamjamz > made from bamboo and really really comfy, breathes nice, actually for sleeping/yoga…bike riding i guess too. that’s exercise. it has a panda on it. not a sad panda, a happy panda i like to think.

hat: some vintage shop @ st. kevins arcade, ponsonby, nz. got it that day i went shopping with a couple editors/publishers while i was in NZ w/ derek fabulous from NY. we had so much fun, article on threadNZ is here.

shoes: ugg australia > seriously comfy like slippers with real soles and not ugg boots! can not find anywhere online. got them at winners up the road. great buy.

bag: nella bella > my fav. i take it everywhere. fits everything perfect, a good carry on or for everyday. leather, sturdy, fits my comp or a file folder easy along with all kinds of crap. white fur is ruby boutique accessory from NZ.

wired magazine: got this today too. think it’s the last one in my subscription. i hardly ever read magazines anymore so i don’t mind too much.

interested to read the boobies article. engineering to enhance tissue and the future of medicine? you got my attention there. i’m all for using technology to improve the way we make ourelves better, healthier, happier. gimme some lazer guns ftw!

happy wednesday!


memory lane: do you know that randall ball used to say “happy wednesday” at high school all the time. i loved that. he is a kiwi like me that grew up here. loved comics and is into music stuff (bands/shows) in the city. randall, are you out there? fak. i’d love to see that guy. i shall tag him once this feeds into FB.

haha internet!