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master disaster: help haiti. hearts on fire.

This morning I took a different approach to getting things done.  No stressing.  I’ve already checked a few things off my life list. I FINALLY mailed back my penpal @Hillzy. She wrote the first letter last year and it took me a new decade to get my act together. She’s gonna be happy. I packed a giftbag including a creative letter and some goodies.  I also mailed a package to my new BFF at Telus…

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i like the way you work it: google android

I can hardly believe this is my life… Last night at the Notable TV Schmooze I got a new phone, again. Boooyah! This is my THIRD phone this year – Koodo, Rogers, Bell. Thankyouverymuch. Is that Telus calling? Cause I still wanna try an iphone y’know. Lessons learned: 1) You don’t ask you don’t get. 2) If you ever have any doubt that you can achieve if you believe, don’t ! 3) Think positive, live…

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white on blackberry: social media device search

Remember the post to all Canadian phone companies? The one saying I want a social media phone…one for someone who is super social? What is important to me in a new unit: – Camera with a flash that can take clear photos day or night (Twitpic) – Keyboard that is easy to type when walking or with one hand – Ability to Tweet/Facebook – Multiple email accounts – Easy internet browsing (Blog, Tumblr, Posterous) –…

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