Saw KISS last night. It was pretty epic. They have the best shoes & outfits. Gene Simmons tongue in real life was so long. He was also wearing a metal attachment that looked like a spine on his man parts, it caused a sea of screams in the crowd. The show was super good. Impressed with the lights & pyro. I have never actually seen Molson Amp THAT packed. The crowd leaving was so tame, like a flock of sheep. Totally last minute totally awesome!

Happy Friday!







Hi guys! Matt here, live from Osheaga in Montreal for casiestewart.comThe festival has been great so far. Lots of sun, some clouds, good food (but looooong lines), and most importantly, unreal music! And now, I present to you:

OSHEAGRAM: Osheaga by instagram – The festival told through nice photos.


Rue St. Cathrines. Super festive. Reminds me of Church Street in Toronto.


Watching fun. from the side! The crowd knew every word and head banged to Some Nights.


This is Yukon Blonde jamming out. Such a solid indie rock group. Definitely a highlight.

This is me drinking beer. Enough said.




Down With Webster was my favourite part of the day. Those dudes know how to bring it. They tossed beer cups into the crowd and got us jumping to every beat.


Franz Ferdinand! I’ve been waiting to see these guys for years and they did not disappoint! Playing a combination of new & old tunes they were a blast and a half.


And finally – Justice. What can you say about two dudes who make such awesome music and put on some of the most amazing shows ever?  Can’t do ’em Justice. (lololololol)


The sun started setting and Sigur Ross came out. Their smooth, dreamy melodies had everyone in a daze. Such an experience.


Here’s to hoping day 2 is even better than 1.Check out my Twitter and Instagram feeds (matttnificent) for live Osheaga updates!

Cheers n beers,



This is an awesome hipstery playlist. Fav from the cottage. I’m LOVING Rdio. Yes, they gave me an account but they sure don’t MAKE me listen to it. I started playing tunes on the mobile app last night and my life has a new soundtrack. I’m into music but I’ve not got the time to be up on all the latest bands and tunes. I like how easy it is to discover new songs.

Bunch of good ones here:

O’Nizz posted this on FB. haha. Way cooler!

Check out this new vid by good friend Morgan Cameron Ross for Hey There Darlin’ featuring supermodel Tara Gill. Last night he played  the Little Lake Music Fest with fellow Vancouverite Carly Rae Jepsen. Way to go Mogan. Love ya!

Watched it a zillion times before I posted it. So dumb but funny.


Went to an awesome event last weekend with Lauren at Brickworks, FOAM – Festival of Art & Music. Such a great venue. Who doesn’t love a good warehouse party? Photos by Brian Hamilton for iChannel. Whole album on iChannel FB.

FOAM is held in support of motionball (motionball.com), a not-for-profit organization that introduces the next generation of supporters to the Special Olympics Canada movement through social and sporting events.

See photos from Motionball Gala 2011 & 2012.

In other news, just got off the phone with Brick Bronson in LA who is behind The Weeknd about his new artist Everyday. Born in NY, raised in TO and super talented. This is his first track FIRE.



“So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I’m still trying to figure out how that could be.”

Excited for the Perks of Being a Walflower movie. Trailer came out last night during the MTV Awards.  If you are in Canada you can not see this trailer but you can watch at mtv.ca. I have never understood why MTV Canada does not let you embed their videos. Lame guys!

Song frm the trailer. So good. “I’m never changing who I am“. Lead singer is potential boyfriend Dan Reynolds, dreamboat.

And I love her.

And you.


Remember how I always tell you “you’ll never again be younger than you are today, so do something awesome”? Last night I experienced that in full force and I am going to tell you about it.

I was feeling meh and tired sitting on the couch writing about how I didn’t feel like blogging when Sean asked me to come to a music video shoot.  It was over at midnight so I got dressed, put on some makeup and went. Being in videos is fun and I’m s sucker for being on camera.


These guys are the band. They’re called Shit From Hell, they’re all successful lawyers/businessmen and around 50. Yes, 50. The crazy thing about one of them “Ritalin Boy” (second from left) was having open heart surgery in the morning. Like, NOW, while you are reading this he is on an operating table with doctors in his chest. He had to be at the hospital for 6am. OPEN HEART SURGERY.


They rolled him out in a wheelchair with hot nurses and a drip bottle of Jaegermeister. So badass. I was surprised at how entertained I was by their performance, I’m not a punk music junkie but I love a good live show.

They exuded a comedic confidence you don’t see in younger bands. Some of their songs are “Horny Single Mom, F*ck Buddy, Super Poke, Onterrible dedicated to MP Tim Hudak (whom they detest), and Double Bubble Trouble inspired by the bubble girl at the G20 last year. They had a full on industrial bubble machine too.



They made me think about getting older, we’re always getting older. Now. Now. Now. Oop, there slips another moment of your precious life. Don’t waste it people.  You never know what is going to happen from one day to the next. So, why waste time feeling like crap, being lazy, grumpy or old? If these guys can rock a full crowd’s socks off the night before open heart surgery at 50 on a Wednesday night, you can do anything. 


This life if yours to live,  grab it by the horns and ride it like a wild bull.  Yeeehaw!



Look at this guy. Omg. I’m in heaven. Last day here and it’s all bands and chilling. Drinking a Texas lemonade (whiskey!) and loving the hot sun. We leave tomorrow. More updates later from Canadian House stage.

Love from Austin xoxo CASIE



Happy weekend! Did you enjoy your Leap Year Day? Getting geared up for March?

The other day Casie blogged about the SS 12 preview for Converse, and mentioned their collaboration with the Gorillaz. I thought it then only appropriate to post the Converse sponsored music video for “DoYaThing” by Gorillaz  featuring James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem and Andre 3000 of OutKast. See if you can stop the new kicks in the clip…


xo Kate


Happy weekend everyone! I hope you’re all feeling fantastic! Sure things might seem a bit gloomy what with all the rain, but sometimes all you need is some good music to change that mood around! No matter what the weather, this Weekend Tune is sure to brighten things up and get those feet of yours moving. It’s some indie rock doom wop with a touch of Tim Burton-esque style! “Hallways” by Islands!

Their latest album A Sleep & A Forgetting is out now, and you can stream it via Exclaim! Islands are also currently on tour and will be stopping by Toronto’s Music Gallery this upcoming Tuesday the 28th!

xo Kate