I Saw the Premiere of #Outlander and It’s Steamy…

#Outlander on Showcase


This week I hung out with Showcase + Shaw Media for the premiere of their new show Outlander at The Caledonian on College. The series is based on the books by Diana Gabaldon. It’s pretty steamy and by that I mean I was like ‘omg’, jaw dropped, hand on chest in the first 10 minutes.

It’s based in Scotland, accents and all. Outlander airs on Showcase Sundays at 10pm ET/PT, beginning August 24. You can follow them on Twitter @showcasedotca and they’ll be using the #Outlander hashtag when the show is on. Social tv ftw.

Thanks for having me guys! Sláinte!



‘It’s All About ME’ Feature Documentary Nominated for Award at Commfest Film Festival

‘It’s All About ME’ Feature Documentary Nominated for Award at Commfest Film Festival

It's All About Me movie #thisismylife

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 1.52.50 PM

On Saturday the theatre below is going to be filled with people tuned in to watch my first ever feature as a non-extra on the big screen. I’ve been in TV and movies before but this documentary is the first time I’m in a real film festival.  It’s nominated for an award too!

Owly Images

Planning to get my nails done, a fresh shave on my head, and a new tattoo on Friday for the 13th. (I know Mum reading this will be happy cringing to hear that! ha. LOVE YOU MUM)

There are a limited number of tickets available and you can get one here. Watch the trailer below and follow @allaboutmemovie on Twitter. We shot this just over a year ago and it actually seems like forever. I have pink hair and refuse to read the comments. Gahhh.

Ok, now I’m a little nervous.


Overnight Drugs
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yes mum, naked and bodypainted downtown.

If you watch tv or moves you might see my face pop up from a couple years of random shows, background work & really wanting be on tv. I’ve since chosen the internet and appear here everyday. This show doesn’t stop.

I loved this outfit. There were like 250 of us dressed like this for the Beta House party scene at U of T & Toronto Film Studios. It was hot. My sister is one of the Girls of Pie.

I did a show for W Network in 2006 and got to know a bunch of producers etc. One contacted me about a year later to do the pilot of a new show on Slice called The List.

The show’s all about living life to the fullest. Host Liza Fromer helps people cross crap off their life list, you get it like the Bucket List.

They wanted it to be exciting and a bit extreme, calling me was obviously the right choice. They came up with the idea, told me and I was like “uh, yeah sure I’ll do that”.

They put me in a big wooden box at King and Bay in the middle of the financial district. It was a hot summer day and like 8am.

I took off all my clothes and replaced them with flesh coloured nipple stickies and a tiny thong.

There was a guy in box airbrushing a business suit all over me. Once it was done, around lunch time, the door opened and amongst a crowded street, mid day, I came out.

I walked a block and back a few times and turned heads. It was exciting. Everyone was doing second-takes cause it looked like a real suit. It was a fun experience, I wasn’t even scared. I loved it.

Just got off the phone with Mum and she said ” YOU NEVER TOLD ME THAT!” haha

i got a new thing

it’s 12secondstv and this is my channel. it’s so much fun.

haha found the mic volume on 12seconds.tv