you’re gonna love these guys

Can you guess what they are?

Shoe accessories! Fuckyeahamazing.  They’re called shoellery and these babies are perfect for making (cheap ass) shoes look more expensive and super stylish.

They’re pretty badass so I was stoked when they hooked me up. Dragon’s Den & Jeanne Beker love them too. There’s so many different ones like sparkly shoe straps, boot sleeves, leg warmers. Tey’re designed in Italy & this chain one is my fav. SO hot.

They range from $20 to about $125 and you can buy them online.  Sending the suede/rhinestone one out to a friend & keeping the leather one as seen on Barbie at a fetish party. Now, I’d really love if someone sent me shoes to go with them! Mohahaaaaaaaaa!

you just gotta put it out there y’know

Curry chicken day from catering. My favorite. My new glasses should be arriving any day now. Maybe they’ll be home when I get there. Made plans with myself tonight, need those days. Was thinking after Mum left that I’d like to go on another trip and went to meet Tiff at the Spoke Club. Some cool artwork hanging around right there at the moment.

Turned out to be a fun night. Ran into friends after she headed back to the burbs. Had drinks, smoked cigars and booked a trip to Mexico for the weekend. I say, you just gotta put it out there, the power of positive thought. It works. More on that adventure later.  Mum’s gonna ring me as soon as she reads this saying “MEXICO!!!!!!!!! CASIE!!!!!”. I can hear it.

Ran into some peeps that know the blog and  made a new friend.  She’s cute, look & listen to what she said. So cute.

Traveled some blogs recently and found cool cats like The Deadly NightShades collective and Agent Lover.  My fav one is this little darling in NY who’s started the Uniform Project. She’s wearing one dress for one year as an exercise in sustainable fashion while raising funds for school kids in India. So cool.

She’s got 7 identical dresses and she reinvents them with style like you wouldn’t believe. She’s as cute as a button. I’d like to be her friend. I showed Sabrina ans she said  “she’s a brown you”.  God she’s cute.

me, the men, the machines

I’ve got bad luck with computers. You think, that being so online and web savy that i’d be all over that shit.

Well no. I’m not good with those relationships.  I break them.  I’m rough.  I’m hard on my equipment.  I’ve been through at least one computer every year since 2004 when I got my first laptop for uni….I’ll tell you about it.

My first love, a silver one to take to Australia. He was 11.5″ and I called him Richard. He was sexy, soft and sleek. After a year his disk drive  just would not open for me. One of the pixels in his eye lost it’s spark.  We came home  from down under together but shortly after our return  I took him back to the shop.  It was over.

He was replaced with a 17″ Toshiba, big David I liked to call him.  He was strong. He was great for late night movies and could bust out loud tunes that made me want to dance all night. Big David, he didn’t last. He crashed,  hard. Must have been those many late nights… movies in bed, after-parties, other people playing.

I knew I needed a rebound….

I went to something familiar, the sleek silver 11″ stallion.  This one was German, Medion. I called him Medi. He was good to me. He was the kind of guy you could take anywhere. No baggage, he was light and made me look cute when we sat for coffee and online chatting.  It ended bad. One night we had too much to drink and I spilled red wine all over Shane’s Thinkpad…and he died.  I was mortified. We all were. I had no choice in my kind heart but to give her my Medi. I was sad to see him go. He was with her now.

New Year, new job. I got a Thinkpad too. He never really felt like mine but we had a thing. He was good to me until…one late night at the Social. I had been to several events.  Why I dragged his ass around I have no idea? I should have left his ass at the office. He didn’t need to come, but he did. I drank too much and left with someone else. I left him there, totally forgot about him sitting at coat-check. He had my Crumpler bag and ipod and my favorite Moleskine. I never got them back, I never got anything back from him.

New day, same job, spare guy from the storage closet. Not as nice, but just as practical. He’s my average Joe.  I’ve never been a girl to like the Joe’s and now I might know why.  Does and average Joe just crunk out on you? Quit. Stop putting in an effort? Last night I took him home and when I pushed his buttons he made noises that hurt my ears. They weren’t pretty. They were high pitched like whining, I was scared and turned him off after turning him on. He’s at the doctor now.  I hope he’s OK.  My heart can not take another breakup like that.

Now, I sit here,  my delicate fingers and black nails press the keys on this old, slow Acer.  I feel like I’m doing time at an old folks home or posting from the Library. I’m dressed in black.  My heart longs for guy that I can spend time with, one who can handle my demands of usage and that can be worked hard and play even harder.  I need a new computer, one that is my own that can be my companion. I want to build a lasting relationship.

If you’re out there…find me. We can start off slow and ease into it. I’ll be gentle. I’ll take care of you.  You will become famous, I’ll tell all the interwebs how much I love you.

Love, the girl who’s hard on units, Me.

It Was a Very Special Factory | #Florida

I had a great weekend, this is obvious. However, there is something else…Mum I never told you I was going to this party because I didn’t want you to worry!

This weekend in Florida marked the Festish Factory 14th Anniversary Weekend. It was my first time ever going to a fetish party and it just so happened to be the world’s biggest and best. I wasn’t able to bring my camera to the parties but there will eventually be some great photos that show up from the many professional photographers that were there. I can totally understand why people enjoy BDSM Dating now!


Here’s one from my camera and one that my friend took of us before going out. I hung out with the cool kids known as the NYC Tribe. It was badass. Sunday night was the Fetish Ball and what a night that was! OMG. I’ll update this post as I get more pix. florida-redguyI met some really awesome and really hot people. I wore latex and leather and some other stuff too. If you ask me, maybe I’ll tell you. This red outfit was what I wore the first night. I didn’t want to be too crazy for my first night there. For my second night, my outfit was a bit more ‘out there’ and, I won’t tell you what, but I purchased some bits from… I’ll leave that to your imagination.

I made friends with some lovely ladies from Boston & New Orleans. They have been to these parties before. I was super nervous yet excited, I had no idea what I was in for. It was amazing, I loved it. There were pool parties and afterparties all over the place and the whole hotel was full of people attending the event. You gotta go. Seriously.

they all make me happy

Urgh, I’m having trouble concentrating all I can think about is how sunny it is and how much I want to be outside. I’m really feeling the ADD today and it doesn’t make it any easier that I spend all day on computer. I’ve been asked to download one of our casino’s to check some numbers and it involves looking at a bunch of games – get it now? Makes it really difficult to get things done. My skin feels warm from my tan at lunch, I like it very much. I had a Booster Juice, there’s a new one in Liberty Village, like that very much too. Strawberry Sunshine is my favorite. Love it. Found out today that some goodies are coming my way in the mail next week.  Guess what? I really, really like that. I get everything delivered to my office so that our secretary brings over big bags and boxes and everyone wonders what I got.  Makes me feel happy. I’m going for dinner with a really awesome friend  tonight and then gonna see my sister too – very happy about that. I like to dressin fun outfits and costumes up  and I found some pictures of different things I’ve worn and well, that all makes me happy too.

Ok, now that I got that out I go play games with my happy face on.

Enjoy the day!

today at lunch: a story in pictures

Today at lunch I…