you’re gonna love these guys

Can you guess what they are?

Shoe accessories! Fuckyeahamazing.  They’re called shoellery and these babies are perfect for making (cheap ass) shoes look more expensive and super stylish.

They’re pretty badass so I was stoked when they hooked me up. Dragon’s Den & Jeanne Beker love them too. There’s so many different ones like sparkly shoe straps, boot sleeves, leg warmers. Tey’re designed in Italy & this chain one is my fav. SO hot.

They range from $20 to about $125 and you can buy them online.  Sending the suede/rhinestone one out to a friend & keeping the leather one as seen on Barbie at a fetish party. Now, I’d really love if someone sent me shoes to go with them! Mohahaaaaaaaaa!

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