Who Hates Having a Cold? We do!

Who Hates Having a Cold? We do!

Today I left the house to go to the movies. First real outing in a while because I have had a cold since before New Years. I honestly can’t even deal, it’s horrible.


Saw Wolf of Wall Street, loved it. It’s pretty long though, be prepared. Leo is such a fantastic actor. No spoilers so not saying anything more.

Basically my living room is this. It’s gross. I feel disgusting. Have watched so much Netflix/iTunes over the past two weeks. Take any recos if you have them!




It’s snowing outside heaps. Hope that you are not sick and that the weekend was lovely. I’m hoping to wake up feeling better.


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Find a Place Where the Sun Hits Your Face

Find a Place Where the Sun Hits Your Face

Find a Place Where the Sun Hits Your Face via @casiestewart #thisismylife


The weather isn’t so bad if you dress for it. Almost everyone in Canada and a bunch of the USA are all under extreme cold warming. This is the coldest winter we’ve had in 18 years or something.

Wearing the Twiggy + Mickey sweater from Over the Rainbow today (see that post here). Dress is from H&M. Phone case is ‘Mountain View‘ by We Kill You from GelaSkins.

Find a Place Where the Sun Hits Your Face via @casiestewart #thisismylife


Today I sat down on the couch to take a call and when I did I heard a little jingle in the cushions and found these two babies! $4 find is a pretty good one I say. Gonna pick up a lotto ticket and hope my luck continues. Never know guys, you never know.

Found money! Find a Place Where the Sun Hits Your Face via @casiestewart #thisismylife

Find a Place Where the Sun Hits Your Face via @casiestewart #thisismylife


If you find place where the sun hits your face, you’ll be alright 🙂


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Holiday GIFs: I’ve Been An Awful Good Girl, Santa Baby

Holiday GIFs: I’ve Been An Awful Good Girl, Santa Baby

This is my favourite Christmas sweater.

Dance party? Desk dancing? Sure! Put on the tunes…

This heart’s for you. Yes, you reading this, I see you.



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These Vids Will Warm Up Your Monday!

These Vids Will Warm Up Your Monday!


Oh helloooooo! Really had to pull myself out of bed this morning even though I had heaps of sleep on the weekend. All this cold and snow makes for perfect sitting on the couch reading, working, in jammies weather. Can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! Mum is in NZ with the family, HI GUYS!

In other news…

Check out these awesome vids made by Seattle’s Travels and Gunnarolla on our Thailand trip. Oh man, today with this cold ass winter I really miss the hot hot sun!

Contiki Thailand (iPhone 5s slo-mo)


Christmas Safari! ♫ (ft. Nanalew & Hey Nadine)

Stay warm out there!



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Year in Review from Facebook + YouTube

Year in Review from Facebook + YouTube

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 1.14.50 PM

This year has been an exciting one! Had a couple small trips to NY, and big trips to California and Thailand. Started a new job and worked with some really great brands like HTC, Canon, and Ted Baker via my blog. Closer to New Years I’ll round up some of my most fav moments but Facebook does a handy job of rounding them for you. See my Year in Review by clicking this link facebook.com/yearinreview/casiestewart or check out your own by visiting the same link from your profile.

Facebook’s Year in Review Video via TAXI

YouTube’s Year in Review 2013 via The Next Web

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BlogTO + Shopify Open Popify This Weekend

BlogTO + Shopify Open Popify This Weekend


Sounds like a bit of tongue twister but trust me it’s cool. My friends from Jet Cooper now Shopify have partnered with BlogTO for a cool pop-up shop that I thing might be the future of retail. Located at 165 Augusta Avenue in Kensington Market the stop is part gallery part shop.


The cool thing about it is you can see and touch all the merch then using Shopify’s payment system on the wall mounted iPads (below) you make a purchase and it’s delivered to your door, before Christmas of course. I think this concept is rad. I love online shopping and this bridges it with retail for a totally new experience. All those asking is Shopify good? Well here’s your answer. They’re innovating and adapting to market trends – and it really shows. I’ve seen a few of these stores online or came across them while doing online shopping since some eCommerce store use companies like Victorious to help with their digital marketing. I know lots of people who use Shopify daily and they love it. It’s cheap, it’s easy to use and it even has a mobile app. Of course, there is always the question of ‘Wix vs Shopify‘ but it’s down to personal preference which platform you prefer. If you own an online store, Shopify could be a great alternative online shopping experience, shipping out your products with custom retail packaging to your customers. For anyone that would be pretty sweet, but having a pop-up shop surrounding it is just plain awesome.




If you’re out and about this weekend check out Popify. More details on the website here.



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