It Was a Very Special Factory | #Florida

I had a great weekend, this is obvious. However, there is something else…Mum I never told you I was going to this party because I didn’t want you to worry! This weekend in Florida marked the Festish Factory 14th Anniversary Weekend. It was my first time ever going to a fetish party and it just so happened to be the world’s biggest and best. I wasn’t able to bring my camera to the parties but there will eventually be some great photos that show up from the many professional photographers that were there. I can totally understand why people enjoy BDSM Dating now! Here’s one from my camera and one that my friend took of us before going out. I hung out with the cool kids known as the NYC Tribe. It was badass. Sunday night was the Fetish Ball and what a night that was! OMG. I’ll update this post as I get more pix. I met some really awesome and really hot people. I wore latex and leather and some other stuff too. If you ask me, maybe I’ll tell you. This red outfit was what I wore the first night. I didn’t want to be too crazy…

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friend, chicken and waffles for brekky

The Drake Hotel has great breakfast. The thing that makes it most the great of all is when you get a seat in the sunshine and you can watch people around you. Interesting. Entertaining. Cute. Stylish. Unique. Some smart. Some insane. My favorites.There was a guy carrying around a Marxism book. I think it was an accessory. Does anyone really read a 10 pound old Marx novel or do they just ‘carry it for looks’? I think the latter. I like lattes and grapefruit. I had a pretty standard brekky but I did recently have the Southern fried chicken and waffles. I told the waffles girls they need to check that shiz out when they are in town this week. Hopefully we can meet. Been sharing mutual love online.

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you’re a little weezer

last night my friend played an acoustic weezer concert for was so great. it was almost as good as if the weeze boys were playing just for me.i loved it.

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