can’t buy me love

8am, no problemo. Smilin’ & stylin’ in the sunshine w/ Brock before going to Rogers Daytime show. I’ve not seen it yet, I can’t seem to find it, PRV recorded a totally different Daytime show. Oh well. It was 2 seconds NBD.

TV time, duck game face.

This little one’s mama was on TV and she was pointing and saying “mama” to the TV. It was adorable. I hope my kids get to say that one day (my own show prefered just for the record).

Somebody was here…

Ally & Shannon chatting up the auction & Nella Bella live. I’m creepin.

HI MUM! Hope you are loving the Bahamas, I’m just going on TV and being in the WSJ, nothing too out of the ordinary going on here. Miss you xo

On the way home I saw this stylish lady in Yorkville waiting for the bus. Fur coat, big glasses, black lipstick. Gaga in 30 years, minus waiting fr the bus. (or not? No.)

Valentights. Lover tights. Love you long leg time.

Saw this from Virgin Mobile, for your valentine. Reminded me of this one time in grade school, I wrote a MEAN valentine to a boy who liked me, it was grade 4.

I made it myself and on the inside in hard pencil it said “I HATE YOU”. I signed my name. I got in big trouble. Like huge. Who sign’s their OWN name? Duh.

Anyhoo, came home to this huge package from Netflix Canada. So nice, thanks guys!

Slippers, free Netflix subscriptions and all kinds of score cards/bingo for the upcomingOscars. Who is coming to my Oscar party/joining my cult?

Getting mail is one of my favourite parts of my job. So is sharing it. I put together a few of these cards in packages and gave them away to my concierge, friends etc.

The dress I wore for the Love a Heart Auction was made by Peach Berserk.

Hot pink + silk screen printed with real hearts & heart monitor thingeys.

This is Kingi, she is the Peach Bersek leading lady.Twitter: @peachykingi.

You need to go into her shop, it’s the brighest most fun burst of colour, creativity & energy around. Especially THIS time of year. It will make your day, any day. Thank you Kingi for designing this dress just for me to wear that night. I love you.

Hi Raymi!

I sold for $350 which was part of the $8,000 that was raised that night. If I do that again I wanna go at the very end. There were lots of people, the band was great and it was really fun.

Post auction I changed into another Peach Berserk dress, one I had made a couple years ago in the Andy Warhol + Edie Sedgwick print. I love it. Love your jacket too @jgdnr.

I’m waiting on the photos from Friday’s GenYTO dance party fun-fest. Will post when I get them. I hope you are doing something special today to put love into your heart & head.

Happy Valentines Day xo


  1. Anonymous
    February 14, 2011 / 1:25 pm

    NBD WSJ – holy superstar! Congrats on being auctioned for $350 🙂 xo Happy Valentine’s Day!!

    • February 14, 2011 / 4:29 pm

      Thank you my sweet thang. Hope your day is full of LOVE & cupcakes xo

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