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a kwik shave

Spring is in the air and I was feeling like an update. I get my hair done by Darren at his lofty salon in the heart of Queen Street West. I love it! Darren you did an awesome job! It’s super blonde and I got a new shave. I’m really happy. So glad I had camera with me this time. You can get Darren to do your hair too if you want it to look beautiful.

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a story of beauty featuring me by darren

I walked into the salon tucked away in a lovely loft in the heart of Queen West. I was greeted by charming eyes and warm beats that made me forget it was even winter. The shelves were stocked with the hottest Redken and he politely took my jacket. I felt as if I had already escaped the winter blues and I had only just arrived.Alas, the night begins…I was ready to relax, add some new blonde over my old ugly and chop a few strands off. I was totally having a lovely time being the focus of his attention as I patiently awaited the results.VOILA!! My hair is looking bangin’ with bright blonde and partial mahogany pieces to spice it up. The pix just don’t do it justice. It’s lovely. New camera comes next week. Thank you Darren for making me feel so pretty. If you would like Darren to…

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It’s All About Me: I am in a documentary.

Earlier this year I was filmed for a documentary called ‘It’s All About Me‘ directed by Antoine Gaber¬†(LA/Toronto). The first trailer is now online and HERE IT IS. The film is all about GenY and technology. I always get nervous when something I’m in comes out. Gah! It’s getting submitted to festivals around the world later this month. My scenes were filmed at Darren Kwik Studio and Bicyclette Boutique on Queen in March 2012. I can’t wait to see the whole thing next year. MY FACE ON THE BIG SCREEN GUISEEEEE! Show your love Like for the film on Facebook/itsallaboutmemovie.

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More Than Half a Million, That’ll Scare Ya

Happy Friday! We’ve passed half a million views on Coral. WHOA MAMA!¬†Thank you for watching, liking, and subscribing. Yesterday my good friend Micahel Nus was on Candice’s show, The Edgy Veg. Watch it at youtube.com/coral. I’d like to thank you with this SPOOOOOKY video. Look for fellow bloggers Val from I’mCharmingYou.com, Lauren O from LaurenOutLoud.com and the one and only T List charmer, Brock McLaughlin. Follow CoralTV on Twitter too ūüėČ BTW, visit the NEW casiestewart.com and let me know what you think in the comments. I’ve partnered with RebelMouse in NYC to make my homepage a full content feed of all the things social.¬†THIS IS MY LIFE¬†is now home to EVERYTHING published by me and is updated constantly, it’s everything¬†Casie on the Internet. To get right to the b-l-o-g see casiestewart.com/blog. Update your bookmarks with that URL if you love the original format. I’m off to Calgary tonight for…

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eBay Style Stories – Casie Stewart

This week I’m featured in the Style Stories series for eBay Canada. I’m wearing a vintage dress from Timeless Apparel on Queen at Spadina. I used to shop there heaps when Emma and Sammy worked there. Boots are vintage and my hair is done by Darren at Darren Kwik Studio on Queen near Trinity Bellwoods. Here is the photo and some extra shots. Read the feature here by visiting stylestories.ebay.ca/casie-stewart. Did you know that @casiestewart loves vintage clothing? Yep! Read her eBay Style Story for fashion tips here: stylestories.ebay.ca/casie-stewart — eBay.ca (@eBayCanada) September 4, 2012 ¬†A few questions from the interview: What was your favourite eBay find ever?¬†Kids,¬†vintage leather motorcycle jacket. What is your guilty pleasure?¬†Young & the Restless. #yandr Whose closet would you raid and why?¬†Nicole Richie, we have similar style and she loves vintage too. What is your dream getaway?¬†Going on a World Tour! What was your first…

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There Are No Walls in This Office

I said to myself as I peeked out from behind my computer. There are no walls in this office. I looked up. Looked around. Ideas floating freely between the trees and with a fresh haircut feeling quite fresh in general. A rain drop lands on the touchpad. There’s a faint sound of a boy guitar while a girl reads a book and spins a hula on her hips. (It’s quite amazing really.) The breeze is cool for the first time in days and I wish I had a sweater. In any other season this would feel warm. ¬†Another rain drop. Bugger. This office has no walls but it has no roof either. overalls, H&M, top ¬†American Apparel, hair Darren Kwik Studio, Rimmel lipstick

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Through the looking glass…what do you see in there, Alice?

¬†¬†I love this photo. We had fun today. Darren Kwik cut a few hairs on camera while we chatted¬†Pinterest¬†at his¬†interest. Next up was Bicyclette.¬†I love that store so much¬†(which is why I suggested we go there). Remember last year I did a full tour? It’s sequins, lace, chains and all kinds of pink, flowy, flowery things I want to wear. I can only imagine how great it feels to be Paige, the darling owner, she works in my/a dream closet. I bought a rainbow at the art supply store on my way home and and chalked Kate’s hair over drinks. Pinterest hair. I’m going to turquoise mine next week. Her life is a chick flick and I love it. I have been spending a fair amount of creative energy in Draw Something lately. I posted my fav drawings by my opponents on Borderline Artistic, my drawing blog. You should check…

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Oh heyyyy there you, life, blog, friends!¬†It’s Friday morning and I was up super early. Working on that doc I mentioned today. Had awesome meeting last night with some of my team for upcoming project and was so inspired I found it hard to sleep (aka got lost in Pinterest. Sigh). There’s so much going on all the time I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with that fact that all kind of things I’ve wished for and worked towards are actually happening. It makes me nervous excited which is in fact, my most favourite feeling. Ever. Let’s start the day¬†with this Tweet and let it carry you. #FF via blog for Rayanne; She is awesome and you know it, clap your hands! ūüôā If you’re bored, then you’re boring. ‚ÄĒ Rayanne Langdon (@rlangdon) March 30, 2012 Thanks Becca for this snap of Morgan and I from Brock’s showcase during Canadian…

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On Friday I was one of about 20 Canadian celebrities (yes me!) to walk the final show for Mastercard International Fashion Week, otherwise known as Toronto Fashion Week. This is my favourite shot. There’s gotta be one of me spinning in this beautiful, one of a kind African inspired dress by Kingi Carpenter of Peach¬†Berserk. It’s my fav shot because it’s so natural, it’s me, being real, having fun.¬† It felt really rad to be part of this show along with a heap of Canadian greats like Jeanne Becker, Dina from Breakfast Television, Trish Stratus,¬†granddaughter¬†of Bob Marley, Donisha Prendergast, Chef Jamie Kennedy and more all in support of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. This is the third fashion show I’ve been in in the last few months and lemme tell ya, I love being on the runway. I used to model heaps as a teenager in local shows around Waterloo region.…

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Noticed this morning that the one & only G.A.Elliot was in the neighbourhood last night. He’s a Toronto artist who leaves these hearts all around the city. You’ve probably seen them on Queen, in Kensington or on Spadina. Woke up early and got lots done before noon. Standing desk is an excellent way to increase productivity.¬†Today was one of those days where y0u’re running around and then UHHH MY GODDD it’s 4pm. You say to yourself, where DID the day go? Got my hair done at Darren Kwik Studio on Queen which took up most the afternoon. Short blonde hair is high maintenance ¬† & Darren’s been doing ¬†mine for years. ¬†He is really great and you should go see him. Scalp massage is my favourite part.¬†I’m helping him with some online stuff and made this little vid while showing how to YouTube. I rode Bixi a couple blocks &…

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I’d like to thank the academy & blah, blah, blog!

Remember a couple months ago I asked you nicely to click a link and show some love for my life(s) work? Welllllllllll…..thanks for your votes and thank you for reading because…drum roll please…we made the shortlist for Best Life Weblog in Canada!¬†¬†Congrats to my friends for noms in their categories Unbrelievable, Shop My Clothes and Dear Photograph.¬†To check out all nominees or judging criteria¬†go here. In other exciting news…MY SXSW panel has been scheduled. If you are going to be please please don’t miss it. There’s lots of things to see & do there but our panel is¬†Psychology of Narcissism & How It Affects Brands. The hashtag is #LOOKATME and it’s sure to be entertaining. On that note I leave you with this song I’ve been diggin’ ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ feat. Kimbra from Gotye’s album Making Mirrors. Sitting at Darren Kwik Studio waiting for toner in my…

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Welcome to Fabulous. Dream it. Do it.

Last pic in the hotel before Leaving Las Vegas. Classic movie. ¬†My hair is slowly growing crazy, crazy growing slowly. Hurry up. Gelatin will make you hair & nails grow fast. Buying Jello tomorrow. Whenever I’m in the USA people always stop & compliment my hair. It’s unique there I guess. I see cute short haired blonde girls in Toronto and on the internet all the time so it always catches me off guard. Roots are quite popular too. Getting them done by Darren Kwik this week.¬† The night before I left was CRAZY. When I got to the door at TAO I gave the word I was here and a tall hot VIP host named Logan walked me through the crowd to the private party. (Exactly how I imagined it should would be in Vegas TBH.) I¬†remember¬†always¬†ready about Paris Hilton hanging out¬†there. ¬†Thanks NextGen & my friends for a…

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all dolled up and somewhere to go

Took Kate to meet my girls at Doll Bar Inc today. I wanted to get her some flowers. Plucked mine last night Black Swan style. ¬†Lucky for me, they just got a¬†sample¬†of in this rad hot pink Kevin Murphy hair makeup an hour before we showed up. Washes out when you shampoo and goes on like paint. I’ll be rockin’ it tonight at Strombo’s TIFF party at the Hazelton. Funky haircut is done by Darren Kwik Studio¬†¬†inspired by Zambesi New Zealand.

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The Gladstone Hotel gets a Makeover

You’ll see a few familiar faces in this little ditty from the Gladstone for the re-launch of the Melody Bar next week. Stoked for the change in weather so I can bust out my real clothes. Shoes Jeffrey Campbell, shirt Joe Fresh, Lipstick Dior, Bag Nella Bella, Shorts Victoria Secret, Hair Darren Kwik Studio. Darren gave me a fresh shave yesterday. GO SEE HIM. He is awesome and will treat you like gold cause you are my friend. Discount too. His Twitter is @DKWIKSTUDIO. Stay of the show, ZOE! She is SUPER cute and I has a charming blog.     MEGA babe. Wicked style. Melody Bar opens next week. Stay tuned for party deets. Slow clap ūüėČ

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About Casie Stewart

Casie Stewart is a Canadian writer, director, and entrepreneur. She’s an award-winning content creator and expert in digital. During her decade-long career in media, she’s been named Canadian Screen Award Winner (Voice Pioneer), Best Travel Blog, and Top 30 Lifestyle Blogs in Canada. Casie¬†has been a keynote speaker at SXSW, NXNE, TEDx, and spoken at YouTube Canada and the United Nations of Canada. She lives in Toronto with her boyfriend and loves summer weekends at the cottage when she’s not travelling around the world.


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