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eBay Style Stories – Casie Stewart

This week I’m featured in the Style Stories series for eBay Canada. I’m wearing a vintage dress from Timeless Apparel on Queen at Spadina. I used to shop there heaps when Emma and Sammy worked there. Boots are vintage and my hair is done by Darren at Darren Kwik Studio on Queen near Trinity Bellwoods. Here is the photo and some extra shots. Read the feature here by visiting stylestories.ebay.ca/casie-stewart.

A few questions from the interview:

  • What was your favourite eBay find ever? Kids, vintage leather motorcycle jacket. Next time I might have to combine my ebay purchases with some online promo codes, my friend used some and she got some great savings!
  • What is your guilty pleasure? Young & the Restless. #yandr
  • Whose closet would you raid and why? Nicole Richie, we have similar style and she loves vintage too.
  • What is your dream getaway? Going on a World Tour!
  • What was your first concert? Britney Spears at ACC.

Went to the eBay office July, 11th, blogged that day right here. I remember trying to iron this dress and almost burned a hole in it. Whoops! Mum, I promise I know what I’m doing here!

Yes, one of the things I really love (that you will now if you follow me on Twitter) is the Young and the Restless. Don’t laugh.

Oh, by the way did you ever see this? YES FOR ME OMG! I die. Every. Single. Time.




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