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Cottage Life & Having a Strong (Mobile) Network – Telus Love!

As you are welllll aware I spend heaps of time at the cottage over the summer.¬†One thing our whole cottage crew knows is that I have the best internet. I’ve been with Telus for a looooong time and their mobile network is seriously amazing. When we’re driving along Southwood Road there’s a few spots where service drops, but not for me. We always use my phone to stream music from because my network¬†literally, never misses a beat. ūüėõūüéß When we’re on the dock, it’s common for people on ‘other’ carriers to lose signal or miss calls. Not me!¬†ūüôÖūüŹľ I’m always popping on my WIFI hotspot to offer our guests uninterrupted scrolling. We’ve even given my number as a phone¬†contact since¬†I’m on Canada/Ontario‚Äôs largest 4G LTE network. Wondering about coverage in your area? Check out the Telus interactive coverage map HERE. Below¬†is a screenshot of Muskoka, all purple means 4G LTE…

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Cottage Life | Video + Wood, Boats, Dock, A Fall Beard

[youtube id=”uEihYSAjbKA”] This weekend we did a few big jobs involved with closing up the cottage.¬†On thanksgiving morning¬†we took the big boat out of the water (which involved me driving the truck with big trailer attached). Add that to my skills! Once the boat was away we stacked HEAPS of wood. Skills include driving truck w/ massive trailer. pic.twitter.com/WauYIFPu1j — CASiE STEWART (@casiestewart) October 12, 2015 Was pretty exhausted after so Sean and I¬†took a break and I did a festive thanksgiving take on the ‘flower beard’ we did in Calgary this summer. So cute. We stacked HEAPS of wood.¬†It’s was big job but the weather was nice, worked up quite a sweat. Last task of the day was taking out the other small boat and the dock. We put on wetsuits and went for it. I think we were both surprised¬†we did it¬†by ourselves (and my strength!). Sean is…

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Cottage Life | So Long, Sweet Summer

I had one of the most fun summers of my life. I really took time to relax, recharge. Feeling greater up for all the new friends and old ones I got to hang out with.  I’m at WeDay in Toronto today and will do a summer recap this weekend!  Sending you love and sunshine through the internet!  ūüôĆCASIE  

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Weekend: Wonderland, Cottage Life, Bike, Bondage!

This weekend was a great one. Went to Wonderland w/ Sean and my sister, opened the cottage, got a new bike, and managed to catch some sun. We went on Leviathan which was crazy/scary/awesome. If you’re going to Canada’s Wonderland for the day I suggest getting a Fast Pass. The upgrade is well worth the time you’ll spend waiting in lines. The rides are really fun but I’m impatient! Don’t like waiting! Sean and I went on the Merry-go-round. It’s cheezy and slow but I like it. I realized I’m not really into the super-fast-whip-you-around coasters like I used to be. This was romantic. Thank you Shannon Kelly and the Canada’s Wonderland team for inviting us. We had a blast. I think my sister went on every single ride that was open! The park was just as fun as I remember¬†and it was nice to be back after about 10…

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Long Weekend Cottage Life #Muskoka

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Muskoka Living: Lake, Boat, Babes, Dock, Drinks #cottagelife

Spent the weekend at the cottage¬†and went to WayHome Music Festival. There was NO WAY I was camping the festival grounds. ¬†We had absolutely BEAUTIFUL weather.¬†¬†I know it’s only Monday but I really can’t wait to get back up there. We had a nice brunch¬†on Saturday at the Muskoka Inn. Sean in my glasses ūüôā Totally my MCM! Next weekend we’re seeing The Trews at The Kee to Bala. Stopped by the Balacade to play some games. “If you think romance is dead and gone Find an old jukebox full of 45’s Pop a nickel in it and it all comes back to me” This grandma totally creeps me out.¬† We went to get groceries and saw a cowboy who decided to ride his HORSE¬†to the store. I love the country!¬†¬†¬† We had a girls party at the lake in the afternoon. ¬† On Sunday we went to WayHome but…

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CottageLife | So Long Sweet Summer Home

I rolled down the window as soon as we got to cottage county this weekend, Toronto didn’t have snow yet and I wanted fresh air. It smelled like winter, crisp and clean. Closing the cottage is bittersweet, it looks so nice all¬†covered in snow but we can’t stay. I wanted to. I imagined staying up for weeks, making fires, taking trips to town for¬†groceries. Wearing jogging pants. There was more snow than I thought and it crunched with each step.¬†¬†Tossed a few snowballs in the lake and watched them stay in little circles. The water is really, really, cold, small ponds alongside the road are freezing over. Picked up this blanket and mugs from the Target for TOMS collection. They were sold out of the poncho I wanted but I got Sean one of the chambray shirts. He has at least five that look similar but this one was nice.…

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CottageLife | You Might Just Need An Entire Weekend of Sleep

Hellooooo November! I love summer but there’s something so calming and¬†creative about winter that makes me want to lock myself inside and write or organize the house. I did neither of those things this¬†weekend. I slept at least¬†25 hours. ¬†I took as many extra hours of sleep as I could find! We spent most of the weekend on the couch watching shows and movies¬†from Netflix or iTunes. The fridge is full of¬†takeout. I was tired. I had¬†work to do but I just didn’t have the energy. Today I feel much better and ready to take on the world! Whenever it’s a new month, year, and sometimes even day I look back and feel grateful for memories or think about how life has changed. Two years ago Sunday, Dad and I did the CN Tower Edgewalk thanks to Mastercard Canada’s Priceless Surprises. Timehop is a great app for looking back on…

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CottageLife | A Boy And A Girl In A Little Canoe

Back to the grind today after an absolutely wonderful weekend up at the cottage. Sean and I went for a nice long canoe jaunt yesterday in the sunshine. How lucky are we to have this weather!? You can like this photo on Instagram right here. We attempted¬†to go through this tunnel to another lake where our friends cottage is. It was like being inside a beautiful painting. The colours of the leaves are¬†so vibrant and the sky was incredibly blue. We were ill prepared to portage the canoe over this little blunder. Next time I’ll wear better shoes and put my phone in something more secure than a ziplock bag. Did you know you can still use your phone while it’s in a ziplock? The more you know. Learned that trick in Thailand last year. I finally got to float¬†in my donut. The water was pretty cold but I really…

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Cottage is the Life for Me

It was a short week but to me it’s seemed like ages. ¬†Sean was shooting The Tea Party this week and tonight we are going to see them in Barrie. Heading back from the cottage to go to the Queen’s Plate on Sunday. Looking forward to some R&R in the wilderness. And sleep. <3 CASIE  

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Life’s a Beach!

Helloooooo and happy Monday! We’re up at the cottage after a few relaxing days of sun and snow. Yep, the lake is STILL frozen. Mostly frozen. Sean tested it out and there’s a pretty thick layer under the top bit of crunchy snow. It’s usually all melted by now which is kinda crazy. It felt like a beach outside the sun was so warm and reflecting from the lake. I got a slight tan like from my top and Sean was doing lumberjack things with no shirt on. ūüėĚ I posted a bunch on¬†Stories over the weekend, you can check out the Cottage Story¬†here. We invented a new game, ‘throw the brick and try to break the ice’. It’s more fun than it sounds, trust me. Last night he did a bunch of fireworks on the lake and it is the coolest thing. The colours reflect on the white snow…

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No Dress Rehearsal, This Is Our Life

I’m at the Drake¬†Commissary to do some writing on a new project, biked here in the sunshine, feeling it warm on my face. As I was walking to the door I checked my phone and saw that Gord Downie has passed away. Sad, I was hoping a miracle would¬†keep him alive,but we all knew it was coming. Listening to Tragically Hip over the summer has been a tradition as long as I can remember, driving up to Grand Bend or Wasaga Beach in the 90’s, summers in college, missing home while at Uni in Australia, and all the time at the cottage. Thank you Gord Downie and the Hip for so many memories and being the most Canadian, Canada loving band of all time. You will be missed. ūüė•‚̧ԳŹ Years ago The Hip played Bridle Bash at my friend Lorne’s house for a few hundred¬†people in the backyard. We were…

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Best Buy Life and Tech Show 2017

Earlier this month I attended the Best Buy #LifeandTech event at YD Square. This is my second year attending and honestly, it feels like Christmas for tech lovers! I got to test out and bring home some of the coolest tech around. You can find everything mentioned in this post at¬†BestBuy.ca. I’ve been working with Best Buy Canada for the last couple years and it makes ME SO HAPPY. I love being invited to test out the latest¬†wearable tech, smart home gadgets, and overall life-enhancing products. Here’s a few of my favourite things from the Best Buy Life and Tech show! SMART HOME SECURITY:¬†One of my ultimate favs is this¬†Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Pro.¬†I haven’t set it up yet but I can’t wait to creep anyone who comes to my door or walks past. Since moving into a house with a front door (from a high-rise¬†condo) I get so freaked…

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Toronto Life + Beach Vibes

Had a nice¬†relaxing weekend. We went to the beach and Scarborough Bluffs on Saturday¬†as a family. It was so beautiful out, no rain! We had to delay the Airstream trip w/ Go RVing Canada but it’ll still happen before summer is over. Had lunch at my sister’s restaurant in the Beaches, Green Eggplant. Food there is amazing and portion sizes are HUGE. We all had takeaway that made for great snacks all afternoon. I started by day with yoga which was so good. After being sick last week I was really missing class and managed to go 4 times this week. I have an unlimited membership at YOGA YOGA so try to make it to as many classes as I can. In other news, the new Metro Food Basics is now open in the Junction Triangle. It was a whole thing because¬†the neighbourhood thought a Metro was moving in and…

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About Casie Stewart

Casie Stewart is a Canadian writer, director, and entrepreneur. She’s an award-winning content creator and expert in digital. During her decade-long career in media, she’s been named Canadian Screen Award Winner (Voice Pioneer), Best Travel Blog, and Top 30 Lifestyle Blogs in Canada. Casie¬†has been a keynote speaker at SXSW, NXNE, TEDx, and spoken at YouTube Canada and the United Nations of Canada. She lives in Toronto with her boyfriend and loves summer weekends at the cottage when she’s not travelling around the world.


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