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You Might Just Need An Entire Weekend of Sleep

Hellooooo November! I love summer but there’s something so calming and creative about winter that makes me want to lock myself inside and write or organize the house.

I did neither of those things this weekend. I slept at least 25 hours.  I took as many extra hours of sleep as I could find! We spent most of the weekend on the couch watching shows and movies from Netflix or iTunes. The fridge is full of takeout. I was tired. I had work to do but I just didn’t have the energy. Today I feel much better and ready to take on the world!

Whenever it’s a new month, year, and sometimes even day I look back and feel grateful for memories or think about how life has changed. Two years ago Sunday, Dad and I did the CN Tower Edgewalk thanks to Mastercard Canada’s Priceless Surprises. Timehop is a great app for looking back on that you posted on Twitter or Facebook that day (see posts about the app).


Saw this rusty rat rod truck that made me think of you Daddio! He custom builds hot rods and is working on his own rat rod right now.


It’s the start of Movember so I can’t help but think about the MoSistas TO pinup calendar from last year 2012. (Gah, I can’t believe it was 2 years ago!)  The girls and I had a good time getting dolled up.


I was May. Apron was Mum’s and I love it. I use it on the regular. I hope I still have that scarf.

In other news, Regina George started following me today and I’m already into the Christmas music w/ one of my favalbums by She & Him.



If you need something to cheer you up on this gloomy Monday, press play, or check out THIS happiest Christmas playlist ever to ensure smiles all around.

Here’s to a wonderful week!


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