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CEREAL KILLERS! Creative Typography at @weare1188

Got an email last week about National Cereal Day and I know the 1188 dudes love cereal. So, I asked the agency to send a bunch of boxes and I would post about it in exchange. Welllllllll, the 1188 crew loved the idea so much we made cereal typography art. Jeff Woo with the typography skills!  The office ‘free blog food’ rule is you have to let me take a photo of it. Here’s a few bowls! I want (Jeff) to make more stuff like this. It was fun and I love sharing with everyone bc like who doesn’t love cereal/snacks? Thanks Kellogg’s & Strategic Objectives! Thankful for the 1188 team because I don’t know if I would have had an idea this great let alone the skills/patience. ??  The office is ALWAYS open for snacks so feel free to send if you would like us to try! ?

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1188 Won! Best Post Production 2015 MMVA 

Proud GF moment! Dressed in Ted Baker, Jays hat, and brand new Yo Sox Indropped him off at the office before the show.     Was kinda nervous for them but had high hopes!     For a guy that rarely takes a selfie this made me so happy.     When the show stated the news came in! THEY WON! WOO HOO! SO EXCITING!     ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️     Danny, Grandson & Son   Great start to the week! 😎✌🏼️ CASIE

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Ho Ho Ho! Holidays w/ @ZListcom & @weare1188

Thursday night after ballet Jenie, Sammy & I went to the Z-List Christmas for a drink and had our photo taken with Santa. The high res one will be delivered after the holidays. Next stop was 1188 Films sailor themed holiday party (film studio who did Puma campaign I was in). I shot a bunch of snaps with the new Nikon J1. It’s news to me that Nikon saves the raw photo AND the good photo. Memory card filled up really fast. Maybe I had it on a strange setting? Anyone a Nikon expert? I got two of ever single photo I took. Sean I LOVE YOU. He got me an iPhone case that is a calculator. I’m not too hard to shop for I like all things nerdy, smart and or shiny. He also got me this classic which I can’t wait to read while travelling in January. There…

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Day 198: Love Yourself First

Spent the morning with calls and meetings then went to the 1188 office to work for a bit. I cleaned out my desk there a few weeks ago to de-personalize it, the desks work more like co-working now. People aren’t really coming into the office much these days but if someone needs to for production or a meeting, there’s space. It was so nice and warm out once 3pm hit I had to get outside. I think it’s the last summer0like day we’re gonna have…for a while. Stopped into Visit Zane for a little hangout, Zane is one of my oldest friends in the city. We’re both from Cambridge and used to hang out in high school! Next, I had a margarita in the sun on the Squirly”s patio, read my book a bit, and caught up with an old friend in New Zealand over DM. Forgot I had this…

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Day 179: Dress Shoes, I Missed You

Different taking the subway these days but I like being back in the city. There are fewer people and the seats are marked for distancing. Felt so good to put on regular clothes and spend a few hours working outside the house. I miss being in that type of environment. Sean picked me up on the way home from 1188 and I made fresh pasta from Pusateri’s. In other news, I started watching Away on Netflix starring Hilary Swank, good show. Hooked!

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Beat Winter SAD: Book a Staycation

We are almost through January and the countdown to spring is ON! OK, it’s 50 days, and yes I’m counting. I’m really working on finding ways to make this winter not seem as long, cold, or depressing as 2019. Last week, I shared a post about beating winter Seasonal Affective Disorder by taking a vacation. This week, I’m sharing an AWESOME recommendation for a staycation. Sean and I spent a relaxing ~24-hours at Hotel X Toronto in downtown Toronto and it was a really nice mini-getaway. If you’d like to see more of my stay in video, check out my Staycation highlight on Instagram. I magically picked the BEST day for a staycation because we had a major snowstorm that morning. I arrived at noon for a hot yoga class and to see the amenities before checking in at 3pm. From the moment you walk in the hotel, it feels…

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