i’ll take ten virgins on the thompson roof please

My friend Vaneska was DJ at the Thompson Pride Pool Party in Sunday.  I kinda screwed up because it WAS a day party and I thought it was a night party. It was finished at 8 and we all arrived after 9pm. Whoopsey.

I wore one of my favorite dresses, ever. Matched perfect with my new tan from earlier in the day.

It worked out more than a-ok and we had a quiet & classy Sunday night rendevous on my new favorite patio. Pretty good looking group I say.

We had such a fun time soaking up the scene and couple drinks. The place is gorgeous. I would LOVE to live there. It’s hotel/condo and you can get membership for the roof/partio bar.

I found out recently that Virgin & Thompson Hotels worldwide are BFF’s. Another reason why you should vote for me to be the Toronto Provocateur. It would  be a seriously hot ticket in the door for us ALL. Vote here.

Too cute not to post this 🙂

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