a small but historic hotel & noted performance venue

Thanks heaps to Jeremy for inviting us to come play at The Gladstone Hotel on Friday night. He’s the Creative Director there and deff knows how to party. We ended up doing karaoke  later on (bug surprise) and thanks to everyone who bought me (way too many) drinks.

The event space upstairs at Gladstone is looking like a future party spot. Chatter Jer about doing some fun things there. It would be perfect for a #GenyTO! Weeee! Gawd I looooove summer. SO much to be had like erry day. Don’t waste your time doing nothing, get off the couch and go!


  1. Jeremyvandermeij
    July 9, 2010 / 6:55 pm

    OMG! It was so much jun Cassie! Thanks for coming and bringing your awesome energy and love. We are just phishing out the final details but the Gladstone will be hosting its first Tweetup called TweetGasm in the Melody Bar on Monday July 26 8pm-12am. There will be at least two awesome DJs!

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