Travel | Throwback! Virgin America Provocateur

Travel |  Throwback! Virgin America Provocateur

This morning in my Timehop notifications I was reminded that four years ago today, I was riding the streetcar when I got a phone call from San Francisco saying I’d won Richard Branson’s Virgin America Contest. I was so excited that I left my phone on the streetcar! Luckily, the stars were aligned and it was returned to me within the hour.

The contest went for about three months and there were about 10K entries. We had to make a YouTube video saying why we’d be the perfect ambassador to represent the world’s loudest and sexiest airline. As the Virgin America Provocateur, I travelled North America with Virgin and gave away heaps of flights. It was a great experience and the campaign got heaps of attention.



Some of my fav moments from being the Virgin America Provocateur 2010-2011:

Making the announcement on my blog. Cute hair!
Launching Virgin America in Dallas, TX
Virgin America’s Halloween Event at Parts & Labour w/ Broke Social Scene
Wilie Nelson at the Opera House in Dallas
First trolly ride in SF
Xeni from Boing Boing
Xeni from Boing Boing
The man, the legend, Richard Branson


Casie Stewart was chosen as the Toronto Provocateur for Virgin America.

= = =

The crazy folks at Virgin America contacted us with an opportunity. They were about to launch service to Toronto, the first destination outside the U.S. for Virgin America. And they wanted a way to garner excitement for the launch of this service among local Torontonians. Together with Jesse McMillin – Creative Director at Virgin America – we devised a plan. Let’s create a web platform and initiative whereby we search to find one Toronto local to be our brand ambassador in Canada. The perfect person who embodies the sexy and cheeky brand attributes of Virgin America and can work to be a firebrand for the brand itself. So we decided to create a competition where the best video entry would win this coveted position. We decided we would call it “The Search for Virgin America’s Toronto Provocateur.” And we were off. We designed the site, wrote the site and produced the site with the help of Google moderator. And we launched it. The competition worked great. And Virgin America found their Toronto Provocateur.



On July 21, 2012 I went for my first skydive at Jumptown in Orange, Massachusetts. IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME! My instructor Joe Goodbreak was so cool & fun to hang out with. He has done over 1,000 jumps. Videographer was Keith Thivierge with two cameras for video & still.

I was only really scared for the 3 seconds before we actually jumped.  We had a 55 second free fall at about 120km before opening the parachute. Falling in the air is exhilarating. Greatest adrenaline ever.  The sky was so clear and beautiful. I felt so calm up there.

Before the Jump


Skydiving from 13,500 ft (jump is at 2:12)

He grabs my head so I lift up my chin to the camera. He told me not to look down but I couldn’t help it! He signals for me to pull the ripcord after we spin for a bit. Time goes so fast when you’re fallin’. I wanted to do dance moves but it was a LOT to take in on my first jump. Next time.

[iframe id=”″]

Definitely tops the list of amazing things I have ever done. I can’t WAIT to do it again. Seeking friends who skydive!

I feel like a cooler version of myself who can REALLY do anything.  Motivated to take on the world!

Have you gone skydiving? Where, when? LMK.  Here’s to a great week 🙂

you want him to do you so much you could do anything

Barbie & I jus LOLed to hard at these two videos. I was telling her a story and could not for the life of me get the words out and she said I reminded her of this kid.

Then, by luck we stumbled upon this GEM! Do you remember doing this at Canada’s Wonderland as a kid. I do. I wish I had my video. I was in dance and the time but no way I could beat this awesome kid. I wonder where he is now? Oh, he’s in Boston, MA and his name is Robert Jeffrey. TWERK!

can you feel the energy? can you see the rainbow?

Was walking in China Town the other day. So many smells and interesting things, like this…

and this…

Girl was being shot by a photographer in the middle of a really dirty part of China Town. People were crowded around and she looked like a hooker. I saw like “what’s that hooker doing on the middle of the day at Spadina/Dundas? Oh, getting shot”. I’m not sure the premice of this, maybe that was the point.   I walked right past while he was shooting. Pls lemme know if I end up on a billboard in China (actually that would be AWESOME! I wanna go there!).

I love this city. Street car tracks/wires make us unique.

Can you see the rainbow here?

I am a nerd.

BTW Reebok Easytone gear is seriously 10, love my kicks and pants do wonders for the booty.

Stay tuned for the real photos from yesterday’s workout at The Motion Room. It was a goody, feelin’ it today too.

Look at all these people working out, awesomism.

Check out this hot babe on the new flyer for TMR…recognize? It’s MA SISTA.

Mmmmmmm, when I go to yoga i think about Mc Donalds and feel happy too. Suckas.

This is the future home of a cheap ugly condo building. Might even be low income housing. Cue me leaving the  slums area.

BUT, I do have this…

Anyone wanna come by? I freaking love fooseball. I used to play all the time in highschool. We played at GENYTO during Social Media Week, remember?

It’s really pretty & sunny out today. Nice that most of you will have tomorrow off from work for Family Day. What are you doing? My Mum is in Bahamas, Dad is in Florida and my sis is working. Thinking about going to the Bell TIFF Lightbox, it’s free today & tomorrow.

Have an awesome day 🙂

“you’re famous”

Last week in Dallas I had the pleasure of meeting Xeni (aka Madam Boing) from Boing Boing and it seems I have lots of friends that read it.  I’ve gotten texts, FB messages, emails and Tweets about the following article. Thought I better share it with the rest of ya. Check it out!

Virgin America, the airline that carries Boing Boing Video as an in-flight TV channel, launched service from Los Angeles to Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas this week. I joined other press for the inaugural flight, to live-tweet snapshots of the festivities. This included a bunch of cowboys and longhorn steer right on the tarmac at landing, and later, a “secret” performance by Willie Nelson with impromptu on-stage hoedown involving Sir Richard Branson and gorgeous flight attendants.

See photo gallery & full article here.

PHOTOS: virgin america does dallas #VXDFW #BBQ

From DFW Virgin Party