i’d like one casie bot please, rush delivery

I met a Robot the other day.

I was freaked right out.

I was freaked right out because I kinda thought it was real.  I didn’t clue in to the fact that there was guy walking around hiding and being his voice. haha.  I told Sabrina and she thought it was so cute that I didn’t get it. Made her giggle. I’ve seen robots on the internet that really do talk and it was at a computer thing so I though it could be real, ok.

We made a video for all my friends on the internet and it’s taking ages to upload…so here’s two seconds. for now so you can hear the voice. His name is D3 and he works for Dell. I think having a robot would be pretty cool yet creepy at the same time.  I’d like if CasieBot could go to work for me…and make me dinner…and drive me around. I’m sure I could find a few jobs for her.

pleasant thoughts fill the head when read

The other day I found a little notebook in my desk.  The noted were all made in April 2008. This is the first time I’ve typed them out and now I’m sharing with you. I hope you like them. The photos are from the warehouse the other day. It’s a creative space I adore.

act as if it is impossible to fail

ride me by casie stewart,  april 16, 2008

sunny outlook, brand new, fresh book

sun shining outside, take the bike out for a ride

feel the sun shine on your face, biking fast, win your own race

light a cig, turn up the tunes

nothing like the sun in the afternoon

xo love the warehouse

flare by casie stewart, april 16 2009

free spirit flowing lyrics,  let it out,  scream & shout!

don’t be shy let the words fly,

across the page like sprinkled sage

like you lost your age!

define yourself in this life

open your mind, let the words suffice

you are the director, a mind reflector

direct your movie

let your lyrics move me

borderline artistic with a little sauce on the side

I’m a very artsy girl. I make art stuff almost on the daily. Yesterday I photographed a TON of my artwork and am working on variety of prints, t shirts and fun stuff. You can see a huge pile of original work  including drawings, paintings and poetry at borderlineartistic.me. There is just waaaaaaaaay to much to post on this blog. I’ve got a Poetry Corner blog coming out soon also! Seems there’s lots of ‘coming out’ going on teeee heeeee. borderlineartistic1 Check ’em out. There’s a whole lotta stuff.  The beauty of being an artist is the ability to create something that did not exist before. If you really like something and want to ask about how you can have it, send me an email me at casie at casiestewart.com. This is one of my favorites: careful writer patient spider

casie stewart 2008
casie stewart 2008

generation why me? urgh, gimme a break.

You may have seen the article in the Toronto Star this weekend on Saturday’s front cover entitled ‘Generation Why Me?’ It was related to recession, broken dreams and delayed ambitions.

So I think 30 IS the new 20 and after reading the article, I refer to what Mum likes to call ‘poor me syndrome’. There are alot of people who are just lazy and unmotivated. This will never change, no matter what happens in the world.
Sure, we’re faced with environmental/ economic/war crisis happening but we also have more access to information, more opportunity to succeed and more ways to gaining expertise for free. Hello Internet? There are things out there you just have to go and get them, the strong will survive. I
‘ve got a B.Comm in International Business & marketing diploma.  I work in the IT dept coordinating projects for an online gaming company. Before this was the fashion industry! I’ve worked in restaurants, done PR blah blah blah…I’ve never had a problem finding a job because I’ve always been determine NOT to fail.
I also agree with @d_hock the most, if someone is going to complain & wah wah about ‘poor me, I’m GenY‘, I say…shut your face. Get up and do something about it! I have many more thoughts the awesomeness that is #GenyTO but I’ll save that for another day.

i quit everything i don’t like

Rent paid. No new metro pass yet. Postie beside me again. Read a friends story this morning and it inspires me to have friends that do amazing things. Its warm today, cloudy with sun peeking though just enough necessary for sunnies. Glad the Tamil protest is over. I don’t like people fighting in the streets. My friend said the ambo’s couldn’t get to the hospitals fast because of them. I wanna see the Wolverine movie. Hugh Jackman, I like him, especially in that role. There’s an article in the Metro about timeraiser.com, cool idea. I’m looking forward to the next #genyTO. Adoration by Egoyan, I’d like to see that one too. The Mississauga McCallion is really old and creepy. I never wanna live in that burb. SJP is having twins and Lohan is hopped up on energy drinks. Everyone seems to be taking something. That guys coffee smells damn good. Late start today but feeling great. Looking forward to the weekend, its almost here!

see you on the patio guys

Today is a wonderful day because I will be taking the afternoon off. I will be lazing around by the pool in my bikini with a fresh fruit smoothie and a blanket. I’m thinking that I should bring a sunbrella so I can have some shade. Wore a cute outfit today. The neon Harvey’s shades that are MINE from the 80’s top it off for sure.

I’m gonna post about it later but you should totally check out the Peach Beserk design a dress site. It’s totally rad. I hung out at the shop yesterday and did some screen printing. It was the coolest thing ever. You can pick everything including the hair. I made this pink & red one. Stylespiration. After letting some creative juices flow I went to #postworkdrinks at Gretzky’s and let me tell you, it was hoot! The Tweeps are so cool. It was a good time. Happy to see YOU ALL again. There were more pix but everyone was wasted so I saved the embarrassment for another time. Have a great day!

Don’t forget this awesomeness. haha

Pushups at the Bar from someone who drinks beers.