borderline artistic with a little sauce on the side

I’m a very artsy girl. I make art stuff almost on the daily. Yesterday I photographed a TON of my artwork and am working on variety of prints, t shirts and fun stuff. You can see a huge pile of original work  including drawings, paintings and poetry at There is just waaaaaaaaay to much to post on this blog. I’ve got a Poetry Corner blog coming out soon also! Seems there’s lots of ‘coming out’ going on teeee heeeee. borderlineartistic1 Check ’em out. There’s a whole lotta stuff.  The beauty of being an artist is the ability to create something that did not exist before. If you really like something and want to ask about how you can have it, send me an email me at casie at This is one of my favorites: careful writer patient spider

casie stewart 2008
casie stewart 2008

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