pleasant thoughts fill the head when read

The other day I found a little notebook in my desk.  The noted were all made in April 2008. This is the first time I’ve typed them out and now I’m sharing with you. I hope you like them. The photos are from the warehouse the other day. It’s a creative space I adore.

act as if it is impossible to fail

ride me by casie stewart,  april 16, 2008

sunny outlook, brand new, fresh book

sun shining outside, take the bike out for a ride

feel the sun shine on your face, biking fast, win your own race

light a cig, turn up the tunes

nothing like the sun in the afternoon

xo love the warehouse

flare by casie stewart, april 16 2009

free spirit flowing lyrics,  let it out,  scream & shout!

don’t be shy let the words fly,

across the page like sprinkled sage

like you lost your age!

define yourself in this life

open your mind, let the words suffice

you are the director, a mind reflector

direct your movie

let your lyrics move me

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