palmerston is beautiful on both sides

I’ve find that biking is toning up my beach body.  This is really nice considering I hate the gym. It gives me anxiety. I’m lucky to have these super mutant-like muscles that when I do any exercise I get almost instant results. minibike Yesterday I was biking to Yorkville for #wiredwedTO and took back streets. Didn’t have helmet on, sorry Mum. Will pick it up this evening just for you. I rode down Palmerston Boulevard, one the most beautiful and truly one of my favorites. minibike3Most of the houses on Palmerston Boulevard were built between 1903 and 1910. It’s a nice one to bike on and there’s hardly any cars. I like it because of the trees and the houses and because a bunch of my family live in Palmerston North, New Zealand.  ‘Young heart, easy living’ they call it.minibike2Palmy (as the Kiwi’s call it) is a very beautiful city north of the capital, Wellington, in the eastern part of the Manawatu Plains, and close to the northern bank of the Manawatu River. I love it there. They have lots of windmills and rolling hills that is absolute bliss. You can see them from the back yard at Nana’s old house where Mum grew up. It’s really pretty.minibike-palmy1


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