Cottage Life | Video + Wood, Boats, Dock, A Fall Beard

Cottage Life | Video + Wood, Boats, Dock, A Fall Beard [youtube id=”uEihYSAjbKA”]

This weekend we did a few big jobs involved with closing up the cottage. On thanksgiving morning we took the big boat out of the water (which involved me driving the truck with big trailer attached). Add that to my skills! Once the boat was away we stacked HEAPS of wood.

Was pretty exhausted after so Sean and I took a break and I did a festive thanksgiving take on the ‘flower beard’ we did in Calgary this summer. So cute. We stacked HEAPS of wood. It’s was big job but the weather was nice, worked up quite a sweat. Last task of the day was taking out the other small boat and the dock. We put on wetsuits and went for it. I think we were both surprised we did it by ourselves (and my strength!). Sean is strong, my muscles are not as good for heavy lifting.

Over the winter I’m planning to work on my editing skills so I can make more + better videos. I would love if you subscribe! Kowing you’re subscribed motivates me to work harder and produce more entertaining things for you. I’ve also signed up for Skillshare, if you use this link you can sign up for a free month. I figure this year I should learn some new skills/perfect old ones instead of just sitting on the couch or Netflix & chilling. 😛

Sail away with me, my love…


Our friends got married yesterday and it was so incredibly beautiful. They tied the knot on a tall ship while sailing the harbour. We cruised to the island for a great dinner and party. It was magical. It’s been ages since I attended a wedding and it was SO FUN. More weddings! I love love.


Congrats Chris & Ariel!


It was my first time on the island all summer. Can you believe next week is September? TIFF? Ahhhhh. This week is going to be super hot and I’m thinking about going back to the beach while I still have a chance.

Here’s to a great week! Hopefully love is in the air for you too. Go hug someone you care about!



Thankful to Have You in My Life

Thankful to Have You in My Life - We've only got three days till the weekend! Well, after today :)Make them count!


We went to have lunch with Dad then dinner with Mum in Cambridge, Ontario. The leaves are all changing and the are was warm and fresh. We spaced out the family time with a lovely walk in the park along the boardwalk where I used to go as a kid.


Still feeling so full and we’ve got a fridge topped with leftovers. I reckon it’s time for a diet!


I really love this time of year. Change is good. I’m ready for change. Have a big adventure coming up near the holidays. Can’t wait to share those details with you soon! Hope your week is off to a great start. We’ve only got three days till the weekend! Well, after today 🙂

Make them count!


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this is what it’s really about lovers

Last year on Valentines I woke up early and went for a walk an saw these posted on Queen Street  where the fire was just east of Bathurst.  By the time I went back a few hours later, they were gone. Love that kinda stuff.

“If you’re thinking that Valentine’s Day should be about anything other than eating chocolate and buying yourself fancy lingerie, you have clearly been misinformed. It’s about love, yeah, but not real love. It’s the silly, self-indulgent, guilty pleasure kind.”

[no great illusion]

some times i don’t feel like it

I walked around for about an hour thinking about my life. I was having realizations and I felt like a crazy person.

It was as if I was in a fog. I was having anxiety.

Sometimes I freak out. Sometimes I don’t want to be on the internet anymore. Sometimes I don’t know what to do about stuff and sometimes I forget things.  I started freaking about my last minute trip to a foreign country. Panicked. Instant attack.

I left the store. I walked down the street back in my own fog again.  I’m nervous about going but then think not going would be silly too. For a bunch of different reasons.  It’s a chance to relax and go some place  cool with bunch of cool old friends. Relax.

I’m packing one bag;  one nice outfiit, one dress, one piece bathing suit, one yoga mat. This is the relax retreat. A true mini vacation/airport tour. Vanilla as some may say.

I know when I come back Sunday I’ll have had lots of time with self.  I love traveling; airport, airplane, people, waiting, watching, thinking, moving.  I love being in motion.

those engines are getting me fired up

Something funny happened last night. Was chatting with friend and fellow top blogger Sean Ward before he went on a radio show. I listened to him do live prank calls on the radio for a live audience. I’ve never listened to such a thing and I almost peed my pants with laughter. Nice work.

this is serious face

Created some new blogs last night, good things in the works. Been really creative lately.  I really wnat to share but they need some work before coming out. Went to the indy cars at lunch. Made a video for Dad. He took us when we were young and I’ve loved it ever since.

The sound of the engine flying…I love.

sit down take a break hippy

One year I got to go in the pits and meet some drivers at the Indy.  It was the best Indy experience ever. It was years ago when it was sponsored by Molson and a bigger deal I think, well, to me at least.  I was about 18 years old.  Haven’t gone since but still I love the sounds.

this ones for dad from Casie Stewart on Vimeo.